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2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes, February 2nd



    Commodores’ opening address,

    Uta thanks everyone for attending and confirmed attendance - register passed around and recorded by Secretary. Apologies recorded from Rob Pettit.

    2) The minutes of the 60th Annual General Meeting were approved. (Approver and seconder recorded by secretary as per other votes within this report)

    3) The audited accounts year ending 30th Sept 2019 were presented by the Treasurer and approved. Committee thanks to the Auditor Tony Tahourdin

    4) The following reports were presented to the club from the Flag officers:

    Commodore - Uta Griesenbach
    It is scary how quickly two years go by, but I have really enjoyed my time at Commodore of Island Barn. I am delighted to say that we did not experience any major disasters under my watch; a big relief and largely due to the strong committee which supported me.
    I am not going to pre-empt the reports of the other committee members, but like to highlight that our accounts look healthy and that the club is constantly improving with an ever growing portfolio of training and social programmes.
    We now have a structured 5-year development plan in place and have concrete plans for refurbishing the ladies and gents changing rooms.
    We have appointed a Health and Safety Officer to ensure the club provides a safe environment and are appointing a dedicated safety officer to help oversee all large opens.
    The Wednesday evening series was very popular last year, and it is great to see a large number of toppers joining the back-to-back races on Sunday afternoons. We are spicing up the Sunday sailing programme by introducing monthly Sprint Races, which will be great fun.
    A club is only as good as the contributions made by its members. We have a core group of people who are working really hard for the club, but we need to get more members involved. Every little helps! Please let us know if and what you can contribute to making Island Barn a fun and successful club.
    I am very proud that IBRSC is known for being a very friendly and welcoming family-orientated club. Embracing and helping new members to settle into the club environment is central to growing our membership and I would like to encourage you all to contribute to these efforts.
    I am delighted to say that the club will be is great hands with Nick Marley as Commodore and John Oldham as Vice-Commodore, but also hope that we don’t have to wait another 58 years to have another female Commodore at IBRSC.
    PS: With more time on my hands, I can focus more on catering and will be happy to hear all suggestions on how we can further improve catering at IBRSC

    Uta presented the commodores cup to Eddie Holland for his work of last (and many other) years.

    Eddie Holland - Commodores Cup

    Vice Commodore - Nick Marley
    Firstly, I would like to thank Uta our first Lady Commodore, it only took 58 years but clearly was worth waiting for.
    I would like to draw attention to some of the many improvements that Uta has overseen at the club over the last 2 years.

    • Membership including monthly payments and push the boat out open days
    • Club Development plan with Nigel Thompson
    • Health and safety with Dave Ryder
    • First aid – defibrillator, maintaining the kits and the highest number of qualified first aiders that we have ever had
    • Galley
    • Recycling – removing single use plastic water bottle (not an easy or popular decision at the time)
    • Junior Sailing – along with Mike Jones and Jonathon Leake we are the go-to club
    • Increasing the usage of the water from a system for off days, scout groups, canoes to sups and without negatively impacting on sailing and racing
    • Revenue from third party affiliations e.g. scouts
    • Social calendar along with Mike Jones
    • And last but not least the lady’s changing room

    Then there are the unseen, but just as important, areas that Uta has successfully steered the club through

    • Duties and sailing programme with Dave Baldwin and Gareth Griffiths
    • Club racing – ensuring we get our race officers trained
    • Committees
    • Budgeting and financial management with Tessa
    • Working parties with Dave S
    • Supporting Alexis to maintain our powerboats
    • The roof repairs
    • Working with our landlords (along with John Oldham)
    • Supporting myself and Chris Smith with Trysail
    • Open meetings

    Overall, I think we can all say it has been not only a successful leadership of the club but she has grown our reputation as a friendly and warm membership.
    Thank you Uta.

    Rear Commodore House - Tony Sproat
    This is now fully functional with start and stop buttons, and has proven very useful.

