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Minutes from the 2019 AGM

  • AGM 2019



    1)    Commodore Uta Greisenbach opened the meeting and apologies given by:
    David Simpson
    Pater Halliday
    Mike Storey
    Sam Edom
    Gareth Griffiths

    2)  The Minutes of the 59th Annual General Meeting were approved by the club. 

    3) The Treasurer Tessa Groves presented the accounts and the club approved the audited accounts for year ending 30th Sept 2018. 
    Points raised by club for Treasurer / committee further research: 
    •    Charge for children’s meals at events to increase income
    •    Increase bar and food bills 
    •    Possible to look to include meals in open meeting entry fee to reduce cash and increase income
    •    Look into more use of the gift aid consideration
    •    Look into (Anthony T) the status of the club making it a possible charity and incorporated club.
    •    Club insurance being updated to protect Trustee liability
    Formal thanks were given to Tessa and Dave Baldwin for all the effort that goes into club accounts.

    4) Reports from the following Flag Officers and Sub Committees.
    a. Commodore

    • Uta reported on the clubs activities over the year and commented on the following
    • Increase in size of the new Aero fleet – thanks to Gareth and others.
    • Lots of new social initiatives thanks to Mike J
    • New race training schedule thanks to Jonathan L
    • Clubs reputation as a friendly /family club growing - Thanks to all.
    • Plans to increase the size of the ladies changing room
    • Future plans to replace the Vision training boats.

    (Each of these topics set out in more detail under the relevant headings) 

    Matters that arose from questions were:

    1. Costs for buying food in supermarkets have gone up significantly. Members preferred to increase prices rather than compromise on quality of food. Therefore costs for buying food at the club will go up a bit over the next few weeks. Price for tea and coffee will stay at 50p. 
    2. Ian Peace and his team need one or two more people to help to take turns with grass cutting. Our lease with Thames Water depends on us taking care of the grounds! Plea for occasional assistance 
    3. Alexis is planning to arrange a training session for basic maintenance of the power boat engines. A date will be settled ASAP. Importantly we need to find an assistant Bosun to support Alexis. Many thanks to Alex for his constant hard work.
    4. Trysail and the Sunday Sailing School need more instructors. You don’t have to help every week
    5. We have amended the by-laws to allow youngsters between 16-18 to use the winch. However, this requires prior competency training and sign off.

    Commodores cup this year awarded to Chris Smith

    b. Vice Commodore – Nick Marley 
    Nick Marley gave formal thanks on behalf of the club for the work of Uta over the year both as Commodore and in the Galley.

    c. Rear Commodore House – Tony Sproat
    Since last year’s report the following have been completed: 
    •    The drip strip to the rear roof has been fitted and painted.
    •    The lightning conductor on the building has been restored and continuity tested

    The following additional items have been attended to:
    •    Replacement of timer on hot water cylinder
    •    The rear diamond facade has been repainted courtesy of John Oldham
    •    Additional CCTV camera fitted in main room, also by John
    •    New fluorescent light fittings in both changing rooms 
    •    Sink and urinal waste pipe has been cleared of blockages 
    •    New urinal flushing system installed 
    •    Replacement shower hoses and head fitted in ladies shower
    •    Burst water pipe to boat washing station repaired
    •    Various minor repairs around the building

    Future planned work includes: 

    • Fitting of a snail proof barrier to the double doors in the bar area 
    • Replacing carpet tiles across the front and bar seating areas, hopefully with volunteers help - to be done at the work party 
    • Cladding of the rear roof diamonds with uPVC cladding to match the front.
    • The cold water storage tank has reached the end of its life and it is deemed wise to change to a system not requiring stored cold water, on health and safety grounds. This will involve in simple terms, bypassing the tank and replacing the hot water cylinder with a pressurised one with all its accessories.
    • Alteration to the layout of the changing rooms in order to provide more space in the ladies changing side. Plans are on notice board for viewing. Examination of the existing sanitary wear shows it to be in poor condition and as such will be replaced. As much as possible of the rest of rooms will be repositioned and reused to reduce costs. Fund raising, as most of you know has already started for this work and I understand Uta is trying to obtain a grant to supplement this. We have an estimate for changing the tank alone at £3134.84plus VAT (copy available).  My initial estimate for changing the tank and the refurbishment of the changing rooms is in the region of £20,000, but quotes are yet to be obtained. 

    Following questions resulted in:
    Advice not to drink from water other than in kitchen (mains water) 
    To convert the male shower room into cubicles – to be considered in safeguarding plan.

