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Committee Meeting - February 2019

  • committee meeting

    Monday 7th January 2019: 19:30hrs @ Club house



    1. Attendance:

    Uta Griesenbach ( Chair), John Oldham (minutes), Alexis Villiers, Mike Jones, Tessa Groves, Dave Baldwin, Tony Sproat, Chris Smith , Nigel Thomson, Rory O’Brian.

    1. Apologies:

    Rob Pettit, Anthony Tahourdin, Gareth Griffiths, David Simpson, Nick Marley

    1. Outstanding actions from previous meeting.
    1. Mike J / Tony S agreed to draw up plans for new Women’s changing room. Action discussed and linked to action J (works in tandem) Tony / Mike J asked to Price up.
    2. The Club telephone contract will be looked into by John O– Action complete
    3. Club social Mike J agreed to organise another Quiz evening and a film night. Action complete
    4. Committee to provide Dave will feedback on online booking for open meetings. Action discharged the system is up and running – just need open meeting organiser to test it – Action now complete
    5. Action to John to register club with ICO due to club CCTV. Action complete
    6. Mike Jones to price up the new lino in the main clubhouse room. Action discharged, agreed purchase of Lino at cost of £1350 plus VAT – kept on action list for update.
    1. Uta to invite Kate Ashley to committee (balance racers /non racing view point) Action discharged Kate has declined offer, Action changed for another candidate to be considered – Rory O’Brian, Action complete.
    2. Dave S – to consider a mini working party to finish some outstanding tasks. Action complete.
    3. The Roof diamonds of the rear of the roof need urgent attention Action to Tony to obtain a quote to replace with plastic or mini working party to paint. Action complete
    4. Action to Tony to obtain a quote for a new water tank. ( after a drain down check) Action ongoing this is now linked to Action a as the works will have to done in tandem – Tony to price up the repair. The club will look into obtaining a Grant. The figure of £15K was debated (Half from a Grant) Tony to calculate what could be achieved with this funding.
    5. Action to Dave S to email the club seeking the whereabouts of a missing club VHF radio. Action ongoing Alexis to purchase 2 radios due to safety concerns. Action complete.

    1. Club Prizes

    Treasurer Tessa G Noted a rise in costs this year attributed to the purchase of Glassware. This was discussed and it is due to stocks of Glassware being replaced by a bulk purchase. Discussion closed.

    1. Catering costs

    Uta raised a discussion on the costs associated with running the food bar, profit has diminished. It was agreed that Uta would revise the food prices in line with inflation to maintain profit margin – Discussion concluded.

    1. Boat hire costs

    The committee discussed the zero fees for hiring club boats. It was originally felt that the removal of the fee was to encourage the growth of membership. However the costs of maintaining the boats are now being displaced onto the junior sailing school. It was agreed to review this policy at the end of the 2019 sailing season. (Action to be raised for discussion then)

    1. Byelaws – younger members

    The committee agreed that it would amend byelaws – to allow children under 16 sail without parents present in certain agreed cases– John will present this at the AGM.

    1. Byelaws – faster handicap

    The committee agreed to amend the Byelaws to allow lower handicap boats, John will present to the AGM.

    1. Club Boats.

    The Committee wished to discuss the Club Visions - replacement boats discussion – Action to be brought forward to the next committee meeting.

    1. Social membership

    The committee discussed the use of a new category of membership called Social member. This membership is designed for someone who wishes to have an active part in the club but not sailing. A Social member will do a suitable club duty and pay the same as an associate member.

    1. Boat donated

    A Solo belonging to mark Kiely and one other have donated to club. Action to Gareth to check the boats and offer an opinion to the committee on the use of these boats.

    1. Abandoned Hull.

    Hull of laser 195049 has been found abandoned. The boat is in a good condition an. Action to Dave B to offer to the membership for sale and include a sail / tiller also abandoned. Note there is a possibility of a boat swap by a member to create a new club boat. Dave to accept best offer.

    1. Rule change

    Action to John to amend rules so that a Trustee who ceases to be a full member but remains an Associate member shall not be required to resign.

    1. New trustee

    The Committee has proposed Mike Jones to replace John Smith as a trustee. He has accepted. Action to John to arrange for the documents to be amended and to discuss with insurers the status of our Trustee indemnity policy.

