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Sailing Committee - 9 July 2020

  • sailing committee


    Thursday 9th July 2020: 20:00hrs @ MS Teams


    1. Apologies: Roger Morris

    2. Attendance: Gareth Griffiths, Simon Bean, Nick Marley, Jonathan Leake, Dave Simpson, Mike Jones, Nigel Thomson, John Oldham ( Chair /Mins) , Ed Mauleverer ( Scouts ) Giles ( Scouts), Uta Griesenbach, Ray lamb, Jonathan leake

    3. Approval of previous minutes. – approved
    1. Adult Training. – Cancelled for 2020
    1. Specific Updates on Fleet events:
    1. Solo

    Meeting agreed lots of new opportunities to use solos for training (especially with Covid limitations) Mike will approach a new potential SOLO class captain. The boats will be shuttled around to position them better (part of a wider Berthing plan for top bank)

    1. Lasers

    Simon reported lots of good news – fleet expanding and members attending regularly (WhatsApp group helped) Informal racing occurring. Jonathan is managing a Laser race training week 10-14 August, with lots of takers.

    1. RS400/RS200

    Limited activity due to Covid restrictions on two people boats.

    1. Toppers – Class is very popular with lots of new members. Big Open is intended but will need a planning sub-committee Mike will send out invitation to hold a subcommittee meeting to plan this. (Maybe 77 plus boats).

    Question on aligning scout topper training – Ed / Roger will link in with Mike.

    1. Feva

    Little fleet activity due to Covid restrictions

    1. Streaker

    The open meeting is still pending awaiting lifting of restrictions

    1. Optimist

    Also open is awaiting restrictions / class advice

    1. Aeros

    Open was cancelled due to lock down. Aero nationals still planned ( on sea) members will take part if event goes ahead. Good informal racing programme ongoing.

    1. Club Boat fleet – maintenance, use and sustainability. Chris Smith – Laser, Mike Storey – Vision, Mike J – Topper, Ben Russell – Solo, Brendon O’Leary - Feva, Ray Lambe - Optimist, Nick Marley – RS 200 ( 940 as a split in transom?)

    Generally the fleets are in a good place thanks to the above people. The Topper fleet also had had extra help from Ben Jonathan Nigel and Mike B. Important to recognise that this fleet is critical for the summer RYA training courses. Mike J will ask Francesca if she minds coordinating the Topper fleet maintenance and co-opt others due to the volume of work required. Of note Topper fleet has suffered from petty theft / loss so boats /covers/ trolleys /parts have been marked up to recognise club kit.

    1. Club general sailing and racing:
    1. Proposal is to start racing Sunday 12th July with two 45 min pursuit races, and Wed 15th July evening one 45 min pursuit race. Shore starts and leave Sat free sailing (means the starting equipment gets three days between uses so avoids the need to try and sanitize a flag pole and start hooter).

    This will give a short Wed series of 5 races – 3 to count. We could start slightly earlier and add an extra week – Wed evenings seem to be starting earlier at the moment and both the Lasers and Aero’s have done unofficial start from 7 or 7:15

    Given pursuit 1st (Topper) start 7:15. – (Topper 4.2 start at 0) – would make it simpler if any want to enter. (Nothing slower at this point)

    Sunday series would simply count both races for a summer series.

    Gareth has upped the teams to 1 RO, 2 SB and 1 RA, and on Wed’s from 15/7 to 1 RO, 1 SB and 1 RA.

    Gareth to circulate to the club the sailing instructions. Pursuit races best to cover Government guidelines but under constant review.

    1. Rescue boats – the agreement is that the club recommends and plans for single crewing. The club will not stop members who feel comfortable / same families double crewing.
    2. Outside Tea / beer bar this will be arranged.

    1. Club Programme and events in 2020
    1. Commodore’s day to be moved to later in the year due to holiday season approaching.
    2. Round the Island and Match racing move from Sat 15 Aug to Sunday 16th Aug (cycle race cancelled making day available).
    3. East head 12/13 September – plans well established by Uta, lots of members keen. More details to follow
    4. New Year’s Day race will run again this year – Mike J will put out SI’s nearer the time
    5. Winter series – used to be very popular – Action to John to promote to other clubs (has been done but he will need to redo).
    6. Friendly Fridays – still virtually but will move to the physical shortly.
    7. Gareth to update programme and circulate

    1. Sailing school
    1. The school has been working well, especially in view of limitations of 1+5 groups and no club house etc.
    2. Discussion on putting boats away neatly and safely, including the marking up covers and keeping adults / parents busy and social distancing.

    1. Sailing courses
    1. Junior beginners – the courses planned on the sailing calendar and going ahead.
    2. Intermediate & advanced racers. (For checking is going ahead ) Topper / Feva Training - August 24-28th. Autumn Topper/Feva October 19-23 and October 26- 30. Then Christmas week 28-31 mixed course.
    3. RYA and RTC: Contract signed and lots of people signed up for the courses over the summer. Use of clubhouse decision needed at main committee meet.

    10. Scouts

    1. Scout boats will be grouped together and club boats that have slipped in between will be re posited on the workday. This is still the intended plan but will await a general berthing audit and review.
    2. Scout leaders trained in the use of winch need be listed – this action is complete and Scouts hold a list of people trained. ( agreed that Scouts responsibility to ensure only suitable people use the winches)
    3. Scouts interested in taking part in the training organised by Ben and Freddie using their own boats. Scouts to contact Nigel to discuss their involvement.
    4. John (new relationship manager role) to meet with Scouts to discuss mutual benefits / ways of working and any other business.

    11. Junior racing

    1. Gareth to extract the results from the main racing in order for separate prizes to be given. – awaits start of racing
    2. We will introduce £10 Rooster Vouchers as well as Glass wear and wine for prizes (waits).

    12. Welfare and Health and Safety.

    1. Clubs compliance with DBS checks continues to be monitored by Ray
    2. Report on any sailing related injuries or near misses. Discussion on process which is not working as well as it should – Action john to bring up at main committee meet. Suggestion is to use an online system.
    3. Two more radios are needed – Nick reports we have one and Nick will get another.

    13. AOB

    1. Berthing of boats – priority to active sailors and berthing audit needed/ agreement for Dave B to use “Smart tags” on boats and trailers (to be ratified at main committee but no issues).
    2. Use of double handing boats for training. Committee stated no not at this time due to social distancing. ( private boats the recommendation is only same household or if comfortable)
    3. For further discussion at main committee – members not washing (hands) enough. Idea that rope is put across steps with sign.
    4. Discussion of “what happens if a sailor in a training group tests positive for Covid or a member of their family tests positive ” – sailor / family not to attend training until they / family have ended quarantine. If a sailor attends a sailing school session and subsequently tests positive then they will need to inform the instructor and this group will miss a week to quarantine.

    Dates for next meetings: 21st September 2020, 14th December 2020

    Club Open with Covid Safe Restrictions    find out more