    Finally, my thanks to all who have contributed to achieving these items and of course to those who have supported the fund raising events as well.

    d. Rear Commodore Works – David Simpson 
     Following the completion of Thames Water’s repairs, boats have been moved back to near their original places, although there are still too many boat trailers preventing parking inside the inner gate. However, the space left by TW outside the inner gate seems to be working well as a car park. A dedicated few, ably led by Mike Barrett, has made significant inroads into the piles of rubbish that had accumulated over the years; please help the club tidy by not leaving old tyres, trolleys, trailers or other discarded items around the club.
     As in previous years, the Working Parties have been crucial in maintaining the club infrastructure; it does not happen without you. Many thanks to all the willing hands who turn up; you make a real difference. As well as the general repairs, there are the never-ending brambles to be cut; sometimes it may seem a thankless task, but there is always a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the club after each WP. We now have TW’s agreement to use weed killer, so we hope that Francesca’s expertise will enable us to keep the weeds and brambles under control with rather less effort.
     TW finally got round to building a boat washing station, which is highly effective; please ensure that it is used on all boats arriving at or leaving the club. Unfortunately the second winch has still not been set to work; there have always been higher priorities. 
     The safety boats and committee boat have wonderful shelters courtesy of Dave Baldwin, although the committee boat shelter periodically seems to think that it is in Australia; I am sure that Dave will soon convince the shelter to remain in the Northern hemisphere.  His efforts are greatly appreciated by all safety boat users; clean boats are both much more pleasant to use and healthier.
     As always, very many thanks to Alexis for continuing to keep the safety boats operational; it is a never ending task. Commercial maintenance of the boats would cost the club a very great deal and would not be available at weekends – we continue to owe Alexis a great deal.
     Once again very many thanks to Ian Peace and his very small team for taking on the grass cutting. However, he cannot do it on his own, so when he calls for volunteers to assist, please do so. If the grass is obviously in need of cutting and you have a spare hour or so, please make use of one of the mowers or strimmer’s to make a dent in the task. In addition, all boat owners are reminded of their obligation to keep the grass around their boats cut; this includes all the area back to the fence, which is often ignored.
     Please thank Eddie and the bar team, and the catering team for all their efforts.
    Formal thanks to Mike Barratt for the entire club tidying over the last few months – excellent job.
    e. Membership secretary – Dave Baldwin
     Membership Numbers
    Membership numbers are slightly higher than last year at just over 200. The demographics have been shifting away from adult members to cadet members, no doubt being driven by the very successful junior training programme. However, this is placing more of a burden on manning the duty teams.

    Assuming membership remains about the same an analysis of available members vs. number of duty person days shows we are still have a little slack left.

    This may be contrary to what you have seen given the number of emails requesting volunteer to cover light duty teams.

     Duty Teams
    Last year the duty system was changed to give you a lot more choice in the days you could select and the role on the day. This unfortunately meant that some people who should have been Duty Race Officers or Safety Boat Helms elected to be Race Assistants, for example, causing the short fall on some dates.

    The duty system has been changed to restrict the roles offered based on a person's capabilities. Someone who is down as a DRO, for example, will only be offered DRO slots while there are some vacant. I expect this change to make for more balanced teams and less call for volunteers.

     Membership Categories
    we have added a couple of new membership categories.

    SUP membership is broadly similar to the windsurfing membership we offer - we have had several enquiries about this and other local clubs are offering it.

    Anyone doing trysail this year will become a provisional member for the duration of the course. The aim is to get them more involved in the club's activities with the hope they will more likely become full members once trysail has finished.

     Direct Debits
    Anyone who has renewed will have noticed that we now offer the option of paying by direct debit. The fees have a 6% surcharge added on to cover our costs in providing this and the payments will be taken in 12 equal monthly instalments. Our motivation for offering this is to help members who find paying the fees in one go difficult and to appeal to young adults that are more used to paying monthly for things.

    There have been lots of behind the scene improvements to the membership website but by far the largest of these has been the implementation of an accounting system. This year’s annual accounts have been prepared by this system and the report generated automatically. It matches the figures from the old spreadsheet records and it should make the accounts much simpler going forward. It also gives the club officers more insight as to where our money is going.

    f. Sailing school and junior sailing - Mike Jones / Principal Nigel Thompson
    The Sailing School  
    Organisation and Events for 2019 

    All Junior Sailing School Classes start on April 28   and is now on line
    Last Sunday before August break is July 28.
    July 14 is Commodores Day with junior racing, barbecue party, and pirate ship water battle.

