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Minutes - Sailing Committee Meeting - Nov 12, 2019

  • Minutes - Sailing Committee Meeting

    Date: November 12
    Time:              1930

    Location:        Clubhouse

    Attending: Gareth Griffith, Nick Marley, Uta Griesenbach (chair), Mike Jones, Dave Simpson, Alexis Villier, Doug Clow, Ben Kimbell, Ray Lamb, Roger Morris (Viking Scouts), Ed Mauleverer (Ajax Scouts)  

    Apologies: Simon Bean, Dave Baldwin, Jonathan Leake, Nigel Thomson

    Minutes prepared by Uta Griesenbach




    Adult training

    A few informal mixed fleet adult winter training sessions may be of interest

    Jonathan has worked up a proposal for adult/older youth race coaching  (Aeros and Lasers)

    “The cost would be about £210/person with a couple of professional race coaches running it. The dates we could run such a course would coincide with school holidays (and might run in parallel with a Topper course).

    Potential dates

    • April 13-17
    • May 25-29
    • August 26-30

    Jonathan also contacted Simon Bean giving contact details for three potential Laser coaches and he was going to contact them about running weekend or other sessions.

    Uta to discuss with Mike Storey

    Sailing committee was supportive of mixed Aero/laser race coaching.

    Thank you Jonathan for organising. All supportive.

    Action ongoing


    RS200: Winter series was a success and will be repeated in 2019/20. Event creates momentum around the club and has also been advertised to other clubs, but not much uptake. No action required.

    Nick M is waiting for confirmation of date for RS200 open

    Simple WW-LW course was discussed for days when RS200/400 series is scheduled for, but participants felt that most good courses have a beat and dead run anyway. WW-LW are not that suitable for some classes eg lasers/aeros

    Doug Clow is organising an RS400 winter series which generates excitement in the class. Results will be extracted

    Solo class needs a new club captain

    Promote Solos during try race

    Move Solos to east of club house to have them near other adult training boats.


    2019 Open was a successful event

    Open possible on June 13th as requested by Simon B

    Club not keen to run Super Grand Prix as this means club racing and sailing school cant happen

    It was Aeros are happy not to have a separate start.

    Topper race training is very successful. The committee thanks Jonathan for his efforts. The autumn training courses were very successful and made a very good profit for the club.

    Planned topper training events:

    1. Feb Winter Icebreaker - Feb 18/19/20 (preparation for winter nationals). Charging £155. Six bookings so far.
    2. Easter Topper/Feva Training - April 13-17 2020. Charging £190 for members & £230 non-members
    3. Summer Topper/Feva Training (tbc but last week of summer holidays)
    4. Autumn Topper/Feva (tbc but October half term 2020)

    Fevas: All agreed that growing this class was important. Brendan O’Leary kindly agreed to be in charge. Thank you Brendan. We will add you to invite for the sailing committee meeting. There was some discussion about Feva sails and all agred that club should not be providing racing sails. This should be covered by parents. IB may consider replacing Feva sails with replicas

    No action required

    Action Nick M

    Brief RO that good beat and dead run should be part of the course

    No action required

    Uta to approach candidates

    Action Mike J

    Action: All during spring working party. Mike and Gareth to check boats for problems

    See comments re training above

    Club is happy with 13th Simon to confirm date with class association

    Action: Gareth will extract results

    Committee is very supportive. Club charges are currently being reviewed and need to be aligned across all courses

    Action: Brendan to estimate expenditure

    Club opening hours in Winter

    Currently we say “930 to 1500 or whichever is earlier”. This is ambitus with respect to last launch.

    We propose to change to “900 to 1400 last launch 1300”

    Uta to run this past full committee and implement changes

    Events in 2020

    Push the Boat out – open Day

    Barts Bash - September

    Training courses –kids beginners organised by Ben and Freddie. 2019 October half-term event helped to iron out problems. Ben/Freddie optimistic that 2020 kids beginners  will be successful.

    Topper open in early February

    New Year race was popular last year and will run again this year

    Chris Balding is planning to organise an Oppie open and is currently waiting for a Saturday date

    Mike J will try and organise Feva open

    School Regatta

    Winter Series should be promoted early (start Mid Summer) to attract sailors from other clubs. Advertise to River and South Coast Clubs

    Solo/Streaker Open. Chris has potential dates.

    Suggested date May 2, followed by training dates (organised by Ben to level 1) on May 16/17 and 23/24-Details to be worked up

    Action: Nick M – promote in club early to ensure we get enough boats on the water to qualify.

    Action: Ben to arrange meeting with Uta and Nick M plus Nigel/Jonathan to discuss and finalise plans for 2020.

    Action: Discussion about finance to be arranged by Uta for Early/Mid December

    Mike J organising

    Mike J race officer

    Chris to inform Gareth when data available

    Mike J to organise

    Mike J to plan

    Nick M and Mike J

    Chris to liaise with Solo captain once appointed

    Welfare Officer update

    Ray confirmed that many people now have DBS checks, which is great. There are still a few strugglers who have not done safe and fun training.

    Mike to give Ray a list of all instructors who will help with Sunday sailing school asap. It takes 4 weeks to get DBS checks through

    Post meeting note: Need to more define remit of welfare and H+S officer to avoid overlap.