    Club house doors
    The main entry door is in need of replacement and hopefully this can be achieved in the near future. Efforts to find someone willing to take on the job at reasonable cost have come to nothing, so my plan is to undertake this myself on working party day (29 March) if I can find some willing helpers.

    As everyone knows the carpet tiles were laid this year and look very nice. Many thanks to all those who gave their time and worked really hard to achieve this at the working party and afterwards. However, muddy boots and carpet tiles are not a great combination, so plans are to fit a mat in the lobby area on the front east doors. This was not previously possible but I have reversed the swing of the doors to facilitate it. Once this is done we will clean the tiles.

    Front doors
    I modified the doors and floor area to improve in an attempt to keep slugs off the new carpet tiles. This has had some success and it has been observed that the doors are now more secure and so I have not pursued any quotes since the last AGM.

    Water tank
    Periodic testing of water safety has continued and has been found safe to date. The tank itself is obviously still deteriorating, but for the moment we are ok to continue with it until we can either afford replacements, or we can no longer use it because of its condition.
    I engaged a local plumber to fix various taps and showers in the club at a reasonable price and the work was carried out 8 days ago.

    Clubhouse Changing rooms
    The last proposal position put forward by Mike Jones and myself has been suspended pending a new suggestion put forward by Mike Barrett and Nigel.
    The main benefits of their ideas will be larger changing facilities for both male and female members and also hopefully some disabled persons facilities as well.

    Finally, as many of you are now aware I am standing down as Rear Commodore House at the AGM as I simply do not have sufficient time at present due to family commitments. I will of course continue to help out in any way I can.

    Mike Jones / Mike Barratt updated Club on new refurbishment plans; this involved a description of the proposed build. Mike B also presented to the informal meeting post the AGM a possible finance plan to raise the £100K needed. This will be discussed and recorded at the first committee meeting.

    Commodore Works - David Simpson
    The club is considerably tidier thanks, in particular, to Mike Barrett, who has performed miracles in clearing up the rubbish we so persistently manage to generate. Please help him keep it this way.
    As in previous years, the Working Parties have been crucial in maintaining the club infrastructure; it does not happen without you. At the autumn WP we had to make major repairs to the main ramp and ramp to the safety boat jetty, and to one of the ramps to the West – special thanks to Val and Jeff for masterminding these. Many thanks to all the willing hands who turn up; you make a real difference. As well as the general repairs, there are the never-ending brambles to be cut; sometimes it may seem a thankless task, but there is always a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the club after each WP. The judicious use of weed killer has helped to keep the weeds and brambles under at least some control with rather less effort.
    The second winch has been set to work and has been put to good use at the Topper Opens when we are swamped with boats – Thank you Tony. There was a case when the old winch was overloaded and ran backwards – please take note of the signs indicating the safe load for the two winches.
    The safety boat and committee boat shelters courtesy of Dave Baldwin continue to be much appreciated by all club members; clean boats are much more pleasant to use and healthier. A few weeks ago we had a surprise when rather than the Committee Boat Shelter thinking that it was in Australia, the Committee Boat itself got rather confused and decided to turn upside down in the storm. Many thanks to Alexis and his team of helpers who successfully recovered the now much cleaner Committee Boat. In addition, Dave’s netting on the ‘T’ pontoon keeps it considerably cleaner – once again, many thanks. However, there was an unfortunate incident last week when a bird got caught in the netting and died.
    We now have a console steered safety boat and, as of last weekend, we have a brand new safety boat to replace the ancient #3 boat – please treat it with respect as it runs in.
    As always, very many thanks to Alexis for continuing to keep the safety boats operational; it is a never ending task. Commercial maintenance of the boats would cost the club a very great deal and would not be available at weekends – we continue to owe Alexis a very great deal but even he cannot go on for ever, so we need one or two assistant Boatswains; training is provided, so you don’t have to be an expert
    Once again very many thanks to Ian Peace, Mike Barrett and John Doyle for taking on the grass cutting. However, they cannot do it on their own, so when they call for volunteers to assist, please do so. If the grass is obviously in need of cutting and you have a spare hour or so, please make use of one of the mowers or strimmers to make a dent in the task. In addition, all boat owners are reminded of their obligation to keep the grass around their boats cut; this includes all the area back to the fence, which is often ignored.