    Junior Sailing School restarts on September 1 
    Junior Sailing School Final Day is September 29, when there will be a mixed class racing regatta
    Please note September 13,14,15 is also East Head Camping and Sailing.  See also below.

    The sailing school has been restructured a little this year, for Topper Intermediates, Fevas and Lasers


    Led by Ray Lambe. 
    Will have 14 beginners in 7 club Oppies.  2 Courses per Sunday


    Led by Chris Balding 
    Will have 16 Oppie sailors in their second year sailing their own Oppie or Optimist. (Query Nick)


    Run by Nick Marley and Mike Jones plus 2 more
    Will have 16 Topper sailors in their first year in a Topper. Most will have learnt to sail in an Oppie. 
    Will use club Toppers unless they have their own


    Run by Gareth Griffiths, Jonathan Leake, CJ Cavallari and Brendan O’Leary 
    Will have 8 Toppers, 6 Fevas, 8 Lasers
    These 3 types will train and race together.
    Swapping from boat type to boat type often did not wor as a policy
    Will have their own Toppers.
    Will use club Fevas and privately owned Fevas.
    Will use club Laser 4.7s, and Laser Radials and Full rig Lasers and privately owned Lasers

    Additional Junior Training 2019

    Week Long Camps
    This year, following a very successful summer school established by Brendan O’Leary and run by Harry Phelps in July 2018, we plan to run a number of almost week long courses for junior sailors of all ability groups.
    in 2019.
    These will run at Easter, from May 27th to May 31st, (subject to demand) and two consecutive weeks from 29th July to 2nd August, and 5th August to 9th August. 
    It is planned to run a winter half term course and an Easter course as well in 2020 if there is demand.

    Winter Sunday Morning Training
    On Winter Sunday mornings, thanks to a popular initiative set up by Jonathan Leake and Nigel Thomson, junior training is being offered to Topper sailors on many Sundays Sunday morning from January 13th to 24th March, with an hour of coaching followed by participation in the two back to back club races. This is a great way of bridging the gap beyween Sailing School and Club racing. Thank you, Jonathan and Nigel, junior sailors, and all helping parents

    Other Junior Sailing events at Island Barn - 2019 

    TOPPER WINTER REGATTA    Sat 16 February    Topper Open Regatta
    OPEN DAY    Sat 11 May    Taking children guests out
    SCHOOLS REGATTA    Sat 22 June    Open regatta for all junior types
    COMMODORES DAY    Sun 14 July    Racing for Oppies, Toppers, Fevas and Lasers
    MATCH RACING    Sat August 3    Match racing for Fevas
    EAST HEAD CAMPING AND SAILING    Fri Sat Sun 13,14,15 Sept    At East Head in Chichester Harbour
    TOPPER TRAVELLER OPEN / TOPPER OPEN TRAINING    Sat 21 September / Sun 22 September    Large Topper Open
    Topper training open to all
    AUTUMN CRUISE Sat 5 October / Sun 6 October     Cruise organised by club members for junior sailors and parents
    FEVA OPEN TBA To be confirmed
    CHRISTMAS PARTIES    Sun 15 December    Father Christmas, 10 pin bowling and curry
    Topper, Feva and Laser Opens.  Visiting groups
    The racing group are keen to identify key regional Opens that Island Barn sailors might like to attend in family groups. The events will be published soon. 

    Parental help
    All parents are asked to help, either on the water or in the galley
    Parents are needed particularly at the end of the day to put away power boats and dinghies while juniors are taking part in de-briefs with instructors
    All parents are asked to gain their Powerboat qualification PB2 by enrolling for the RTC course (see club web) as soon as possible.
    Lastly, many thanks to all those members who have helped to service the sailing school boats. 

    Work Parties
    Please note that it is a condition of membership that all members attend the two Work Parties on  
    Sunday March 31 and October 27. This includes all junior members and their parents. The Work Party is great opportunity to learn how to look after boats. The days are actually very enjoyable. There is a great community spirit and Uta usually makes a big cake 

    A Big Thank You
    I would like to give an enormous amount of thanks to all parents and coaches who have worked so hard in 2018 to make the Sailing School such a popular outdoor learning centre for children. We try to balance learning skills with fun and diversity of activities and in 2018 we moved a long way forward in achieving that goal.

