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  • Week Four - Yes, Sun and Wind again:-)

    Probably F4 much of the time, easterly come north easterly and not very warm, but a nice racing breeze. Another P course - or strictly a q course as it was port hand rounding, with the middle reach probably the tightest. The turnout was very severely depleted - apparently there was some soccer event on. I wouldn't know...

    The Lasers and Solos had the worst turnouts - only one eachof the front of fleet bopats, although that was partly because three Solos were running the evening. The fast fleet was pretty much at full strength aand enjoyed some pretty intense racing. All were in the bunch for the top mark, with your scribe's Canoe just in front of Carl and Julie Mayhew, but no real chance of holding them off on the reaches. Mike Curtis/Julie Harrison and Peter Curtis were a little bit back with Mike Storey. The first two got a very light first reach though, and the fleet condensed some. Carl/Julie did seem to break away from the rest early, but unsusually never got very far away, whilst Peter and Mike/Julie were scrapping for position. Mike eventually got away from Peter on a bit of a private gust, but not nearly far enough to save his time. It always seemed to be lighter downwind for the singlehanders in this race, but maybe that was because the 400s were often struggling to make the marks on the reaches in the bigger gusts.

    On the laptop Peter won by a good 25 seconds from Carl/Julie, with Mike/Julie a little further back. The next four places were all within seconds of each other, but Mike Storey claimed 4th with his EPS, Arthur Phillips 5th, and Fiona and Rob Fardon 6th after what must have been a pretty lonely race...

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