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IBRSC COMMITTEE MEETING ON Monday 4th March 2019: 19:30hrs @ Club house

  • committee meeting


    1. Apologies: Rob Pettit, Anthony Tahourdin, Nick Marley, Alexis Villiers, Rory O’Brian, Ray Lambe
    2. Present at meeting : Uta Griesenbach ( Chair), John Oldham (minutes), Mike Jones, Tessa Groves, Dave Baldwin, Tony Sproat, Chris Smith , Nigel Thomson, David Simpson, Jonathan leak, Gareth Griffiths.

    1. Minutes from AGM and previous committee meeting : Approved

    1. Outstanding actions from previous meetings.

    1. Mike J / Tony S agreed to draw up plans for a new Women’s changing room. Action linked to action on water tank - Tony / Mike J asked to price up.

    Further discussion on number of toilets and showers needed – committee believes we need at least three showers and two toilets in the men’s and the shower needs to be divided into cubicles. Action continues for Tony /Mike to rework the plans.

    Tony updated on the cold Water tank – will be removed and water placed onto a pressured system at the same time as the work on the changing rooms take place. Action continues.

    New Action: There is an identified need for a Health and Safety audit of the club; this might need a new committee post to own. This will be considered later on in the year in the meantime the action is to Tony S and Dave S to compile a list of club items and processes that need to be checked for consideration by the committee. Once the data has been compiled it was agreed that it will be held on the club website (member’s area) for regular audit. (Agenda item on committee meeting). Action also to Dave B to see if any member reports to be in the Health and safety business and can advise.

    1.  Mike Jones to price up the new lino in the main clubhouse room. Action discharged, agreed purchase of Lino at cost of £1350 plus VAT – kept on action list for update.

    Mike has discovered that carpet tiles are cheaper and nicer than Lino so the decision is that carpet will be laid - carpet tiles cost approx. £400 with £600 extra to fit. Decision is that members will fit the tiles. There will be a job at the working party to lift up the old carpet and prepare floor for fitting new carpet tiles.

    New Action: Tony informed the committee that the patio doors by the bar are in a poor state and also the main clubhouse door needed looking at. Action raised for Tony to get quote for both upstairs patio doors. Slugs and snails have also been getting through the patio doors. Mike suggested – salt – as a possible deterrent (from a recent article in gardeners’ question time – Tony and mike to experiment on the slugs) but all agreed that the best permanent solution was to replace doors (pending on cost).

    1. Action to Gareth to check the status of the 2 solo donated to the club by Mark Keily and Lloyd Hogbin (Solo 1802) and offer an opinion on use of these boats. – Action in progress -awaits update from Gareth.
    2. Action to Dave B to offer to the membership the hull of Laser 195049 (including foil and sail found to go with it) Abandoned boat. Best offer to be accepted. Action in progress - awaits update from Dave B

    New action John McGrath and John Smiths widow wish to donate boats (Lasers) to club for training use. Action to Gareth to review.

    1. Action to John to prepare the legal docs for Mike Jones to become a trustee. – in progress
    2. Action to John to arrange Trustee indemnity insurance. Action complete and discharged

    1. Action to mike J – to write a proposal on payment of instructors for extraordinary training events.

    This matter was discussed at the Sailing committee ( See sailing committee meeting minutes for full information) It was decided that payment applies only to summer camp type activities or specialist external instructors with specific skill sets. (E.g. First aid / Radio courses).  There is a need to set rate (e.g. RYA instructor rate is £150 per day)

    New Action to Tessa (Treasurer) to check the payment proposal for Brendan’s course fees so we can fix course price.

    Discussion regarding the Bosun (Alexis) the difficultly of the role and the work he does for the club all agreed that the Bosun will receive a free membership whilst doing the role as recompense. Action to Dave B to instate this.