    1. Club Development plan 2019- 2024

    Nigel presented the draft Club development plan. There was concern that the RYA school and methods place a huge burden on the club. However another view that the RYA approval offers the protection of national governance. The committee agreed to treat cautiously and to schedule a meeting in June for a full discussion on the merits of an RYA school. Action Nigel to further develop the plan (feedback from committee to Nigel ASAP) matter to be raised at each committee meeting as a standard item so the plan can be lived.

    1. IBRSC Equalities policy

    Equalities policy has been drawn up by Uta – please can all comments be sent to her ASAP and she will finalise for the AGM.

    1. Clubs 60th birthday bash

    The committee agreed to hold an open event to commemorate our 60th Birthday it was agreed that it would not be amalgamate with Commodores day. Action for Gareth to set and provide that date to Dave B before middle of March to be included in the programme. Gareth has kindly agreed to organise the event.

    1. IBRSC Alumni get together

    It is proposed that there will be an event dinner to bring together present and past members – Action to Uta and the organising committee for 2019

    1. Try-sail

    Chris Smith stands down after 10 years managing the club trysail. The committee formally thanks Chris for his work. Chris will present a report for the AGM on how he sees Trysail going forward including a new membership category (John / Dave B to amend membership rules for AGM approval) Trysail 2019 is likely to be run by a group of people – Uta is clarifying process.

    1. Racing

    The committee perceives that there is a gap the clubs ability to run large scale Open meetings mainly due to a reduction of skilled personnel Action to Chris to look into how this can be overcome via training (Gareth to be involved in discussion). Committee noted that running open meetings / National events offers an excellent fund raiser with a relatively small (but dedicated) outlay. Action to discuss large events at next committee meeting

    1. Fees for Open meetings

    Linked to the racing theme (at 20 above) Mike J asked to form a small sub group to discuss /review fees for Open meetings and report back.

    1. Membership fees.

    The committee agreed that membership fees will rise 3% to keep with inflation

    1. Paddle boarding

    Action for John to change rules for AGM debate / agreement to include Paddle boarding.

    1. Windsurfing

    Action for John to change rules for AGM debate / agreement to remove restrictions on Windsurfing on a Sunday.

    1. Lease

    John to check the lease terms with Thames water to see if we are allowed to host open water swimming competitions.

    1. Committee updates

    Hon Treasurer -Tessa Groves

    Cash balance as of 5th January 2019 £48,000 (to nearest 1,000). Currently, £40,000 of this is in our business savings account and the bank pays about 1% interest on this.

    Future spend

    Agreed and ongoing:

    • New winch and ramp – in progress
    • Flooring upstairs – cost £1350 + VAT agreed awaits Mike J
    • Buoyancy aids and safety helmets – done
    • One lawnmower – done
    • Three laser covers – done
    • Shelf for kids’ toys – done
    • Bits for latest engine – done

    Not agreed

    • Soft chairs in club house – next year
    • Ladies changing room – not agreed Mike J/Tony S to cost
    • Floor downstairs - not agreed Mike J to cost
    • New water tank – Tony Sproat investigating


    Is there any income for running training events?

    Fundraising for ladies changing room:

    • Quiz night 13th October £870
    • Celildh 24th November £320


    • Visions and RS200 repairs in 2018 – done
    • Autumn working party – done
    • Are there any expenses for Autumn and Winter socials? Q to mike j


    • The accounts are now working on Dave’s new system. See separate report.
    • I will work on claiming back gift aid each year – not been done so far.
    • Consider redesign accounts in line with CASC guidelines – can we make it easier to identify trading income? – Need to think about this

    Membership secretary – Dave Baldwin

    Members Summary – Total 199 members

    Berthing Audit

    The berthing audit has generated £1440 in membership and berthing fees from undeclared boats and boat left by ex-members.

    There are still 5 or so boats of unknown ownership (2 mirrors, 1 laser and unknown).

    Also we have been donated 3 Solos (Tony Tahourdin, Mark Kiely, Lloyd Hogbin). Tony's was used on Guy Fawkes Night to great effect from what I hear. Are these other two Solos wanted for club boats, if not and if in good enough condition sell to members?

    Laser 195049 has been abandoned for many years with no way to trace an owner. Simon heard about it and is offering a swap of his boat complete with standard rig for the abandoned laser (that needs foils and sail). Accept or open it to offers from the members?

