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CLUB OPENING - Groups of 6, Training and Duty Teams

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    Dear members

    I apologise as this email has quite a lot of detail and it has been sent late (and amended 11/6/2020 to cover duties and club boats).

    I have broken it down as follows:

    1. Groups of up to 6 boats may sail on the reservoir under the current off day rules. However, we will allow up to 4 groups of 6 to sail.
    2. Training may take place provided the group size is kept to 6, including the instructor
    3. We plan to launch a small duty team for Saturday afternoons, Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings and allow the use of club boats at these times.

    The current Off Day Rules
    ‘Off Days’ is the term used by the club to cover Bye Law 16

    We will align the current off day rules to the UK Government guidelines on restricting the number of people gathering to a maximum of 6.

    • Groups of up to 6 boats may sail together without safety boat cover, to a maximum of four groups (24 boats)
    • There may be more than one group on the water at the same time but each group must operate independently and meet all these requirements per group
    • The group must be able, capable and willing to provide rescue for each other (and, another group if required)
    • The group must have access to a phone (e.g. mobile phone left in someone’s car) to call for help should it be needed
    • The group must sail together so as to be continually watching out for one another
    • The group must have at least 2 adult helms on the water with the group at all times
    • Should members of the group return to the shore then there must still be 2 adult helms in the group, if this not the case then all boats must return to the shore.
    • Club boats cannot be used
    • Please ready a safety boat but only use it in an emergency situation. The club requires that our safety boats are driven by competent helms, we normally say that is someone of RYA PB2 level.
    • You are sailing at your own risk

    Training is now allowed on the water provided

    • The size of the group training does not exceed 6, including the trainer.
    • The off days rules are adhered to, or
    • A Duty Officer and safety boat helm (as agreed in the Duty Rota) are on duty, or
    • The training is being managed under the clubs sailing school (please see Mike Jones’ email on the restarting of the sailing school)

    Duty Officer and Safety Boat Cover
    We plan to launch a voluntary duty rota for members to provide safe sailing on the reservoir on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and Wednesday evenings. I would ask that anyone currently making use of sailing on the reservoir (sailing, windsurfing etc) participate and volunteer to help.

    • Members can sign up for duties using the membership website
    • A duty team will consist of at least 1 Duty Officer and 1 Safety Boat Helm
    • The safety boat(s) will only be manned by a single helm. In the case where members of the same family living together then they may man the safety boat together
    • Safety boats must be helmed by competent helms, the Club defines this as being of at least RYA PB2 level.
    • The Duty Officer will raise the green flag when the duty team are ready to provide safety boat cover
    • If the Duty Officer has not raised the green flag then sailing may only take place under the Off Days rules
    • Club boats can be used when the duty officer has the green flag raised. You must wash your hands prior to using a club boat and wipe down the boats before and after use. Once the Duty Officer lowers the green flag club boats must be returned to the shore. You must put away all club boats after using them. Be aware some boats, such as the RS Vision, are very heavy and will require 3 adults from the same family to pull them up banks of the reservoir.
    • IT IS THE DUTY OFFICERS DECISION IF SAILING CAN TAKE PLACE. Should s/he decide the conditions are not suitable or the team size is not suitable then they are empowered to cease all organised activity at the club, including sailing. S/he is also empowered to stop sailors using club equipment or stop individuals sailing where that person is causing a danger to themselves or others e.g. sailing in conditions beyond their capability
    • As this is a voluntary rota we cannot guarantee there will be a duty team for every Saturday, Sunday of Wednesday as detailed. Please check the membership website before setting out to sail and remember people’s circumstances may change which may lead to the duty team being cancelled without notice. In this case and when another volunteer is not found sailing will return to the Off Days rules.

    Addition 11/6/2020
    The duty rota for June has been set and filled by volunteers as follows:
    Wednesdays  - 6.30pm to dusk
    Saturdays - 1pm to 5pm
    Sundays - 9.30am to 1.30pm
    Club boats may be used when there is a duty team operating.
    On Sundays the club boats must be packed away and made available for the sailing school at 1.30pm. 
    Sailing under the Off Days rules may continue outside of the times during daylight hours.

    Finally and as a reminder:

    • Follow social distancing at all times on the shore and the water
    • The upper clubhouse and changing rooms remain closed for use
    • The toilets in the lower clubhouse are open but for 1 person at a time
    • Wash stations and hand sanitisers have been provided (more will follow), please use them frequently
    • Bring plenty of drinking water
    • If you feel unwell do not come to the sailing club

    Nick Marley
    Commodore IBRSC

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