    Membership secretary - David Baldwin
    This year our membership numbers stand at 230 - a 15 year high and we would have to go back to 2005 with a membership of 239 to eclipse this. This looks fantastic but when we look as the demographics of the membership then we see we have a problem. In 2005 we had 20 cadet members whereas now we have 69.
    This in itself isn't a problem and no doubt due to the vastly increased training opportunities, however those 50 or so cadet members have replaced 50 or so adults that were available to do duties. The duty pool in 2005 was 172 and now it is 125 - an all-time low for the 15 years of records I have. We are trying to encourage parents of cadets to do a duty to help out to counter this.
    The membership website continues to be developed and maintained, but most of the changes are behind the scenes to improve its robustness and reporting functions for the committee and trustees.
    An updated members handbook is in preparation as should go out with the renewal packs at the March working party.
    Questions were taken and there was a discussion on involving parents of Cadet Members in duty work. This will be taken up at the next committee meeting.

    Junior training officer - Mike Jones
    JUNIOR SAILING - The Sailing School
    Junior sailing has progressed a long way in 2019. There are almost too many items to mention in a short report. All the achievements can be said to have been encapsulated within the single statistic that 24 junior and youth sailors from Island Barn gained entry into National and Regional Squads for Toppers, Aero and Laser classes. Everyone involved in the activities at the School, whether on the water, in the teaching room, on the food bar, on the bank with tool kit and on the road, should feel proud of the part you have played, whether it be in the very first sail you have given to a seven year old, or to buying yet another new ‘must-have sail’ for a forthcoming youth championship.
    Praise should be divided pretty equally to the sailors themselves; their parents and siblings for supporting them; and our instructors and coaches who have worked hard throughout to year to provide informative and enjoyable courses in which the young sailors have participated and succeeded.

    Organisation and Events for 2020
    Dates: All Junior Sailing School Classes start on April 26 2020 and have been on line for 2 weeks and are already full up on certain courses June 28 is Commodores Day with junior racing, barbecue party, and pirate ship water battle. Junior Sailing School restarts September 6 Junior Sailing School Final Day is September 27 when there will be a mixed class racing regatta Please note East Head Camping and Sailing will be in July this year. A poster will be issued soon. Please also note the Autumn Cruise will be earlier this year in mid-September

    Structure: The Sailing School retains the overall structure introduced in 2019,

    Led by Ray Lambe.
    Assistants: Dylan Emmett, Eric Craig
    Will have 12 beginners in 6 club Oppies. 2 Courses per Sunday at 1 pm and 3 pm

    Led by Chris Balding
    Assistants Dave Todd, Aaron Crutchfield, Richard Barker
    Will have 12 Optimist sailors in their second year sailing their own Oppie or Optimist.

    Run by Nick Marley and Mike Jones
    Assistants Nigel Randall, Uta Griesenbach part time, Francesca Campagnoli, Kate Symons
    Will have 12 Topper sailors in their first year in a Topper.
    Will use club Toppers unless they have their own.

    Run by Gareth Griffiths, Nigel Thomson, Jonathan Leake, Brendan O’Leary, Douglas Clow,
    Assistant, Gavin McClelland
    Will have 12 Toppers, 4 Fevas, 2 Lasers
    These 3 types will train and race together. Swapping from boat type to boat type often did not work as a policy will have their own Toppers. Will use club Fevas and privately owned Fevas. Will use club Laser 4.7s and Laser Radials

    Additional Junior Training 2020
    Week Long Camps
    In 2020 year we plan to run a number of almost-week-long courses for junior sailors of all ability groups. These will be run by new member and RYA local area Rep Ben Kimbell, Jonathan Leake and Brendan O’Leary

    Winter Sunday Morning Training
    On Winter Sunday mornings, thanks to a popular initiative set up by Jonathan Leake, Nigel Thomson, Matthew Fletcher and Douglas Clow junior training is being offered to Topper, Feva and Laser sailors on many Sundays throughout Winter, with an hour of coaching followed by participation in the two back to back club races. This is a great way of bridging the gap between Sailing School and Club racing. Thank you, junior sailors, and all helping parents and instructors.

