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Talent Show - What a Show!

  • talent show review

    What a show.

    If you didn't attend, you missed probably the uniquest collection of variety acts in a single show since Anthony threw a fiftieth birthday party for Cleopatra.

    The evening started with a delicious, spiced chicken dish prepared that morning by Uta and Marguerite. Seriously good food.

    The curtains parted to reveal:

    CJ's brilliant opening act of throwing a length of rope in the air and it miraculously descending as a bowline. John O and Gareth were incredulous.

    Next, an enchanting, bowler-hatted, cycling Francesca catching uncooked eggs hurled cross stage by her cycling son Isaac. Unbelievable. Stills from official film:

    3 photographs
    Talent Show Screenshot 1Talent Show Screenshot 2Talent Show Screenshot 3

    (A short break to clean the stage floor - thank you Sasa)

    Continuing, with Tessa demonstrating how to decorate her cup cakes, and three volunteers demonstrating how not to decorate theirs.

    Isla Oldham's beautifully played cello piece. A privilege to watch such talent in one so young.

    Gareth then took us all to sea in two very amusing maritime poems.

    Maximilian closed the first half by expertly accompanying our wonderful guest pianist, Marina, in a duet.

    An interval allowed us to enjoy double helpings of Uta and Marguerites scrumptious apple pie and custard, downed with a Eddies best Prosecco.

    Alex Oldham showed us that a glowing musical career awaits him with a wonderful viola solo. Relax John and Eleanor. Job done on both fronts..

    The compere lowered the tone by destroying a previously popular Sinatra standard.

    Marguerite restored the shows credibility with her wonderful Ha-ha folk song, assisted by an appreciative audience.

    Our multi talented Gareth closed the show with a truly moving acoustic guitar piece.

    But we were not quite finished

    It was time for all to take part in Jim's hastily, but no less skilfully, arranged Reservoir Dance, led by our own dancing queen Uta, accompanied by Jim on his Concertina.

    I raise a toast, not only to all our star performers, but also to Andy Groves whose first class sound system came very close to matching the performances in quality.

    Cheers and very well done to all.

    Mike J
    Social Sec.