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Sailing Committee - 9th September 2019

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IBRSC Sailing Comittee

Minutes - Sailing Committee Meeting

Date: September 9 2019
Time: 1930
Location: Clubhouse

Attending: Gareth Griffith, Uta Griesenbach (chair), Mike Jones, Dave Simpson, Peter Halliday, Nigel Thompson, Jonathan Leake, Nick Marley

Apologies: Simon Bean, Dave Baldwin, Alexis Villier

Minutes prepared by Uta Griesenbach




Adult training

Mixed fleet training initially suggested by Peter Halliday and delivered by Mike Storey was very well received. Look into possibilities to extend this on some Saturdays throughout the winter

Look into feasibility of running a mixed fleet training course over a week or maybe two weekends

Uta to discuss with Mike Storey or other potential trainers

Uta to discuss with Jonathan re getting coach in and potential costs


RS200: Winter series was a success and will be repeated in 2019/20

RS400 may enjoy a similar winter series on alternate weekends.

Solo/Streaker open – considering the forecast the turnout was good and all sailor enjoyed the racing. In general, we may need to improve on advertising in a timely fashion. Assignments of roles and responsibilities needs to be discussed and agreed. Peter H has resigned as fleet captain and successor needs to be found.

Laser open

 It was Aeros: growing fleet. Currently we don’t have a separate start, but will keep reviewing this

Topper winter and summer training was a great success in 2018/19. Having a large number of topper on the start line requires some more patience from adult sailors. Please raise any major concerns with Uta

Dates have been circulated by Nick M

​​​​​​​Doug C has arranged this and dates are set

Added as agenda item to next meeting

Successful event

Agenda item for next meeting

Nigel and Jonathan to organise for 2019/20. Dates will be decided.

Bird faeces

Dave B’s new design for T-pontoon is working a treat

Dave to consider designs for the other pontoons

Training aid

Dave B constructed a training aid for trysail and sailing school.

Aid was a great success this summer, but mounted Oppie disappeared.

Sorry, but not sure re follow up. To be discussed at next meeting

Events in 2019

Push the Boat out

Barts Bash

Aug 3 IB 60th bday event was a great success

Topper training courses in October halfterm are being booked

Training courses for kids beginners

Fevas: try to grow fleet.

Repeat in 2020. Date to be decided

Notice from organisers to confirm date came in too late for IBRSC to advertise widely. Happy to participate in 2020 if given enough notice

Advertise barts bash too late to advertise widely as happening Sept 14/15. To little notice from organisers

Thank you to Rob P, Mike J, Tessa G for help with organisation

Thank you to Jonathan and Ben for organising

Ben to organise a week during halfterm. The experience and income will then be used to discuss plans for 2020

Mike J and Jonathan working on this


Reminders to all race officers to contact team well before the duty

Remind all members about last launch times in summer and winter

Done in summer, but redo for winter by Uta

Done in summer, but redo for winter by Uta

Upcoming events

Welfare Officer update

Incident dealt with – comment between students

Few instructors need DBS, safe and fun. Ray responsible for sorting this for junior sailing school

Course organisers need to plan ahead if bringing in externals

Ray L dealt with this and no further action required

To be reviewed ahead of training activities in 2020

RYA/RTC update

RYA inspection was conducted in October. Nigel is working through comments and actions and will update asap

Nigel to update

Club boats

We need a more coordinated approach for investments into the club fleet. All agreed that appointment of a grant officer would be important and Ben Kimbell has agreed to become grant officer

Key point: we need to prepare a 3-5 year development plan and determine strategic applications for grants and decide what boats we would like to focus on

In addition, we should inquire whether TW may fund electronic dates or new boiler (to prevent legionella infection)

Solos: What to do with club Solos. They are not used much and if used seem to have problems

Nigel T has agreed to lead on this and will feed back

Tony S and John O to lead on this

To be discussed with Gareth at next meeting


PB2 Instructor training

VHF course in 2020

AI and DI courses in 2020

First aid course

Dave S and Alexis to advice on next steps


Ben K to lead discussion

Jonathan L is organising

Costing Structure

It was generally agreed that costing structure for open meetings and all training events needs to be reviewed

Uta is organising a meeting in Oct/Nov 2019


Nothing to report.

Nick to update

Sailing school

2019 Feedback/planning meeting is scheduled

Mike J to report back


Did not attend in September, but IB keen to hear views

Winch handling

Byelaws have been amended to allow ≥16 year old to handle winch, but competence has to be assessed. Uta to send out an email and assess competency

Decision has now been reversed following an incident. Only adults will be allowed to handle winch.

Jonathan to put up signs


It has been agreed to appoint an “on land” safety officer for all large opens and all major IB events.

The committee also agreed to remind all sailors that the decision to sail is down to the individual sailor. For under-18s the decision rests with parents and carers who should consult with the race officer if uncertain and be ready to help with safety boats if requested.

Post meeting note:

Racing rules have confirmed that safety officer and race officer should work closely together, but that race officer should have final say, in case of a disagreement


Next meeting


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