    Other Junior Sailing events at Island Barn – 2020

    • TOPPER WINTER REGATTA Sat 1 February Topper Barnstormer Open Regatta
    • TOPPER COACHING Tue, Wed, Thu,
    • Feb 18, 19, 20 Half term Topper & Feva Coaching
    • OPEN DAY Sat 2 May taking children guests out
    • SCHOOLS REGATTA TBA Open regatta for all junior types
    • COMMODORES DAY Sun 28 June Racing for Oppies, Toppers, Fevas and Lasers
    • EAST HEAD CAMPING AND SAILING Fri, Sat, Sun July 24, 25, 26 TBC At East Head in Chichester Harbour
    • OPTIMIST OPEN to be confirmed
    • MATCH RACING Sat August 15 Match racing for Fevas + Round the Island
    • AUTUMN CRUISE Fri, Sat, Sun, Sept, 11, 12, 13 (Cruise organised by club members. For junior sailors and parents)
    • TOPPER TRAVELLER OPEN Sat 19 September Large Topper Open
    • RYA REGIONAL JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS, October 3rd TBC Regional Training Groups selection. Regional Training Groups selection
    • FEVA OPEN? To be confirmed
    • CHRISTMAS PARTIES Sun 13 December Father Christmas, 10 pin bowlingand curry
    • Optimist, Topper, Feva and Laser Opens. Visiting groups. The racing group are keen to identify key regional Opens that Island Barn sailors might like to attend in family groups. The events will be published soon.

    Parental help
    All parents are asked to help, either on the water or in the galley Parents are needed particularly at the end of the day to put away power boats and dinghies while juniors are taking part in de-briefs with instructors All parents are asked to gain their Powerboat qualification PB2 by enrolling for the RTC course (see club web) as soon as possible.  Lastly, many thanks to all those members who have helped to service the sailing school boats.

    Work Parties
    Please note that it is a condition of membership that all members attend the two Work Parties. This includes all junior members and their parents. The Work Party is great opportunity to learn how to look after boats. The days are actually very enjoyable. There is a great community spirit and Uta usually makes a big cake

    A Big Thank You

    I would like to give an enormous amount of thanks to all coaches, instructors and parents who have worked so hard in 2019 to make the Sailing School such a popular and successful outdoor learning centre for children. We try to balance learning skills with fun and diversity of activities and in 2019 we moved a long way forward in achieving that goal.  Many thanks are also given to our Committee and Commodore for the help and encouragement that has been given to all those connected to Junior Sailing.

    Finally thank you to all our young sailors. Keep coming, learning and having fun.

    RTC Principal-  Nigel Thomson 
    Nigel Thomson updated club on Ben Kimble’s youth training programme – see website for dates of courses.
    The club is once again a RYA RTC for both Dinghies and Powerboats
    We received the RYA RTC Recognition for Sailing and British Youth Sailing accreditation in 2019.

