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  • Poncho Offer

    We've no clubhouse to get changed or keep warm but Rooster are offering a special Island Barn version of their beach poncho for just £40. Normal cost is £38 so you get the logo for just £2.

    It's microfibre so it dries faster, folds smaller & doesn't smell when damp, like towelling. And one size fits all (or most!) There's two versions - one depicting a singlehanded boat & the other a doublehander.

    double hander poncho  font view  single hander poncho

    There's an order sheet at this link. Just add your name, number wanted of each type (doublehander or singlehander). Please do it soon as we plan to place an order around the first week of July and there won't be a second chance. We'll ask you for the money and tell you how to pay shortly.

       ORDER NOW >  
    see socials section on the membership website for ordering

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