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Club Opening - Sailing under the 2 boat rule

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    Dear members

    I am pleased to inform you that the General Committee has agreed that it is now safe to allow limited sailing at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club as outlined in phase one of the plan I shared last week. We have liaised with Thames Water and have followed the guidelines as set out by the RYA.

    Sailing is permitted for members provided it meets the following conditions:

    1. The two boat rule is adhered to (see beneath for the two boat rule and an explanation).
    2. The club’s sailing boats are not to be used
    3. For normal sailing activity the club’s safety boats must not be used. In an emergency the club’s safety boats should be used if other boats are not able to perform a rescue, the emergency be serious and the driver is experienced (ideally with a PB2 qualification).
    4. No-one is to use the upper floor of the club house (the shed keys are located next to the radios in a key box. The code for this is the first 3 digits of the padlock codes).
    5. Change at home or in your car. Access to the changing rooms is only permitted for the toilets and basins. Only 1 person at a time is allowed access.
    6. Maintain social distancing, keep 2m apart at all times, be that around the grounds, on the banks or the pontoons.
    7. Double handed boats may only be sailed by members of the same family that reside together.
    8. Do not come to the club if you or someone in your household is unwell with symptoms of Coronavirus
    9. The club house should not be left open when everyone is out sailing and no one is on shore to keep an eye on it.
    10. The inner and outer gates must be kept locked while sailing. Obviously not ideal if emergency services are needed.

    Remember you are sailing at your own risk, take sensible precautions, know your limits and only sail if it is safe for you to do so.

    Signage and outside hand sanitisers have been installed at the club.

    The Two Boat Rule

    Here is the abridged extract from the club bye-laws

    At other times … sailing and windsurfing may only take place when there is available either a competently manned safety craft ready for immediate use or, if there are not more than 8 craft on the water, there are at least two boats sailing and manned by experienced helms over 18 years of age. It is the responsibility of the members wishing to sail to decide whether it is safe to do so.

    There has been some confusion on what this means, especially for junior sailors. The committee will meet and amend the wording to make this rule clearer. For now, so as not to delay sailing, please understand it to mean:

    • At least two adults must be helming on the water at the same time
    • A maximum of 8 eight boats are permitted on the water at the same time (if more than 8 boats want to sail please be considerate and take it in turns to use the water)
    • The adults must be looking out for everyone else sailing on the water and be available and capable to perform/assist a rescue if required
    • Juniors can sail but there must be two adult helms sailing i.e. a minimum of 3 boats on the water (juniors are most likely not going to be capable of rescuing an unconscious adult in the water requiring medical assistance, so we cannot allow just an adult helm and a junior helm alone on the water).  Please remeber that our rules also state that persons under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times at the club.

    Follow this link for information on how to find other people to sail withunder the two boat rule

    Finally. This is the first stage of opening the club. As we can lift restrictions over the forthcoming months, we will do so and communicate these to the membership. I thank everyone for their patience and staying away from the sailing club whilst the UK Government has been tackling this pandemic. I am very pleased that we can start sailing, albeit in a limited format.

    Nick Marley
    Commodore IBRSC

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