    We could just use the hull as a club boat but as it is in nearly new condition it seems too good for that purpose.

    It is likely we may have two laser donations soon. John Smith's widow suggested she could donate his boat to the club and John Magrath has told me he is unlikely to renew as he is struggling to cope with sailing now and could donate his boat. This may mean we would prefer cash for Laser 195049 instead.

    I still have a number of boats to chase, but my Australia holiday got in the way.

    Boat Shelters

    the last fix of having straps under the committee boat shelter unfortunately hasn't worked and it capsized again.

    The next experiment is to add extra buoyancy to the floats by tying on 8 25 litre containers. This will approximately double the floatation. This is still ongoing, but I need to learn how to tie better knots as some of the containers have come free! Assuming this works, a more permanent solution of replacing the floats with ones made from these containers (needs an extra 8 containers) or using the existing containers to augment the existing floats will be produced. This will incur some cost for the purchase of aluminium to fabricate something to hold the containers in place.

    If this fails then the containers will be filled with water to add ballast to the frame.


    The event calendar has been extended for social and training events. The social secretary and course organisers can now add, delete and edit these events. The social and training events will now appear in the paper programme and in the feed to the main club website.

    The work to support the accounts has been completed so now the end of year accounts report is generated automatically. Receipts and invoices can now be uploaded against cashbook entries to make storing and managing these easier.

    Courses can but put in the system but booking delayed until a specific date (to prevent them being booked before fees and duty dates are sorted out as some courses require you to renew first).

    Duty Team Strength

    Next year’s weekend events need:
    82 DRO (Duty Race Officer)
    141 SBH (Safety Boat Helm)
    141 RA (Race Assistants)
    57 Catering
    421 Total

    Assuming next year’s membership is the same as this year’s membership we have 156 people to do duties so at 3 duties each we can cover 468 duty slots, ignoring who can do what duty role for the moment, so we can cover an extra 47 duty slots if need be.

    For DRO we have 28 candidates so can cover 84 DRO days, giving a surplus of 2.

    For SBH we have 54 candidates (excluding those who are DRO as well) so can cover 162 SBH days, giving a surplus of 21.

    For RA and catering we have 74 candidates (excluding those who are DRO and/or SBH) so can cover 222 RA/Catering days, giving a surplus 24.

    So if the membership numbers and profile stay about the same we should be OK for manning the duty teams.


    need to be set for next year. Suggest an increase of 3% in line with inflation (2.51%).

    Comparing our fees with other clubs. Quick survey of Oxford Sailing Club and Chew Valley Sailing Club but note it isn't a straight apples to apples comparison:

    IBRSC Oxford Chew
    Family £235 £358 £260
    Single Adult Boat Owner £235 £302 £200
    Single Adult Non Boat Owner £176 £151 £200
    Cadet Boat Owner £78 £76 £50
    Cadet Non Boat Owner £39 £38 £50
    Adult Berth £79 £63 £90
    Cadet Berth £39 £63 £90
    Duties 3 2 yes number unknown

    So fairly comparable.

    Membership Categories

    Add Stand up Paddle boarding (SUP) to membership along the lines of windsurfing.

    Remove restrictions on when windsurfing can be done (not on Wednesday evenings or Sunday mornings)?
    It is not as if we have many people doing windsurfing.

    Bosun’s report Alexis Villiers

    Battery to be replaced in Committee boat and will need assistance to help with repairs to the main Jetty.

    Rear Commodore works – Dave Simpson

    Grounds tidying managed by Mike Barratt

    With help form a few willing volunteers:

    98% of abandoned trailers have been cut up and removed (FOC by scrap man).

    Remaining 2% still need separating from their wheels/tyres (Outstanding – Job for next work party)

    Request by Mike B for a rule that all trailers must be mobile (hitch locks ok but no wheel clamps) and not chained to fence. Some members reluctant to put wheels on trailers for security reasons. However trailers need to be mobile for ease of grounds maintenance.

    Old tyres - all placed by old toppers. Outstanding action from Mike B to get rid of old trolley tyres, may keep small pile of old car tyres for member use, (but please no more car tyres allowed into club)

    Under club house cleared either at work party with rubbish to skip or subsequent tip runs.

    Old masts cut up and removed to tip.

