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Topper 20-21 National Event at Draycote - October 4th, 2020

  • ibrsc topper nationals draycote

    Congratulations to our Island Barn Reservoir SC team at the first of the Topper 2020/21 National events, at Draycote, (where about 11% of competitors were from Island Barn!)

    IB placings included:
    * First in 4.2s - Samson Cross
    * Second overall - Antonio Pascali (5.3)
    * Fifth overall - Edwin Cross (5.3)
    * 12th 0verall - Reuben Hudson (5.3)
    * 13th overall - Kaitlyn Wyatt (5.3)
    * First 12-yr-old - Leo Yates (5.3)
    * First 11-year-old - Gloria Smith (4.2)

    5 photographs
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