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  • Week Three - Sun and Breeze again

    Force three again, but roughly north easterly, and as usual with more gusts and unsteadiness than the prevailing south westerlies. I say force three, but some of the gusts came in pretty fast and furious, and it could be challenging at times - well challenged me anyway! Course wise we had a P course of beat, a fairly shy reach under the reservoir bank, a nice fast reach back to the middle, and then a run back to the start. This is one of my favourite course configurations, with plenty of interest, and, with an apposite late course change, was nicely set by the duty team.

    As I actually went sailing this week the notes are necessarily a bit ragged, but I remember a tight looking Laser start, and I think John Leheup was first to the windward mark from Rob Pettit. At the fast fleet start we saw Mike Curtis back in a 400 again, with Julie Harrison at the sharp end, and they started very evenly with Carl and Julie Mayhew (400) Peter Curtis (300) and Fiona and Rob there too. The two leading 4OOs were swapping places up the beat, with Peter not far behind. It was pretty nadgery at the top mark under the bank, and Peter and I looked in some disgust at the sight of the 400s disappearing on a gust we never saw... Peter got back some yards though as being the first of our fleet to have read the course change board properly...

    The 400s went on to have a good old race from where I was perched: although Carl/Julie got through to a small lead it was never comfortable, and Mike/Julie were never far away. Peter, aided by a nice true run, was always looking competitive. The 400s could fly kites on all three reaches, but looked to be struggling in some of the wilder gusts under the clubhouse. There was some pretty wild ones too... It always seemed to be famine or feast up there: either cursing in no breeze or struggling with a nasty gust onslaught and no water to windward to let you spot it coming. John L, Rob and John Smith were having a good old battle in the Lasers too, punctuated by a bit of swimming on Mr Leheup's part... By the look of the figures Gareth Griffiths and Arthur Phillips were having a bit of a battle at the front of the Solo fleet too.

    Results were close again. Carl/Julie took the race by a whole seven seconds from Peter, with Mike/Julie 14 seconds behind Peter. 4th, 5th and 6th were Rob Pettit, Fiona/Mike and Gareth, so one from each start, and no more than 6 corrected seconds separating the three of them. There was plenty of opportunities for errors out there, and places hanging on the smallest errors: I guess that (apart from, of course, talking it over accompanied by a beer and chips afterwards) is why we do it...

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