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RYA First Aid Courses - May 2020

  • RYA First Aid Course 2020

    Island Barn RYA First Aid Courses
    We're planninga third RYA First Aid course at the club and this is to invite you to apply for a place.
    Saturday May 16th, 2020

    The course takes one day with room for only 12 people. Bookings are live on the Island Barn Venti website under 'RYA Courses'. The cost is £50.

    We'd really like Sailing School helpers and parents - including those planning to sign up for 2020 - to take this course. It improves safety for our kids and helpers.

    It's also a prerequisite for taking further RYA qualifications like Dinghy Instructor and Racing Coach.

    Young people are welcome if over 14 years old - it's especially useful if they are considering becoming Assistant Instructors or instructors.

    One extra incentive might be that the RYA First Aid course also gives you the HSE 'Emergency First Aid at Work' qualification which some employers like or require.

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