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  • slih
    some like it hot

    ‘the greatest comedy ever made’ (BBC)

    Billy Wilder’s glittering masterpiece doesn’t just use ‘the handsomest kid in town’, Tony Curtis, but its most radiant sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe, and one of its most dexterous comedians, Jack Lemmon. It also has a bevy of bathing beauties, a crowd of sinister mafiosi, a glamorous seaside setting in the roaring ‘20s, and a sizzling selection of songs.

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    There's a small fee of £5... just bring a main dish or desert

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    Aperitis at the Bar 7pm

    Candle-lit Buffet Supper with wine

    7.20 Main Course served

    Some Like it Hot 7.30 during main

    Interval 8.30 Desert served

    Second Half 8.45 during desert

    Finish: 10.00 Coffee and chocolates

    Guardians of the Galaxy film at 7.15 for children in the teaching room, with sleeping area at back


    Buffet supper

    Each family will be  asked to bring either a main dish or a desert.

    Who does what, to be arranged