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Lockdown Sailing Series

  • lock down sailing series at island barn reservoir-sailing club

    We have restarted organised racing at the club as follows:

    We will be reviewing how this goes every few weeks – the guidelines keep changing so when the sailing instructions say until further notice, we do expect this to change and evolve, please send me your thoughts and feedback to Initially we will start with two Sunday pursuit races of 45 Minutes from the Topper 4.2 start – with 30 second start intervals. Times will be published on the clubhouse windows, here and on the web site. Please find supplementary sailing instructions for these ‘lockdown series’, please tell me any typos or obvious errors the definitive version should there be any correction will be that on the web site on the day of any race.

    We will be doing pursuit races to avoid start line crowding – please keep well clear until in the run up to your start.

    Summary of what is different to normal:

    • No need to enter but if you are not in your registered boat please email the sailing secretary (particularly if using a club boat) – I can look up the boat register but if that doesn’t get the right sailor let me know
      • Results where we don’t know the name will just show class and sail number
        (Happy to correct entries if you tell me by email who you were)
    • Start line will be a Shore Start (so Race officer and assistant can be separated). Committee boat will NOT be used (no, not even if RO and assistant are from the same household, we want it to be the same every week).
    • Pursuit is based on the Topper 4.2 start being ‘zero’ and each faster class starting at their start time
    • We will use 30 second intervals because the race is only 45 minutes
      • Numbers will be show as usual about 20 seconds before to 10 seconds after the hoot
      • Numbers will be held vertically to indicate plus 30 seconds

        lockdown start times
    • After 45 minutes Race Officer will sound a long hoot and start to note positions. Please keep sailing but do not overtake until your position is noted. (Safety boat will motor back down the course from the leader noting positions – this may take a bit longer than usual so please help them by not overtaking etc.)
    • Sundays, two back to back races. Topper 4.2 starts at 10:30 and 11:30 (or as soon as everyone is close enough)
    • Wed evening one race. Topper 4.2 start aiming for 19:20 (which puts the laser start around the usual time)

    We need to fill the duty roster!!

    Please volunteer through the membership site (if you have any issues with the site please contact the membership secretary In particular we are missing a duty officer for this Saturday.

    Until the pandemic is over we are not forcing members to do duties because some may be vulnerable, sheltering or shielding/caring for others so please volunteer. Volunteering is working well so far but there are gaps. Because the guidelines keep evolving we are opening the roster just 4-6 weeks ahead.

    Safety boats will normally be single manned unless there is a team from the same household, but we are not prohibiting double manning if you are comfortable with it (we suggest you wear masks and keep well separated). We encourage Safety boat drivers to recruit family/household members as Race Assistant on the roster and double man the safety boat.

    If you are not well or have recently come in contact with anyone who might have the virus please do not come to the club, and if on the duty rota tell me so I can find a substitute.

    Finally PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS when you arrive and during the day (new sinks on the top West of Clubhouse and by the boat wash station). STOP at the bottom of the steps and while you sanitise your hands check if anyone is coming down and give them space. The virus has not gone away, we are just learning to operate in a way to minimise risk.

    Common classes start time for 45 minute lockdown pursuits (full list is here).



    Topper 4.2




    Mirror S/H






    RADIAL/Solo/Aero 5








    Aero 7 / N12


    RS 200




    Aero 9


    Phantom / RS100


    RS 400






    Gareth Griffiths (Sailing Secretary)

    Club Open with Stage 3 Restrictions    find out more