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Talent Show - Saturday 16th March

  • IBRSC Talent Show

    Sat 16 March 5pm

    To whet your appetite, if you haven’t seen this U-tube video take a look. It is a very wonderful, impromptu, musical event.

    While this standard might be aiming just a little high, I’m sure we can enjoy ourselves just as much at Island Barn with a Saturday evening show performed by members for members.

    Our club is dripping with off the water talent. We have musicians galore, singers, composers, dancers, more comedians than the House of Commons, magicians, artists, poets, knot throwers, actors, jugglers, fireeaters, inventors, and more, all just waiting for those bathroom rehearsals to be rewarded with a public performance.

    For those singers short of a backing band we will have a karaoke player.

    All this, plus a delicious dinner with wine.

    Anticipating many of our participants will be children, the show will start early as follows:
    5.30 Prosecco and olives
    6.15 Main course of meal served
    6.30 First half of show: eight 5 minute acts
    7.30 Dessert served
    7.45 Second half: Eight 5 minute acts.
    8.45 The Final Curtain 8.50 Coffee, chocolates. brandy

    The Talent Show Committee realises the membership is, to a member, blessed with modesty. It therefore requests that children secretly enter their parents, parents enter their children, husbands enter their wives, wives their husbands, and friends their friends. Please contact Mike Jones now, or, if you prefer more wisdom and speed, Uta.

    We also don’t object, in fact we will applaud, if, for once, you throw off your modesty and enter yourself.

    All proceeds will go to the Female Changing Room Fund.
    Ticket price : tba

    Club Open with Covid Safe Restrictions    find out more