    Welfare officer (Ray L) needs to be named on programme and website

    H+S officer (Dave R) also needs to be named

    Ray is chasing

    Mike to provide names when available

    Action: Uta to arrange meeting with Ray L and Dave R

    Gareth and Nick to add

    Gareth and Nick to add


     Nigel could not attend, but Ben briefly updated. Inspection had gone well. Most Action points are dealt with. Few outstanding actions will be discussed at committee meeting on Dec 2.

    Nigel requested for Ben to get a letter from RYA clearly defining which training activities will immediately run under RYA rules and which will run as club training activities for a bit longer (eg TrySail and Sailing School). All agreed that it will be easier to make TrySail fully compliant than Sailing school.

    Action: Ben to get letter asap


    Courses planned by Jonathan:

    Feb Winter Icebreaker - Feb 18/19/20 (preparation for winter nationals).

    Easter Topper/Feva Training April 13-17 2020.

    Summer Topper/Feva Training (tbc but last week of summer holidays)

    Autumn Topper/Feva (tbc but October half term 2020)

    First Aid-Two courses planned, run by Ashley Cato

    1. Sat January 18 - One place left
    2. Sunday January 19 – Full

    Power boat courses planned for April 4/5.

    Dave S is considering to plan a second PB2 course May 16 and 25 (exact dates TBC)

    Action: need to look at charges following outcome of Charges/Finance meeting planned in early December

    Dave S

    Dave S

    Safety Officer

    All agreed that a dedicated Safety Officer needs to be appointed for all big opens (Laser, RS200, Topper and Aero) by not for large club event.

    Post meeting note: In the unlikely event that Safety and Race officer disagree the race officer has final say in deciding whether the race has to be cancelled.

    Open day organiser

    Junior Racing

    The club is very strong and all congratulated Jonathan for his enthusiasm and efforts. Training Sunday mornings followed by kids joining back to back races works well.

    Action: In addition to overall results Gareth will extract results for Juniors. Juniors wont have separate start.


    13 session (~ 2 hrs each) planned. Although this falls slightly below the RYA hours required to award level 1/2 Ben confirmed that RYA has somewhat relaxed rules (particularly if the instructor/student ratio is favourable) and will allow the award of level 1/2 certificates if hours fall slightly short, but competency is reached.

    Costs for TrySail will only go up in line with inflation because they were significantly increased last year

    Running AI course is high on club agenda and may be useful for further upskilling TrySail volunteers

    Solos sailing should be more promoted during TrySail. We have 2-3 usable boats.

    No immediate action required

    Mike J to take this on during TrySail

    Sailing School

    Feedback based on structured questionnaire was excellent

    Separate meeting planned to discuss logistics for 2020

    Costs for sailing school will go up

    Mike J to organise

    Mike J to finalise following discussion at upcoming Finance meeting in early Dec


    Roger Morris (Vikings) and Ed Mauleverer (Ajax) attended.

    Ajax Scouts interested in attending and supporting holiday training courses.

    Ajax interested in Saturday sailing and maybe joining races. Club confirmed that this is not a problem accept when big opens are running. Rules (eg no sailing) for scouts during big opens will be same as for club members. Ed questioned whether access to power boats would be a problem and club confirmed that sufficient boats are available on Saturdays. Power boats only become a problem during Sunday sailing school.

    Vikings will continue to come Tuesday evenings in Spring/Summer and want to get more into weekend Sailing. Roger confirmed that Vikings are happy to support PB2 and Safety boat training and that members are interested in being trained

    If power boats are brought up the ramp weight limits need to be carefully checked.

    All scouts (> 18) who wish to handle the winch need to be trained and record should be kept.

    Roger to liaise with Dave S

    Roger and Ed to provide names and Dave S and Uta (or delegated club member) to provide training. Record to be kept by Uta


    Gareth suggested a change to format of the Anniversary Series (every 3rd Sunday)

    Sprint racing: 4-5 short races. Results will not form part of extracted class results, but will be separate handled. Single start. Start in April. Race officers will be briefed by Gareth. This suggestion found strong support

    Increase interest in Solo racing by introducing a monthly Solo series similar to RS200 series

    Action: Gareth to implement

    Action: Mike J to implement


    We need 2 more radios

    We need louder hooter

    We need charger for each of the hooters

    Alexis to buy

    Dave B is building one

    Outstanding items to be discussed at next meeting

    Cost for TryRace

    Sailing meeting composition – who else needs to attend eg H+S Officer

    How do we increase numbers of adult sailors

    Charges for club boat

    Assessment and recording of competency of new members taking out club boats

    Assessment of competency of people taking advantage of two boat rule (particularly for new members wanting to take advantage of sailing when club is closed)

    Club boat maintenance –do we need to look at teams/reports for each class. Jonathan does this successfully for toppers

    Areas of investment needed over next

    2-5 years. Please feed suggestions into Nigel. He is preparing our 5 year development plan

    Discuss at Finance meeting early Dec

    Uta to invite Dave R

    Discuss at next Sailing Committee

    Discuss at Finance meeting early Dec

    Discuss at committee meeting Dec 2

    All to discuss at next meeting

    To be discussed further at committee meeting Dec 2

    Next meeting

    Feb/early March 2020

    Uta to organise