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Topper Open 21st September 2019 Results

  • A decent day's sailing I thought, lots of good racing, and fine conditions. 

    The results are here. 

    Photographs (c) Mark Crossley

    10 photographs

     Competitors and Support Persons (=parents!) are reminded of RRS77 : 
    A boat shall comply with the requirements of Appendix G governing class insignia, national letters and numbers on sails."

    A race committee would be within its rights to protest and disqualify boats  bearing the wrong sail number.  For goodness sake, if you have a second hand sail, get the numbers corrected, and if you can't immediately correct them, then peel off incorrect champ numbers and one or more numbers from the main number (but not all) so that its distinguishable.   
    In addition please will people fill out entry forms more carefully. The questions aren't on there for fun, and we award prizes based on some of them, so its important for everyone's sake that the information is there.  And if I can't read your email address then I won't be able to email you if I have any questions. 

    Club Open with Stage 3 Restrictions    find out more