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Club Championship 2018 - 10th June

  • IBRSC sailing club championship

    THIS SUNDAY.... Starts 10:30

    This is for EVERYONE....not just the top sailors! There's prizes for many categories.

    The Club Championship includes prizes for Overall/Masters/Grand-Masters and Juniors

    There really is something for everyone because as well as age group related prizes the handicaps for the Grand Masters and older are adjusted based on the age of the sailors. Here’s how it all works:

    Two Handicap Races - first start 10.30 - Open to everyone – The normal weekend Club Portsmouth numbers will be used - No discard. The overall winner based on standard handicaps is the Club Champion. Additional prizes to:

    Masters: Helms must be 40-49 years old on the day of the race. Crews can be of any age.

    Grand Masters, Great Grand Masters etc: Similar age group prizes for over 50, over 60, over 70, over 80 (depending on entrants – don’t think we have any over 90 but if we do we’ll give them a prize).

    Juniors: Racing for ages 17 and under with different groups according to experience and/or age.

    Results for Grand Masters and older will be calculated on age adjusted handicaps. Helms must be 50 years old or more on the date of the event .The combined ages in years of helm and crew will be used as at the date of the event. For single-handed boats the helm's age is doubled. If the combined age is greater than 100 then the Portsmouth Number will be increased by 2 points per year. If the combined age is less than 100 then the PN will be decreased by 3 points per year.


    Helm aged 55, crew aged 49. Combined age 104. New handicap number is PN + (104-100) × 2 = PN + 8

    Single-handed helm aged 57. Doubled age = 114. New number is PN + ( 114-100) × 2 = PN +28

    Helm aged 55, crew aged 39. Combined age = 94. New number is PN + (94-100) × 3 = PN -18.

    It should be a great days racing.