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  • IBRSC Committee

    IBRSC COMMITTEE MEETING ON Monday 8th January 2018: 19:30hrs @ Club house

    Attendance: John Smith, David Simpson, Mike Storey (Chair), John Oldham (minutes), Alexis Villiers, Mike Jones, Tessa Groves, Tony Sproat, Chris Smith, Gareth Griffiths, Dave Baldwin, Nick Marley, Colin Bristow

    Apologies: Rob Pettit, Anthony Tahourdin

    Actions outstanding - updates.

    1. Action regarding Club Brochure -Nick Marley agreed to see if this could be revamped and re published, this action is progressing and 50 will be printed.
    2. Action regarding removal of weeds, Uta will speak to Francesca to gain advice and a quote on keep the plant life down around the club environs. John O will check with TW as to the progress of their weed killing operations.
    3. Action regarding committee mugshot board - Committee to send Mike J a photograph in their likeness. Ongoing action, Mike now has two members.
    4. Action regarding keys-Alexis will complete a club key replacement and review – action discussed and changed, Alexis will now make all key rings contain a complete set of keys. This action is now complete and discharged.
    5. Action regarding CCTV - John to purchase another internal camera for the CCTV, action ongoing and awaits fitting.
    6. Action to Alexis: to relaunch buoy 4 (buoy F as well now) Alexis will check this is complete and ensure that the two outer distance markers are ready for action. This action is complete and discharged.
    7. Action to Mike J who will engage the structural engineer before repair to roof is completed – this action was discussed and changed. It was agreed that the company advanced roofing will be engaged to put Triflex on the roof asap this negates the need for any extra weight on the roof and the structural engineers report – mike will check anyway but the action is now to Tony to engage the roof repair. Allocated funding of £17,000. This action is discharged and the roof works have started.
    8. Alexis to watch out for and purchase a new second hand engine funds up to £1700. This action is ongoing.
    9. Action to Dave S (1000) Alexis (300) and Mike J (1800) to draw down their expenses. Mike was asked to renegotiate his expenses – builder’s fees due to 900). This action is part complete. Mike will arrange for a suitable (full less 25%) payment to be supplied to builder and Dave and Alexis will finish claiming their expenses.
    10. Mike J agreed to draw up plans for new Women’s changing room. Action discharged at this time due to lack of funds.
    11. John O to check how TW will restore the grass. It is expected that it will be some time before boats can be moved back. This action is discharged the areas have been seeded and we await the spring to see the results.
    12. Dave B would be asked if it will be possible to build two more boat houses, cost the project and then committee to agree with treasurer (Tessa) for funding. Previous cost was £600 each. This action is ongoing.
    13. Action Dave B to check on Data Protection responsivities leading from the RYA info sent out Dave believes it only concerns the medical data collected on courses. Dave will write a policy document describing what data we retain and how it is used and circulate it to the committee for approval. Once approved it will be available on a link when signing up action discharged there is a full update by Dave below.

    New actions arising from this part of the meeting.

    1. John will send out to the committee instructions on setting up remote viewing of the club CCTV.
    2. Tony to assess whilst the scaffolding is up if cleaning of the outer walls of the club house can be completed.
    3. Scaffold company to be asked if they will sell old poles to make boat trailer supports for the refurbished banks.- Tony to enquire

    Committee updates

    Commodore Mike Storey

    AGM preparation- Mike will step down as Commodore and Uta will be proposed with Nick as Vice Commodore. Nigel will be approached to take Colin’s place on the Committee as RTC Principal.

    The committee members will all encourage others to backfill the ordinary posts on the committee. Mike agreed to take on a non-committee role of looking after the Visons.

    The Committee agreed a small change to the Byelaws and the Rules to deal with the new data protection act changes, these will be circulated to the AGM for ratification.

    John will circulate the AGM agenda ASAP

    Action to John to speak to TW regarding the boat washing station

    Tony (Anthony) Tahourdin has kindly agreed to audit the accounts.

    Vice Commodore Uta Griesenbach

    Uta hosted a meeting to discuss increasing the club membership and a number of proposals are taking shape for general debate.

    • Opening up for windsurfers, the committee felt that the club was already open to this but advertising further may assist.
    • Increasing use of Facebook advertising will assist
    • Flyers to be distributed and the club noticeboard outside the front gate will be reinstated. - Action to John to ask TW.
    • It was agreed that club members would be allowed to use any club boat free. This is a trial for one year and will be confirmed in club statute after the year.
    • Suggestion of finding if local universities require a home club, however it was recognised that the club is currently not set up to manage a training program.
    • Suggestions are that the visions are used in the Auterm series and are crewed by a new member to introduce them into racing.

    These suggestions will be reviewed by the next committee meeting and developed.

    The committee agreed that all plastic water bottles sold in the club will be replaced by recycled / reusable bottles.

