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  • Week 16 - Very Very Windy

    We had 5 starters for the final race of the series, held in a force 4-6 wind. The wind had moderated considerably from the force 8, 35 knot gusts that had been going through 45 minutes before the start. We had a single start for the two Solos, RS300, RS400 and Laser EPS on a course that promised to have a bit of everything, including the longest beat on the lake from 2 to 7. Unfortunately, the wind shifted a fraction and the run only needed to be gybed by the asymmetric kite on the first lap and the hoped for screaming reach became a bit broader.

    Peter Curtis started from the pin end, having spotted the port shift in the last couple of minutes and got away well. All others got away cleanly and half way up the beat the eventual finish places had already been settled, Mike Curtis arriving at 7 ten seconds or so ahead of his brother, and Gareth in his new Solo just behind Mike Storey in the EPS. Peter Halliday brought up the rear, but was never completely left behind. The key here, of course, was making up the time for the handicaps. Relative positions tended to depend on whether you got a wind lane on the run, so Mike Storey had a good one on the first run and halved the deficit to Peter. Peter, however, had a tremendous gust on the second lap that carried him most of the way from 7 all the way to 3. It was definitely one of those "sit absolutely still and hope the wind doesn't get even stronger" rides. This made important ground on the 400 and carried out of sight of the EPS.

    The light was fading rapidly when the race officer called a halt to proceedings - 45 minutes for the first boat, and the Solos were packing away in the dark. Who made up the time? Well, the 300, thanks to that tremendous run, managed to pip the 400 by a full 2 seconds. Gareth was third, Mike Storey fourth and Peter H fifth.

    The overall series results were Carl and Julie Mayhew first in an RS400, Peter Curtis second in an RS300 and Mike Curtis and Julie third in another RS400.

    Thanks to Peter Curtis for the write up.