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RS400 Winter Open Series

  • rs400 winter series

    Thanks for your interest, and looks like we could have a great series (3 400s out today was great with very tight racing)

    The dates are
    Sunday 6 Oct,
    Sun 3 Nov
    Sun 1 Dec
    Sun 5 Jan
    Sun 2 Feb
    Sun1 mar.

    These are the pursuit races so we get our own start in the morning.

    Suggest we count the pursuit race as one, with an average score for the 2 back to backs (i.e if you do all 3 races, the moring race counts as 1 and each race in the afternoon is weighted 50%)

    Overall 6 dates, with an effective 12 results. Suggest we allow 6 discards, given our busy schedules!

    Does this all sound good.