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  • Final Series Results

    End of Series Fun Race - the Graham and Bradley show

    Because frankly there was never anyone else in the race... A bit of a disappointing finale with rain and a rather inconsistent breeze, that kept looking as if it was going to be fun but never really stuck around long enough...

    Race wise the Hughes embarrassed the rest of us quite comprehensively, and won easily and deservedly. As for the rest of us, well for me, they say you should learn something new every day, and today I learned firstly about the ldap get attribute function and secondly that there's a great big patch of weed a suprisingly long way out from the bank between marks and and seven, and its just thin enough that you think, as you slide in, that the boat has somehow got out of the groove upwind, until you realise that its got quite thick enough to comprehensively halt a Canoe and its time to pull the foils up and drift out sideways...

    I hope that folk have seen and maybe even enjoyed these write ups- feel free to catch me in the club house or drop me an email and say so if you did - let me know if I'm not just typing for myself, because the webstats aren't that encouraging...

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