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RYA Dinghy Instructor Course


    Pre-Assessment Sunday, Sunday March 24, 2019
    Day 1 - Saturday April 6
    Day 2 - Sunday April 7
    Day 3 - Monday April 8
    Day 4 - Saturday April 13
    Day 5 - Sunday April 14

    Cost £150 (IBRSCMembers Only) 

     Course Full 

    This is a professional qualification offering training in how to teach sailing afloat and ashore. It's suitable for people who are used to sailing in decent winds. You don't have to be brilliant! It's as much about personal and teaching skills as sailing ability. See more details at this RYA link.

    The club is subsidising the course so the maximum cost will be £150 compared with the £450 you'd typically pay at a commercial centre. If we fill all six places the cost will drop to £100.

    (Please note: This course is separate from the Racing Coach courses we are also running)

    Pre-assessment day -
    This is held in advance so candidates can correct problems before the course. To find out what you would be tested on go to the RYA Shop and get the G14 Instructors handbook which you will need anyway, and which lists the pre-assessment skills such as rudderless sailing and backward sailing. (We will run a session on these in advance if asked).

    The RYA Dinghy Instructor  course covers the teaching principles afloat and ashore, centre procedures and specific training in any unfamiliar equipment.

    Sailing Scheme: Levels 1, 2 and 3, Day Sailing, Seamanship Skills and Sailing with Spinnakers (if suitably experienced and approved by the Principal or Chief Instructor)

    Youth Sailing Scheme: Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4.