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Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update 17 October 2020

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    Given that the current 'lockdown' has been approved by parliament today we will be issuing an update on the status of the sailing and water sports ant the club tomorrow morning (5/11/2020),

    17 October 2020

    Dear members

    As you will have no doubt have seen in the news the sailing club is located in an area that has been designated as a Tier 2 – Area of High Risk from Coronavirus from today.

    Under the guidelines for Tier 2 areas organised sport can continue to take place outdoors. Therefore, the sailing club will continue to remain open for outdoor activities but the clubhouse will remain closed (with the exception of using the toilets, one person at a time).

    Full details of Tier 2 guidance from Elmbridge council can be found using the link beneath.

    I would like to remind everyone coming to the sailing club to follow social distancing rules, wash or sanitise your hands regularly using the facilities provided and to keep to groups of no more than 6.

    1. There will be duty teams for Sunday's races.
    2. Groups of up to 6 boats may sail on the reservoir under the current off day rules outside of duty team cover (multiple groups may sail at the same time).
    3. Please come ready to sail as the changing rooms and clubhouse are closed (the toilets may be used 1 person at a time).
    4. Training may take place provided the group size is kept to 6, including the instructor.
    5. Club boats may be used when there is a duty team (double handers must be members of the same household) please wipe down the boats before and after use with the cleaning materials provided.
    6. Sailing is permitted in single handers.
    7. Members double handed boats (not club boats) may be sailed with mixed households following the RYA advice, please read this prior to sailing at the club.
    8. Hand washing facilities and sanitisers have been provided outdoors, please use them.
    9. Follow social distancing rules (please keep to 2m when on the banks or the lower dingy park area).
    10. Do not come to the sailing club if you are unwell.

    Many thanks

    Nick Marley
    Commodore, IBRSC

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