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2018 RS200 SEAS Open Results etc

  • RS200 SEAS Finale 2018

    The rescheduled RS200 Open was held today. The object of rescheduling was to hold the end of series decider in a reasonable breeze, not a fluky drifter which was all last week seemed to have on offer. In the event though only one of the series contenders was able to make it anyway.

    Still, a limited fleet had 5 pretty reasonable races in a nice racing breeze that was strong enough in the windy patches for the RS200s to pick their skirts up and fly, so a good result really. Speaking of results, here they are!

    The day was won very handily by Dave Jessop and Claire Walsh, in spite of the post finish confusion shown below. They won four of the races. SEAS leaders Andy and Jill Peters were second overall, more than good enough to give them the series, chased hard by Dan Goodman and Jo Lloyd. Harry Phelps and Eleanor Tubman were also well in the podium mix, especially in the morning races. U19 glassware went to Jamie and George Ashley.

    Here's a little gallery of some pics. 

    10 photographs

    And this link is to the complete set of the RS200 Open photos I took. Some potentially good ones have turned out very dark as you can see above. Don't know what happened there. Are any of you good with photoshop or whatever? I tried brightening them up, but they acquired a peculiar colour cast which was just as bad. So I tried correcting the colour cast, and the end result was even worse!