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First Wednesday of 2019

  • The first Wednesday evening race of the series started up under an eerie red sun disappearing under a cloud in the west, and finished with the moon high in the sky to the east. In the meantime there was racing a a reasonable sort of breeze round an L shaped course. Results on the water followed a similar pattern of contrast to the sky, with the first 4 places within 25 seconds of corrected time, shared between, umm got to be tactful about this, two mature gentlemen and two young  ladies... It was a decent evening's racing by the looks of things, and a decent supper in the clubhouse to follow.

    Be there or be somewhere less fun!

    Results are here. Always some odd stuff to sort out with personal handicaps first time, and I've guessed at some. They may change later in the series. I did take some photos, but from the bank and with the light they are all pretty much nothing. Here's a few of the least worst.

    Photo: brother sun Photo: startline Photo: hazy sun Photo: mark rounding ahead Photo: 400 at speed. Photo: RS Aero Photo: sister moon

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