    1. The following items were brought forward from previous meetings for discussion.

    1. It was agreed that the club would now publish the minutes of committee meetings to the membership the process will be for the minutes to be sent to the committee for agreement and then published one week later following any amendments.
    2. The replacement of the main club training boats the RS Visions was debated. It was agreed that we do not currently have the capital to constantly refresh the fleet, thus keeping boats nearly new and therefore cheap to maintain. Therefore we must start to build up a fund and prepare a suitable grant.  The RYA (Ben Kimbell) has offered to assist in preparing a suitable bid. Committee decided to pend this debate until we had taken Ben’s advice and gained more understanding on the suitable funds we needed to obtain
    3. Reinstatement of hire rates for use of club boats – All agreed to keep current system but we will debate this again in March 2020.
    4. Update on the Club Development plan 2019 – Nigel stated that the plan is evolving and it was agreed that this will now form a permanent agenda item therefore different aspects of the plan as they become topical can be discusse
    5. Update on the IBRSC Equalities policy – Uta has circulated the draft, amendments made and it is now ready for us
    6. Update on the arrangements for Clubs 60th birth day , the proposal is for a pursuit race open on Oct 13 2019. Action Continues.

    1. Update on the IBRSC Alumni get together, the date is set as Saturday 3rd August, there is a general request for suggested invitees including past members and friends of the club who might be interested. Uta is collating the list. The proposal is for a finger food party – finance to be discussed (subcommittee – UTA, Rob P and Tessa – likely club will cover the cost.) . Round the Island race and match racing for Visions and Fevas will provide enterainment

    1. Debate held on the running of large racing events, committee considered that we had a gap in skills and members confident enough to organise larger events. The discussion on how to improve this led to a decision that club would ask the RYA to run a training course for a suitable group of keen racing members who would then form the organising body for these events. – Uta will write to possible interested people. New Action

    1. Committee debated on asking Thames Water if we could allow open water swimmers to use club to raise funds. It was agreed to approach TW informally at first to gauge response. New Action to John.

    1. Committee debated on what was the minimum number of people at a committee meeting to make decisions i.e. quorate. A suggestion was seven people but debate suspended for advice from longer serving members on why no quorate was originally set. New action for Mike to speak to ex trustee Colin.

    1. Items raised at the Club AGM for new committee consideration.
    • Charge for children’s meals (not full price) at events to increase income. This will be enacted.
    • Increase bar and food bills ( already agreed by previous committee and prices will be changed)
    • Possible to look to include meals in open meeting entry fee to reduce cash and increase income. Debated, with concern that this might over complicate things. However Action to Nigel to review when he visits various clubs and to check back to the committee with a view. Committee noted that it appears that we offer an inexpensive service at open meetings. Good to attract people but we must not undersell ourselves.
    • Look into more use of the gift aid consideration – Tessa /Dave to assess this whilst preparing this tax year spreadsheet
    • Look into (Anthony T) the status of the club making it a possible charity and incorporated club. Action: John to confer with Anthony on these legal considerations.
    1. A first Aid course was recently run at the club the following points were raised for discussion and allocation of actions:

    • Add a contents list to the first aid boxes -  Uta to provide list
    • Add a guidance leaflet to the first aid boxes – Nigel to complete
    • Consider simple radio procedure for raising the alarm – Tessa to draw up for Gareth to add to race officer’s guide.
    • Confidential filing of old accident reports. Discussion held on regular review of Health and safety and any accidents, committee will add a standing item to the committee agenda and Commodore will bring to the attention of the Committee for discussion any accidents and near misses.
    • Club name and post code on the defibrillator itself and on its case.- Uta will put on a sticker

    1. Committee general updates

    1. Commodore - Uta Griesenbach – nothing further

    1. Vice Commodore - Nick Marley – apologies nothing further

    1. Rear Commodore - House - Tony Sproat – update described in Actions

    1. Hon Secretary - John Oldham - nothing further

    1. Hon Treasurer -Tessa Groves

    Cash balance graph (from the new system)

    Cash balance as of 3rd March 2019:

    Future spend

    Agreed and ongoing:

    • New winch and ramp – in progress
    • Flooring upstairs – agreed awaits Mike J
    • Topper booms refurbish – Jonathan to manage

    Not agreed (pending)

    • Soft chairs in club house – next year
    • Ladies changing room – not agreed Tony and Mike J to cost
    • New water tank – Tony Sproat investigating


    Tessa asked if there was any income from Topper training (RYA or ITCA) events. Most recent event invoiced is March 2018? Answer – no further income yet available.