    Finally thank you children. Keep coming, learning and enjoying.

    g. Social Secretary – Mike Jones
    Our local RYA contact Ben Kimbell has emphasised how club life ashore is just as important as on-water activity. His RYA mission is to increase all his area’s clubs’ membership by 5%. Which is handy, because this fits in very well with Commodore Uta’s overall aim of increasing membership at Island Barn. 
    There is a little variance from dates given previously but in general we areproposing to follow the popular format we introduced in 2018. All members are encouraged to bring family and friends of all ages to all events.

    Proposals for 2019

    FILM NIGHT  - Saturday 9th February
    Dinner, wine, good conversation and a good film. Film options to be offered soon  

    TALENT SHOW  - Saturday 16th March
    Dinner, wine, and a fun evening of showing off our diverse collection of individual and group talents off the water,  by our members and families of all ages.

    FRIENDLY FRIDAYS - 26thApril,  31stMay,  21stJune,  27thJuly,  16thAugust
    Social evenings, both on and off the water. No racing but all other types of sailing activity is encouraged, including Oppie Water Hockey. 
    Friendly Fridays became famed in 2019 for the excellent food and this will continue 

    OPEN DAY –    Saturday  11th July 
    Club is Open all day to the public and we take out people sailing and show them our social side too.

    COMMODORES DAY –    Sunday 14th July 
    We use the popular racing format of 6 back to back races with a short half time lunch break break. Oppies do just 3 races. We have a great barbecue, music, a little dancing and the afternoon is rounded off with our annual pirate ship water fight.

    QUIZ NIGHT –  Saturday 19th October
    This has now became an established, popular event where we dine, have great fun and raise money for worthy cub projects

    FIREWORK NIGHT - Saturday 2nd November 
    This has also become a well established and very popular social and family event and will be repeated in 2019

    CEILIDH & SUPPER – Saturday 23rd November  
    Jim Champs band, conjured up by Uta, was the star of this evening. It was a great event and we think should be repeated.

    CHRISTMAS PARTIES – last Sunday in December before christmas
    Our regular format of mulled wine and mince pies, Father Christmas Party (the attendance was ell down again this year – not sure why), Ten Pin Bowling at Kingston, Sailing School Curry in East Molesey. This formula works, but suggestions on variations would be gladly accepted.

    TBA: 60th Anniversary Dinner and 60th Anniversary Open Regatta  - these will be announced at AGM

    5) Election of Club Officers: 
    Commodore -  Uta Greisenbach
    Vice Commodore –Nick Marley
    Rear Commodore Works - David Simpson 
    Rear Commodore House -Tony Sproat 
    Honorary Secretary - John Oldham 
    Honorary Treasurer - Tessa Groves 
    Honorary Sailing Sec - Gareth Griffiths
    Proposed by Uta and seconded by Tony Tahourdin

    6) Election ordinary Committee Members: 
    1. David Baldwin
    2. Mike Jones 
    3. Alexis Villiers 
    4. Chris Smith
    5. Nigel Thomson
    6. Rory O’Brien
    7. Jonathan Leak
    8. Reserved for grants officer
    9. Ray Lambe

    7) Election of the Bar Committee:
    Eddie Holland (Bar Manager) 
    John Carpenter 
    Up to 4 Vacant Positions 

    8) Election of an Auditor: 
    PROPOSED: Tony Tahourdin 

    9) The following Club administrative roles and personnel confirmed: 
    Social Secretary            - Mike Jones 
    Catering Committee      - Yin Ping Leung/ Tessa Groves / Uta Greisenbach / Jude Scott 
    Membership Sec            - David Baldwin 
    Web/Publicity Officer     – Nick Marley
    Duty Team Coordinator - Gareth Griffiths 
    Bosun                            - Alexis Villiers 
    Assistant Bosun             - Vacant 
    Groundsman                  - Ian Peace 
    RTC Principal                 – Nigel Thomson
    Junior Sailing Captain     Mike Jones 
    Trysail Captain               – Nick Marley 
    Class Captains Laser     - Simon Bean 
    Solo                                – Peter Halliday
    RS200                             – Nick Marley
    Child Welfare Officer       - Ray Lambe
    Non racing representative – Rory O’Brien
    Grants officer                   – vacant 

    10) Proposal to alter Club Rules: 
    Changes were shown in red in circulated  club rules and bye laws to demonstrate minor changes. All approved

    11) No other formal proposal has been notified to the Secretary by this date and no other business may therefore be discussed at the Annual General Meeting. Following the formal AGM there will be an opportunity for informal discussion

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