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Minutes - Sailing Committee Meeting 3/10/2018

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sailing committee​​​​​​​

Minutes - Sailing Committee Meeting

Date: October 3 2018
Time: 1930
Location: Clubhouse

Attending: Gareth Griffith (chair), Simon Bean, Uta Griesenbach, Mike Jones, Alexis Villier, Dave Simpson, Dave Baldwin, Nick Marley
Apologies: Chris Smith, Colin Bristow
Absent: Paul Playle, Mike Storey, CJ Cavallari

Minutes prepared by Uta Griesenbach




Boat maintenance

Visions: Uta talked to Mike Storey and he agreed to look after maintenance of Visions in 2019

Try to arrange sessions for TrySailors/other inexperienced club members to crew in Visions needs to be discussed at the sailing committee meeting in early 2019

Mike Storey



Laser: training session in 2018. Simon tried to organise, but there was limited interest

Aero has email group and may set up face book group. Other fleets to consider similar

Aero fleet is growing. We will have a stand alone aero open

RS200: open wont be combined with another class

RS200: Winter series was a success and will be repeated in 2018/19

Put effort into further growing RS200 fleet through targeted advertising

Solo/Streaker open

RS400/Phantom Open: There was discussion to combine RS200 and RS400 open, but not many in favour.

Phantom open was poorly attended. RS400 open is unlikely to attract large number of participants because local fleet is small

Simon B to gather interest in 2019

Fleet captains to consider

Gareth G to organise

Nick M to organise

Nick M to action

Nick M to give this some thought

Peter Halliday has taken over from Paul P as Solo fleet captain. Peter has negotiated continuation of the Solo open and will liaise with Chris S to agree a date

Uta to approach John O if Phantom open should be organised.

Boat shelters

Would be useful to have a video on website.

Unclear if “Zero” into one of the existing shelters.

NM and DB to make video, when weather a bit warmer

Alexis to measure

Wooden prize winners board

Need updating. Glen has not responded to Uta’s inquiry.

Uta to check with Rob P. Rob has kindly agreed to look into updating the boards

Bird faeces

Spiders work, but are expensive. Dave B working on alternative design

Dave B to make prototype


Giles was very supportive of push the boat out event. He also recommended to encourage Scout families to join Friendly Fridays

Mike J to consider Scout families when advertising Friendly Fridays

Organisation of upcoming Opens and Events

Mike J and others to generate one spreadsheet

All to discuss best way to disseminate and update

Events in 2019

(all provisional)

Push the Boat out – May 11

(lessons learnt from 2018 –sign up members on the day and offer fast training opportunities.

Surrey Schools event should be replaced by South East Regional Regatta (or similar) and needs better and more timely advertising

July 7 Commodores Day

Aug 3 Round the Island

Aug 4 No racing (cycling event)

Working Party Oct 27 2019

Working Party Mar 29 2020

Uta and Nick to organise

MJ organising


Reminders to all race officers to contact team well before the duty

Remind all members about last launch times in summer and winter

Remind duty teams about last launch times in summer and winter

Uta to send email

Uta to send email

Uta to send email

Training courses and RTC

Nigel and Jonathan are working hard on this and will update at the next meeting

Jonathan and Nigel to update

Next meeting

February 12 1930 Club House

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