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2020 Wednesday Evening Lockdown Series Final Results

  • laser sailing at island barn reservoir sailing club

    Despite the woeful forecasts earlier in the week last night saw the final Wed evening race with a pleasant breeze and apart from one shower just before the start a dry evening, and 20 boats participating including some new members. I think everyone had a good sail and we all made it ashore before it got too dark. Wish the evenings stayed light for longer but that’s it for Wednesdays this year.

    Big thanks to Mel for the BBQ – really nice way to end the series. Results are here:

    Jeff Davison winner of the Wednesday series at island barn reservoir sailing clubAs always please let me know any errors or omissions. If you can help me fill in names for the unknown or blank that would be good, but if you know what you sailed you can see the results anyway. I can lookup sail numbers for regular members with their own boats, but if you sail a club boat or have the wrong numbered sail unless I get lucky and both know you and spot you I can’t tell who’s sailing.

    Well done Jeff Davison taking the series with three bullets (and before anyone says he didn’t do a Wed duty he did an extra Sunday and all the fantastic work creating the ‘beast’ recovering and re-laying safety boat moorings ready for the windy autumn season).

    The duty roster is still very thin but I see we do have race officers for next week and a few more slots filled. If when you login you can’t see any options to volunteer it might be that you are currently only set for catering – which currently isn’t happening but we do anticipate will be available again later in the year. If you would like to be able to also volunteer for race assistant let me know and I will change your profile accordingly.



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