    Social Secretary - Mike Jones
    Our local RYA contact and now new member Ben Kimbell has emphasised how club life ashore is just as important as on-water activity. His RYA mission is to increase all his area’s clubs’ membership by 5%. Which was handy, because this fitted in very well with Commodore Uta’s very successful drive of increasing membership at Island Barn, and no doubt new Commodore Nick Marley will have similar aims.
    We are proposing to follow the popular format we had in 2019. All members are encouraged to bring family and friends of all ages to all events.
    It is always a trap to thank individuals as you always forget several key helpers, but I’ll take the risk and will particularly thank Jim Champ and his amazing band and caller for their fantastic performance at the Ceilidh; Andy and Tessa Groves for helping with sound, lighting and their company at all the major events; Tessa for her tempting cupcakes at the Talent Show, Gareth for his memorable guitar and poetry, the Oldham children Ila and Alex for their beautiful music – their parents turn this year. Uta, who as usual worked tirelessly the whole year to provide fantastic meals and help with just about everything connected with our Social events. Her arrangements help and hospitality for the East Head Camping went like clockwork to give us all such a good weekend at the seaside. On the food she had many, many helpers but a thank you should go to her friend Marguerite who, though not a member, was always cooking at the big events. Kirsten and team, thank you for the fantastic Bonfire Night meal for over a hundred members and friends. Francesca Campagnoli for her memorable Moules on a Friendly Friday and her equally memorable egg catching (or not) in the Talent show, with son Isaac. Chris Smith, Mike Barrett, Nick Marley and Ian Peace were usually there to help with safety at most Friendly Fridays. The Autumn Cruise Skippers Tony Tahourdin, Jeff Davision, Stuart Whitmore, John Oldham, Stephen Taylor who made
    This year’s cruise one of the best yet with a thrilling not-a-race close company cruise from
    Yarmouth to Beaulieu on a windy, sunny, Sunday. Thank you to all members who took part or attended the various events. Here’s hoping 2020 is just as much fun.
    Provisional proposals for 2020, to be agreed with Commodore to be Nick Marley

    TALENT SHOW – Saturday 14 March
    Dinner, wine, and a fun evening of showing off our diverse collection of individual and group
    Talents off the water, by our members and families of all ages.

    FRIENDLY FRIDAYS - 24thApril, 29thMay, 26thJune, 17July,
    21th August
    Social evenings, both on and off the water. No racing but all other types of sailing activity is encouraged, including Oppie Water Hockey. Friendly Fridays became famed in 2019 for the excellent food and this will continue

    OPEN DAY – Saturday 2nd May
    Club is Open all day to the public and we take out people sailing and show them our social side too.

    COMMODORES DAY – Sunday 28 June
    We use the popular racing format of 6 back to back races with a short half time lunch break.
    Oppies do just 3 races. We have a great barbecue, music, a little dancing and the afternoon is rounded off with our annual pirate ship water fight.

    This was a great success in 2019. We will repeat in 2020 in early July 24th 25th 26th

    Though not an official club event, over 50 of us have a memorable three nights on the Solent in a fleet of hired and member owned yachts. The 2019 event was arguably the best yet, with a cruise in close company (definitely not a race) from Yarmouth to Beaulieu River in bracing Force 5. We’ll repeat in September 12, 13 2020

    QUIZ NIGHT – Saturday 17th October
    This has now became an established event where we dine, have great fun and raise money for worthy cub projects

    FIREWORK NIGHT - Saturday 7th November
    This has also become a very popular social and family affair and will be repeated in 2020, subject to negotiating bonfire permission with our landlord Thames Water.

    CEILIDH & SUPPER – Saturday 21st November
    This has become a star annual event and we will definitely repeat. Jim Champs band is perfect for this event

    CHRISTMAS PARTIES – Sunday 13th December
    Our regular format of mulled wine and mince pies, Father Christmas Party (the attendance was well down again this year – not sure why), Ten Pin Bowling at Kingston, Sailing School Curry in East Molesey. This formula works, but suggestions on variations would be gladly accepted.

