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Sailing Tips and Guides

  • The links beaneth contain sailing tips and guides for the novice, the new to racing sailor and even for those expereinced sailors.


    Training Guide
    Discover our training guide, 20 pages of lessons and techniques to help you learn to sail and improve your sailing skills.

    Click here for the training guides


    Technical Terms
    Any profession or sport involving equipment inevitably accumulates a lexicon of technical terms. In this section we'll cover most of what you'll need to know by the end of your first serious season's sailing.

    Click here for technical terms

    lear to sail

    Beginners Guide To Racing
    This information is to help non-racing IBRSC members (and of course new members for the club) to join in the fun on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays. This is not a racing tutorial, more of a survival guide to let you get a taste for it all.

    Click here for the beginners guide to racing sail boats