    Money received in advance for this year’s various types of club training

    Topper Winter Open entry fees received

    Fundraising for ladies changing room:

    • Quiz night 13th October
    • Ceilidh 24th November
    • Film night 9th February


    • RYA affiliation fee paid in January, an increase of 3.36% on last year
    • Instructor fee for Ashley Cato: First Aid course
    • Parts for Oppies paid to Ray
    • Trustee indemnity insurance premium paid
    • Repairs: Boats and engines to Dave B, Alexis and D+R Engineering
    • Social expenses have been paid to Uta and Sasha, I think these are for the Christmas party.
    • Repairs: clubhouse equipment
    • Lifejacket for Alexis


    • The accounts are now working on Dave’s new system.
    • I will work on claiming back gift aid each year – not been done so far.
    • Consider redesign accounts in line with CASC guidelines – can we make it easier to identify trading income? – Need to think about this

    1. Hon Sailing Secretary - Gareth Griffiths :no further update

    1. Membership secretary -Dave Baldwin

    Total membership stands at 215 this is inflated as it includes people who have joined from 1st April, but not technically members today.

    To date we have 149 members renewed or joined for start of new membership year compared to 160 on 1st April 2018, but we still have nearly one 1 month to go.


    Any changes or additions to the programme? It will be printing it in two weeks time so any more training or socials to be added?

    Membership Website

    Added yearly account line summary for accounts to easily show how the value of a line item is varying year to year.

    Added json feed of fees so club website can find what they are so will always be up to date.


    7 people are making use of direct debit payments.

    Boat Shelters

    Dave has a new cover for the committee boat shelter which hopefully will stop the capsising. Waiting on being around on a light wind day to replace!

    Dave has one cover for the safety boat shelters but will get some more as some of the covers will need replacing due to wind and/or UV damage. Probably a job for the working party.

    Uta's Training Aid

    Finished and delivered.


    Dave has made a prototype rubber nose bumper for a laser - the idea being to help protect the club lasers from damage in this most susceptible area. He has some stiffer rubber to use now and is just waiting on getting a degassing chamber connected up.

    1. Try Sail update -  Nick M apologies
    2. Rear commodore works – Dave Simpson

    Preparing list of jobs for the working party e.g. / – floor tile preparation work / grass cutting – anything extra to Dave ASAP

    1. Social secretary - Mike Jones

    TALENT SHOW - Saturday 16th March

    Dinner, wine, and a fun evening of showing off our diverse collection of individual and group talents off the water, by our members and families of all ages.

    FRIENDLY FRIDAYS - 26thApril, 31stMay, 21stJune, 27thJuly, 16thAugust

    Social evenings, both on and off the water. No racing but all other types of sailing activity is encouraged, including Oppie Water Hockey.

    Friendly Fridays became famed in 2019 for the excellent food and this will continue

    OPEN DAY –    Saturday 11th July

    Club is Open all day to the public and we take out people sailing and show them our social side too.

    COMMODORES DAY –    Sunday 14th July

    We use the popular racing format of 6 back to back races with a short half time lunch break. Oppies do just 3 races. We have a great barbecue, music, a little dancing and the afternoon is rounded off with our annual pirate ship water fight.

    QUIZ NIGHT – Saturday 19th October

    This has now became an established, popular event where we dine, have great fun and raise money for worthy cub projects

    FIREWORK NIGHT - Saturday 2nd November

    This has also become a well-established and very popular social and family event and will be repeated in 2019

    CEILIDH & SUPPER – Saturday 23rd November 

    Jim Champs band, conjured up by Uta, was the star of this evening. It was a great event and we think should be repeated.

