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How to find people to sail with under the boat rule

  • offdays

    Dear members

    I have had a few enquiries on how to find other members to sail with under the two boat rule. There are currently two options:

    Email group (officially managed by the sailing club)

    1. Check you are opted in to receive the ‘off days’ emails
      • You will need to log in to the club’s membership website and go to:
      • Your Data > Consents
      • And ensure the Off Days mailing list is selected as ‘yes’ (the opt in will update overnight)
    2. Then to contact other members who also want to sail
      • Send an email to this group, simply email
      • Include a few details such as your name, the date and time you are looking to sail.
      • This will then be forward to all those who have selected to be opted into this group.

    WhatsApp Group

    There is a WhatsApp Group set up by Tony Sprout (it is a private group that is not managed by the sailing club). This was originally set up for Saturday sailors but Tony is happy to extend it to all those wanting join so as to sail over the coming weeks/months.

    To join contact Tony (Anthony Sprout) via email or text message (his details are in the email sent 20/5/2020 or can be found on the members directory in the membership website click here to log in)

    Please let Tony know you want to join the group and include your name and mobile number (if sending by email)

    Nick Marley
    Commodore IBRSC