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Sailing Committee Minutes - February 2019

  • sailing committee

    Minutes - Sailing Committee Meeting

    Date: February 12 2019
    Time: 1930
    Location: Clubhouse

    Attending: Gareth Griffith, Uta Griesenbach (chair), Mike Jones (by phone), Dave Simpson, Nigel Thompson, Jonathan Leake
    Simon Bean, Peter Halliday, Dave Baldwin, Alexis Villier, Nick Marley

    Minutes prepared by Uta Griesenbach





    Peter H suggested to run a few training sessions for intermediate adults combining various boat classes. All agreed this was a good idea and ~3 Saturday training sessions should be arranged throughout the summer. Gareth G already volunteered to run one session. Uta to organise and find volunteers to run other sessions

    RS200: Winter series was a success and will be repeated in 2019/20

    Solo/Streaker open: The open has been organised for Saturday 28 September. Club turnout has to be better than in recent years otherwise we will be losing this event. We 13 Solo sailor’s registered, but only 6 are active with on average 3 sailing per week. A format of 2 races in the morning and 2 in the afternoon was agreed for Solos as requested by Peter, Streaker’s may use a different format. TBD by Chris Smith. Club racing should also be allowed considering that turnout may be low.

    There is currently no topper training on the 28.9.19.

    RS400/Phantom Open

    Laser Open scheduled but not part Grand Prix circuit as there isn’t a coordinator anymore. Simon B will cover usual advertising. Gareth described how we have 40+ Lasers registered but less than 10 sailing – is there a way to encourage more of them to sail?

    Simon B will cover ususal advertising costs at IBGareth described how we have 40+ Lasers registered but less than 10 sailing – is there a way to encourage more of them to sail?

    Aero: we now have 19 boats including 4 junior. Fleet wont have a separate start at the moment, but this will be regularly reviewed

    Topper winter training is a great success. Try and keep going through the summer. Having a large number of topper on the start line requires some more patience from adult sailors. Please raise any major concerns with Uta


    Nick M to organise

    Peter H and Chris S.

    IBRSC wont host these events in 2019 due to local fleets being too small

    Simon B


    Nigel and Jonathan

    Boat shelters

    Would be useful to have a video on website.

    Unclear if “Zero” fits into one of the existing shelters.

    NM and DB to make video, when weather a bit warmer

    Alexis to measure

    Wooden prize winners board

    Need updating. Rob P has taken this on

    Rob P ongoing

    Bird faeces

    Spiders work, but are expensive. Dave B working on alternative design

    Dave B working on prototype

    Training aid

    Dave B constructed a training aid for trysail and sailing school. Action completed, but suitable place has to be found

    All to agree

    Organisation of upcoming Opens and Events

    Mike J and others generated one spreadsheet

    All information needs to be collated in one file. Mike J and Dave B to discuss if and how sailing calendar can be extended to collate all info

    Events in 2019

    (all provisional)

    Push the Boat out – May 11

    (lessons learnt from 2018 –sign up members on the day and offer fast training opportunities. Training to be offered to new member on June 1+2 and June 8+9.

    Make sure social programme is well advertised on the day and flier is available.

    Aug 3 Round the Island. We are organising a gathering for “dignitaries” to celebrate IBRSC 60th bday

    Spinnaker course – planned for October halfterm (21-25 October) leading to feva open on Sat 26

    Topper course planned for bank holiday weekend in August to prepare for topper selector event

    Fevas: try to grow fleet. A potential fleet captain has been identified

    Uta and Nick to organise

    Uta to send doodle for volunteers to sign up

    Organising committee: Rob P, Uta G, Mike J, Tessa G

    Nigel Mike Jonathan to discuss timing

    Nigel and Jonathan to discuss

    Uta to follow up


    Reminders to all race officers to contact team well before the duty

    Remind all members about last launch times in summer and winter

    Remind duty teams about last launch times in summer and winter

    Uta to send email

    Uta to send email

    Uta to send email

    Upcoming events

    DI course in April is full. Thanks you to Nigel and Jonathan for organising

    Sailing week for kids (2 weeks in summer) is being organised

    Ben Kimball will run a topper race training course April 9-11 or 12th

    Ben invited local DIs to help on topper course – Jonathan to circulate info to DIs

    Jonathan to help Ben during topper racing course

    The topic of payments for ISRSC members to be paid for supporting courses was extensively discussed considering that lots of members spend time to support club activities unpaid. Attendees agreed that youngsters without regular income (eg at university or in school) could be paid, but that payment of any other IBRSC members would have to be discussed on a case by case basis if applicable. It was generally anticipated that IBRSC members who contribute to courses would not request payments.

    Jonathan and Ben Kimbell are discussing/planning additional training courses. Possibilities: Topper course bank holiday weekend in August to precede the topper selector event

    Spinnaker course: maybe Oct 21-25 October leading into feva open on Sat 26.

    Brendan and Jonathan/Nigel


    No further action


    Nigel Mike Jonathan to discuss timing

    Welfare Officer update

    Ray Lambe has been appointed as Welfare Officer and issues related to Sailing School Welfare will be discussed at sailing school meeting on March 26.

    An IBRSC equality and diversity policy has been generated and a link will be uploaded on IB website

    Ray Lambe

    Uta G and Nigel T

    RYA/RTC update

    Nick has signed up for SI course, Jonathan is an SI

    Gareth plans to do course asap at QM in Oct or before

    We will have 12-14 DIs following the 2019 training sessions

    At the next sailing committee we will discuss pros and cons of becoming RTC and recommendations will discussed at the general committee before passing to membership in Mid 2019

    Nigel will catch up with Scouts to inquire about SI coverage


    Club boats

    We need a more coordinated approach for investments into the club fleet. All agreed that appointment of a grant officer would be important

    Uta to follow up


    Dave S: need to finalise dates for PB2 courses. Find out when Chris Beaman is available

    Do we need another PB instructor – find out who may be interested. Recommend to full committee that costs for an instructor course should be partly covered by IB (if in access of £150 to be in line with costs for DI courses)

    First aid course; loose plans to organise first aid in June – Jonathan

    VHF and first aid jan 2020

    Costs for open meetings: It was generally agreed that we don’t charge enough for open meetings

    Dave S

    Dave S



    Mike J/Mike B to review costs for junior events
    Gareth G to review costs for adult events.
    Mike J to review fees for zone squad events at IB
    All to be done before end of March 2019


    Nick M will be nominated person to run the course, but will be supported by Ian P, Mike J and Uta. Call for additional helpers will come soon

    TrySail team

    Sailing school

    Thanks to Jonathan and Nigel for successful topper training – great initiative

    Concerns were raised about co-ordination of instructors for the various groups including toppers and opppies. Mike J agreed to generate a rota for discussion on March 26

    Mike J


    Nothing to report

    Winch handling

    Byelaws have been amended to allow ≥16 year old to handle winch, but competence has to be assessed. Uta to send out an email and assess competency



    A member raised concerns about safety cover on a windy day when 2 power boats were involved with helping a boat on the lee shore. This concern was extensively investigated. The committee felt that safety had not been compromised because (i) the committee boat was monitoring the race and was in radio contact with the safety boats, the third safety boat (supporting toppers) was aware of the situation and standing by via radio contact.

    The committee agreed that it was important to remind all race officers that they have the power to ask/tell boats to retire if they are repeatedly overpowered.

    The committee also agreed to remind all sailors that the decision to sail is down to the individual sailor. For under-18s the decision rests with parents and carers who should consult with the race officer if uncertain and be ready to help with safety boats if requested.

    Next meeting


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