    Topper scaffolding rack: Outstanding – Job for next work party.

    Spotted: There has been a hole dug by the fence/gate behind the rubbish bins creating a security risk - Hole needs filling

    Request form Mike B: Please include the ‘grounds’ in the club’s strategic plan.

    e.g. Car park – need to mow twice a year for more spaces when/if we have busy open meetings/squad training sessions – work party job?

    Container at Gate – What an eye sore! What value is it adding to the club?

    Spraying: Obtaining a licence requires attendance at a 3 day course. Cost c £500.00

    I do not have 3 days spare. What does committee thing about cost/benefits of sending other member on course? As I can’t spare the 3 days required, any ‘retired’ volunteers? (Can’t buy quantities of the right spray without a licence).

    Rear Commodore house – Tony Sproat

    Since last committee meeting increased the frequency of the septic tank emptying with the aim of avoiding the overflow problems we have recently experienced.

    This will continue until such time as Hesters are unable to draw a full load. This in theory does not cost any more than before as we only pay for the amount removed and not the visit.

    During October last I entered into discussions with a local company about replacement of the water tank. Several things came out of this discussion. The most important of these was the vulnerability with the present setup to Legionnaires disease.

    I have to assume at this stage that there has been no risk assessment undertake.

    Moving forward on this basis the solution to the problem is not to replace the water tank but to replace the hot water cylinder with a pressurised tank. However if we do this we would need to also replace many of the ball valves taps or alternatively fit pressure regulators with overflow pipes.

    It became at that stage necessary to enter into the conversation the planned refit for the changing rooms. This seems to be the best time to make the change.

    Social secretary - Mike Jones

    Our local RYA contact Ben Kimbell has emphasised how club life ashore is just as important as on-water activity. His RYA mission is to increase all his area’s clubs’ membership by 5%. Which is handy, because this fits in very well with Commodore Uta’s overall aim of increasing membership at Island Barn.

    There is a little variance from dates given previously but in general we are proposing to follow the popular format we introduced in 2018. All members are encouraged to bring family and friends of all ages to all events.

    Proposals for 2019

    FILM NIGHT - Saturday 9th February
    Dinner, wine, good conversation and a good film. Film options to be offered soon

    TALENT SHOW - Saturday 16th March
    Dinner, wine, and a fun evening of showing off our diverse collection of individual and group talents off the water, by our members and families of all ages.

    FRIENDLY FRIDAYS - 26thApril, 31st May, 21stJune, 12thJuly, 9thAugust
    Social evenings, both on and off the water. No racing but all other types of sailing activity is encouraged, including Oppie Water Hockey.
    Friendly Fridays became famed in 2019 for the excellent food and this will continue

    COMMODORES DAY – Sunday 14th July
    We use the popular racing format of 6 back to back races with a short half time lunch break. Oppies do just 3 races. We have a great barbecue, music, a little dancing and the afternoon is rounded off with our annual pirate ship water fight.

    QUIZ NIGHT – Saturday 12th October
    This has now became an established, popular event where we dine, have great fun and raise money for worthy cub projects

    FIREWORK NIGHT - Saturday 2nd November
    This has also become a well-established and very popular social and family event and will be repeated in 2019

    CEILIDH & SUPPER – Saturday 23rd November
    Jim Champs band, conjured up by Uta, was the star of this evening. It was a great event and we think should be repeated.

    CHRISTMAS PARTIES – Sunday 25th December
    Our regular format of mulled wine and mince pies, Father Christmas Party (the attendance was ell down again this year – not sure why), Ten Pin Bowling at Kingston, Sailing School Curry in East Molesey. This formula works, but suggestions on variations would be gladly accepted.

    TBA: 60th Anniversary Dinner and 60th Anniversary Open Regatta - these will be announced at AGM

    Sailing school and junior sailing update - Mike Jones

    Organisation and Events for 2019

    • All Junior Sailing School Classes start on April 28th (Query on Oppies – Ray - NB April 21st is Easter)
    • Last Sunday before August break in sailing school is July 28th.
    • July 14 is Commodores Day with junior racing, barbecue party, and pirate ship water battle.
    • Junior Sailing School restarts on September 1st
    • Junior Sailing School Final Day is September 29th, when there will be a mixed class racing regatta

    Please note September 13,14,15 is also East Head Camping and Sailing. See also below.

