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  • Berthing, Launching and Clubhouse

    Everything at Island Barn is laid out to make launching and recovery of boats as easy as possible, using our many years of experience. There are eight access points to the water round the reservoir, so there is no bottleneck due to everyone trying to get through one gate, and the distance from berth to water is minimised for everyone.

    clubhouse at island barn reservoir sailing club

    Access to the upper level is via a ramp up the side of the reservoir, with a powered winch to ease the effort. Berths are either in the lower park or round the top of the reservoir according to preference. Tie-down wires or scaffold poles are provided round the top as securing points. Make sure you always tie your boat down well before leaving - if it gets blown over it will probably damage someone elses boat as well as your own, and you insurance company will not like you! Most water access points now have side ramps which provide a manageable slope regardless of any change in water level. You can launch from the bank or from a pontoon as you prefer. 

    Once on the water we have 185 metres of pontoon, so there is plenty of space to tie up between races and no need to haul the boat out. 

    Island Barn is a backup reservoir for Thames Water, and we haven't had problems with water levels in quite some time. The reservoir is an average 80 feet deep when full (which is most of the time) - so you won't get your must stuck in the mid on the bottom!

    The galley team at IBRSCIBRSC was one of the first clubs to have a permanent clubhouse, with hot showers, spacious bar and lunch area, and no need to remove the wetsuit before coming in! Bar prices are much lower than elsewhere. We also provide outside seating for that beautiful British summer. With the clubhouse so close to the water we provide excellent spectator facilities without the need for binoculars.. 
    On offer during the day are:

    •  Snacks: hot and cold drinks, biscuits, chocolate, crisps
    •  Lunch at the appropriate time
    •  Our drinks bar will also open over lunch, and later if there is demand; you'll like the prices!

    For children

    • There's a toy box for younger children in the dry area.
    • There is a recreation ground with a playground five minutes walk away.

    Non-sailing guests are welcome.

    At IBRSC, racing goes past the clubhouse every lap so they will be able to see some of the action or you can take a walk around the reservoir banks.  Dogs are welcome provided they are on a lead and kept outside of the club house. If your non-sailors want to drop you off and come back later, the obvious must-see near Island Barn is Hampton Court Palace, which is less than two miles away. Walkers can enjoy a stroll on Molesey Heath, next to the reservoir, and Molesey village has a reasonable selection of shops.