    5) Election of Club Officers:
    The Following officers were nominated and seconded and approved at the meeting:

    Commodore - Nick Marley
    Vice Commodore – John Oldham
    Rear Commodore Works - David Simpson
    Rear Commodore House – VACANT
    Honorary Secretary - Francesca Campagnoli
    Honorary Treasurer - Tessa Groves
    Honorary Sailing Sec - Gareth Griffiths

    6) Election of ordinary Committee Members: (note these members may take admin roles)
    The Following officers were nominated and seconded and approved at the meeting:

    1. David Baldwin
    2. Mike Jones
    3. Alexis Villiers
    4. Chris Smith
    5. Nigel Thomson
    6. Rory O’Brien
    7. Jonathan Leake
    8. Dave Ryder
    9. Ray Lambe

    7) Election of the Bar Committee:
    The Following officers were nominated and seconded and approved at the meeting

    Eddie Holland (Bar Manager)
    John Carpenter
    Andy Wilson
    Note : Up to 3 Vacant Positions remain

    8) Election of a club Auditor:
    The Following officer was nominated and seconded and approved at the meeting:
    Tony Tahourdin

    9) The outgoing Commodore noted with thanks the following Club administrative roles and personnel:

    Social Secretary - Mike Jones
    Catering - Uta Griesenbach
    Membership Sec - David Baldwin
    Web/Publicity Officer – Nick Marley
    Duty Team Coordinator - Gareth Griffiths
    Bosun - Alexis Villiers
    Assistant Bosun - Vacant
    Groundsman - Ian Peace / Mike Barrett /John Doyle
    RTC Principal – Nigel Thomson
    Junior Sailing Captain Mike Jones
    Trysail Captain – Nick Marley
    Class Captains:
     > Laser - Simon Bean
     > Solo – Mike Jones
     > RS200 – Nick Marley
     > RS400 – Douglas Clow
     > Aero – Gareth Griffith
    Child Welfare Officer – Ray Lamb
    Health and Safety – Dave Ryder

    Safety Officers report
    The Safety officer is a new role on the committee to formalise the best practice we already have and identify risk areas where we should take steps to improve.
    We are in the process of performing a risk assessment and updating the handbook to reflect current best practice and formalising monitoring schedules. For the most part, this has just involved documenting our current best practice but there are a few areas where we have identified areas for useful improvements:

    • Winches – There was a significant safety incident (not actually involving club member) that resulting in minor rope burns during the year. This has resulted in several action to enhance winch safely that are planned to be implemented during the next working party.
    • We are also in the process of formalising guidelines for winch usage and would ask you all to exercise caution in making sure your trolley and boat are securely attached and there is no one at the bottom of the slope.
    • Steps to the club. We now have salt available at the bottom of the steps. Please use it during the winter if the steps are icy.
    • Incident reporting. We now have a ‘near miss’ log in addition to the accident log located in the draws in the clubhouse to record any incidents that occurred that could have caused an accident but fortunately did not. This will allow us to identify areas we can improve. I would encourage you to report any incidents that occur.
    • We have trained many 1st aiders over recent months and have a defibrillator available for use. Please be aware that there is very likely someone trained in first aid around if an injury does occur.

    10) New Commodore to chair the meeting – Nick Marley welcomed by Uta and there was a presentation to Uta and thanks from the club for her huge contribution

    11) Proposal to alter Club Rules:
    The 2020 version of the rules (previously circulated) were noted and approved.
    There was an informal discussion concerning if the rules were sufficient to cover the liabilities of officers making decisions on contracts. It was agreed that the Trustees (who are insured against personal liability and are nominated by the committee within the rules to make legal decisions). Would for the time being make contractual decisions. The Hon Secretary will in the meanwhile consult with the RYA and bring the results to the committee meetings.

    12) No formal proposals were notified to the Secretary within period.
    However the committee agreed to review the winch safety regime, research into propeller guards and update the byelaws at committee.

    This concluded the AGM – 1600hrs

    13) Following the AGM there was an opportunity for informal discussion.

    There was a discussion on raising funds to support the new changing room. This will be taken up in committee and formally recorded.
    There was a suggestion made to make the duty system more flexible and to allow someone to do one Race Officer (RO) duty and 2 other duties instead of being forced to select 3 RO duties. This will be taken up at the next committee meeting – but any changes will have to be in 2021 season because renewals have begun already.

    Club Open with Stage 3 Restrictions    find out more