    The sailing school has been restructured a little this year, for Topper Intermediates, Fevas and Lasers

    Led by Ray Lambe -Will have 14 beginners in 7 club Oppies. 2 Courses per Sunday

    Led by Claire and Jeff Davison (?) and Chris Balding
    Will have 16 Oppie sailors in their second year sailing their own Oppie or Optimist. (Query Nick)

    Run by Nick Marley and Mike Jones plus 2 more
    Will have 16 Topper sailors in their first year in a Topper. Most will have learnt to sail in an Oppie.
    Will use club Toppers unless they have their own


    • FEVA
    • LASER

    Run by Gareth Griffiths, Jonathan Leake, CJ Cavallari and Brendan O’Leary
    Will have 8 Toppers, 6 Fevas, 8 Lasers These 3 types will train and race together.
    Swapping from boat type to boat type often did not work as a policy
    Will have their own Toppers. Will use club Fevas and privately owned Fevas.
    Will use club Laser 4.7s, and Laser Radials and Full rig Lasers and privately owned Lasers

    Additional Junior Training 2019

    Week Long Camps
    This year, following a very successful summer school established by Brendan O’Leary and run by Harry Phelps in July 2018, we plan to run a number of week long courses for junior sailors of all ability groups.
    These will run from May 27th to May 31st, (subject to demand) and two consecutive weeks from 29th July to 2nd August, and 5th August to 9th August.
    It is planned to run a winter half term course and an Easter course as well in 2020 if there is demand.

    Winter Sunday Morning Training
    On Winter Sunday mornings, thanks to a popular initiative set up by Jonathan Leake and Nigel Thomson, junior training is being offered to Topper sailors every Sunday morning from January 13th to 24th March, with an hour of coaching followed by participation in the two back to back club races. This is a great way of bridging the gap between Sailing School and Club racing. Thank you, Jonathan and Nigel, junior sailors, and all helping parents.

    Other Junior Sailing events at Island Barn - 2019


    Sat 16 February

    Topper Open Regatta


    Sat 21 April

    Training for all Topper sailors by ITCA. See ITCA web


    Sat 11 May

    Taking children guests out


    Sat 22 June

    Open regatta for all junior types


    Sun 14 July

    Racing for Oppies, Toppers, Fevas and Lasers


    Sat August 3

    Match racing for Fevas


    Sat 21st September

    Large Topper Open


    Sat 5 October

    Sun 6 October

    Cruise organised by club members for junior sailors and parents



    To be confirmed


    Sun 15 December

    Father Christmas, 10 pin bowling and curry

    Topper, Feva and Laser Opens. Visiting groups
    The racing group are keen to identify key regional Opens that Island Barn sailors might like to attend in family groups. The events will be published soon.

    Parental help
    All parents are asked to help, either on the water or in the galley
    Parents are needed particularly at the end of the day to put away power boats and dinghies while juniors are taking part in de-briefs with instructors
    All parents are asked to gain their Powerboat qualification PB2 by enrolling for the RTC course (see club web) as soon as possible.
    Lastly, many thanks to all those members who have helped to service the sailing school boats.

    Work Parties
    Please note that it is a condition of membership that all members attend the two Work Parties on
    Sunday March 31 and October 27. This includes all junior members and their parents. The Work Party is great opportunity to learn how to look after boats. The days are actually very enjoyable. There is a great community spirit and Uta usually makes a big cake
    I would like to give an enormous amount of thanks to all parents and coaches who have worked so hard in 2018 to make the Sailing School such a popular outdoor learning centre for children. We try to balance learning skills with fun and diversity of activities and in 2018 we moved a long way forward in achieving that goal.
    Action- Mike J will write a proposal for the next committee meeting covering the use of Payment of staff for extraordinary training events – week long summer courses and other onerous training commitments. The committee were clear that payment would not be considered for normal single day volunteering as this would undermine the fabric of a volunteer club ethos.

    1. AOB

    1. Next Meeting @Clubhouse 4th March 2019

    Next Meeting @Clubhouse 3rd June 2019

    Next Meeting @Clubhouse 2nd Sept 2019

    Next Meeting @Clubhouse 2nd Dec 2019

    Next AGM 2nd Feb 2020

    Next Meeting @Clubhouse 9th March 2020