    CHRISTMAS PARTIES – last Sunday in December before Christmas

    Our regular format of mulled wine and mince pies, Father Christmas Party (the attendance was ell down again this year – not sure why), Ten Pin Bowling at Kingston, Sailing School Curry in East Molesey. This formula works, but suggestions on variations would be gladly accepted.

    1. Sailing school and junior sailing update - Mike Jones  / Nigel Thomson

    All Junior Sailing School Classes start on April 28   and is now on line

    Last Sunday before August break is July 28.

    July 14 is Commodores Day with junior racing, barbecue party, and pirate ship water battle.

    Junior Sailing School restarts on September 1

    Junior Sailing School Final Day is September 29, when there will be a mixed class racing regatta

    Please note September 13, 14, 15 is also East Head Camping and Sailing.  See also below.

    The sailing school has been restructured a little this year, for Topper Intermediates, Fevas and Lasers


    Led by Ray Lambe.

    Will have 14 beginners in 7 club Oppies.  2 Courses per Sunday


    Led by Chris Balding

    Will have 16 Oppie sailors in their second year sailing their own Oppie or Optimist. (Query Nick)


    Run by Nick Marley and Mike Jones plus 2 more

    Will have 16 Topper sailors in their first year in a Topper. Most will have learnt to sail in an Oppie.

    Will use club Toppers unless they have their own





    Run by Gareth Griffiths, Jonathan Leake, CJ Cavallari and Brendan O’Leary

    Will have 8 Toppers, 6 Fevas, 8 Lasers

    These 3 types will train and race together.

    Swapping from boat type to boat type often did not work as a policy

    Will have their own Toppers.

    Will use club Fevas and privately owned Fevas.

    Will use club Laser 4.7s, and Laser Radials and Full rig Lasers and privately owned Lasers

    Additional Junior Training 2019

    Week Long Camps

    This year, following a very successful summer school established by Brendan O’Leary and run by Harry Phelps in July 2018, we plan to run a number of almost week long courses for junior sailors of all ability groups.

    These will run at Easter, from May 27th to May 31st, (subject to demand) and two consecutive weeks from 29th July to 2nd August, and 5th August to 9th August.

    It is planned to run a winter half term course and an Easter course as well in 2020 if there is demand.

    Winter Sunday Morning Training

    On Winter Sunday mornings, thanks to a popular initiative set up by Jonathan Leake and Nigel Thomson, junior training is being offered to Topper sailors on many Sundays Sunday morning from January 13th to 24th March, with an hour of coaching followed by participation in the two back to back club races. This is a great way of bridging the gap between Sailing School and Club racing. Thank you, Jonathan and Nigel, junior sailors, and all helping parents

    Other Junior Sailing events at Island Barn - 2019


    Sat 11 May

    Taking children guests out


    Sat 22 June

    Open regatta for all junior types


    Sun 14 July

    Racing for Oppies, Toppers, Fevas and Lasers


    Sat August 3

    Match racing for Fevas


    Fri Sat Sun

    13,14,15 Sept

    At East Head in Chichester Harbour



    Sat 21 September

    Sun 22 September

    Large Topper Open

    Topper training open to all


    Sat 5 October

    Sun 6 October

    Cruise organised by club members for junior sailors and parents



    To be confirmed

    1. General committee members update – ALL

    Agreed to charge a little for try race – Action Gareth to consider price.

    1. AOB

    Nothing received – If there is something that needs discussion please bring it to the attention of the Chair at the beginning of the meeting so it can be scheduled in.

    1. Next meetings:

    Next Meeting @Clubhouse    3rd June     2019

    Next Meeting @Clubhouse    2nd Sept     2019

    Next Meeting @Clubhouse    2nd Dec      2019

    Next AGM      @Clubhouse    2nd Feb      2020

    Next Meeting @Clubhouse    9th March   2020