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Sunday 14th Club Open Cycle Disruption

  • London Prepares Cycle Race - Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club

    Most of you will by now have become aware of next Sunday's (14th Aug) 'London-Surrey Cycle Classic Road Race' which is being held as a tester for the 2012 Olympics.

    I have had many emails about the impact that this will have on our Club's activities, not least of course from John Magrath's duty team 15.

    I believe that all local residents in the areas affected have now been informed, and that the effect on roads and traffic is likely to be extensive.
    This is the SCC newsletter link to the route sectors and road closure times - you will notice that our Club sits inside the circuit!

    The following link from 'The Walton Society' gives a little more detail on closure points and times (and local feeling!).

    It appears therefore, that there will be no access across the routes on Sun. morning, at the times when most of us would be travelling - HOWEVER, access to the SC is still achievable from the A3 and M25, or by bike.

    So - given that the Club will still be accessible and that there will be several people travelling in from the A3 & M25 (or cycling), IBRSC will be open for business as usual next Sunday.

    Given the likely reduced numbers though, especially from the duty team, this will be very much a self-help day and we will almost certainly need some volunteers to help with the racing and kitchen.


    I look forward to seeing as many of you on the water as possible next weekend.


    Club Open with Stage 3 Restrictions    find out more