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  • Week Ten (July 2nd) - Wimbledonitis?

    A very depleted turnout, though why you Brits have such enthusiasm for watching your countryman get knocked out beats me... Anyway this was more of a typical Wednesday evening, sunny with cloudy patches, and a breeze that frankly never looked like the F3 that the anenometer sometimes claimed...

    From the start Gareth Griffiths took took an early lead in the Solos, and John Magrath headed the Lasers. The course was another more complex one, beat, long broad "need to gybe" reach, beat, another broad reach and a short shy reach back to the start. The RS400s, with Carl and Julie Mayhew leading Mike Curtis and Julie Harrison, were very soon amongst the slow boats. It was just the conditions for the RS400s, with their reasonably generous sail area and slippery low wetted area hulls really paying - they never really got to stall in the lightest patches unlike everyone else.

    The three Solos, Peter Cotterell and Mervyn Cinnamond joining Gareth, were having a notably close battle round the first lap with Peter slipping through to take the lead on the first beat of the second lap. Carl/Julie and Mike/Julie were also having a pretty close race, with Mike almost getting ahead at the end of the second lap. The RS400s were sufficiently far ahead to be sent round for a third lap whilst everyone one else did two, and the last lap concluded in a very exciting approach to the penultimate mark where Mike just slipped past Carl and then held on to the consequent lead to the gun.

    Handicap wise the 400s won by a mile - seven minutes on handicap, with Mike pipping Carl of course. Mike and Julie went home well satisfied:-) Peter, Gareth and Mervyn were 3rd 4th and 5th with the Solos, and Peeter Curtis rounded off the top 6.

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