    There was a discussion as to the use of power tools at the club for general maintenance. It was agreed that it was not necessary to purchase these for general use however Dave may need to buy specific tools for his or supervised use.

    The Club telephone contract will be looked into by Uta. -Action

    Rear Commodore-Works David Simpson

    Update from Dave - Fairly successful Working Party held:

    • Committee parking signs repaired
    • Club boat repairs on Toppers, Lasers, Visions and RS200s
    • Grass and brambles, including along the reservoir bank
    • Start to sort out discarded trailers – they need to be disposed of
    • A number of derelict boats failed to survive the onslaught and have retreated to the skip
    • Kitchen cleaned
    • Mats in changing rooms cleaned
    • East 3 pontoon returned to the bank
    • Two broken buoys refloated
    • Two new buoys floated
    • One of the inshore moorings repaired
    • Netting replaced on safety boat ramp
    • Steps cleaned
    • Trophy display cabinet built and clean, shiny trophies on view
    • Old masts prepared for disposal

    Winch has arrived – Thank you to Tony, but is not yet installed.

    Ramp to main ‘T’ pontoon has failed.

    • Temporary wooden ramp in place – Thanks to CJ, Alexis, Uta, Nick M & Mike Said
    • Sections taken away for repair – Thank you Alexis.
    • Plan for wheels to reduce loading on ramp

    We need to think about what to do with the trailer park and boat berthing.

    • It was agreed that at the Spring Working Party members will place their sticker on their trailer and place it in the boat park then any remaining unclaimed trailers will be disposed of after a suitable time.
    • It was agreed (as per above action) that Scaffolding will be used for boat berths as before.
    • Berthing allocations – not agreed
    • Increase trailer berthing fees to reduce number of trailers – not agreed

    Rear Commodore-House- Tony Sproat

    Report presented by Tony:

    WINCH: The winch has arrived and we are looking to install it when the ramp is built.

    ROOF: Preparation for the roof has begun the scaffolders due on Tuesday 9th January, to complete the scaffolding. The roofers will also attend on the same day and start the cleaning preparation.

    LADIES CHANGING ROOM LIGHT: There is a problem with one of the lights in the Ladies changing room, I obtained a number of tubes at a bargain price, and attempted to replace the tube, but that has failed. The fitting appears to be very old and I will replace it tomorrow with a new waterproof fitting.

    HEALTH & SAFETY ISSUE: Further to the subject of fluorescent lighting. I discussed the issue today with my NICEIC inspector during my annual assessment visit. The NICEIC are now advising that all exposed fluorescent tubes should be replaced with covered ones, as they are considered to be a health hazard. Incidences of people being blinded by shattered glass from overhead lights were cited. I will undertake a survey tomorrow of all current fluorescent fittings and report back.

    Hon Secretary - John Oldham

    There was a discussion around the Club asset list. The list of all items insured has been circulated to all committee members and John seeks to check that this list is factually correct. He asked that all with any knowledge of the items listed double check the details and report back to him.

    Hon Treasurer - Tessa Groves

    Report presented by Tessa

    3. Future spend

    We said in July that we can afford to spend  on other projects this year. Agreed and ongoing:

    • Roof – work is about to start
    • New winch – in progress
    • Carpet – cost agreed awaits Mike J WAIT UNTIL ROOF DONE
    • West ramp cost awaits TW meeting and asking them to build for us
    • Engine replacement for Alexis’ engine – agreed last meeting for Alexis to source a second hand engine.
    • Soft chair in club house – next year
    • Outdoor tap – awaits TW potentially building boat washing facilities.
    • Ladies changing room – not agreed mike J to cost
    • Floor down stairs - not agreed mike J to cost
    • More boat shelters? –Agreed last meeting Dave to build
    • New winch rope? DONE, but awaiting details of cost
    • Audio?

    4. Questions

    • Compensation received – Can anyone advice on the tax position re this compensation? - Committee advice was that this was not a Tax liability.
    • Consider redesign accounts for tax purposes – Need to think about this

    Hon Sailing Secretary - Gareth Griffiths

    Report by Gareth: Draft program for next year is in progress. No major changes but we will try to combine the match racing and Round the island

    Fast/Slow starts seems to be working – Lasers continue to extract results but the numbers vary from week to week making the two starts still the best option in my opinion.

    We have a real problem with slippery bank west of the clubhouse. It’s getting to the dangerous stage where it simply is not possible to walk out from the water and with a boat you simply slide out uncontrollably.

    1. stable boats you can launch from pontoons but that’s much harder for Aeros. I do have a way to launch but I think we need to do something about the bank – suggest getting a few grids like the ramps – maybe buy a couple to try out. Needs about 6 foot width to cover the first part of the smooth concrete. It’s just about possible on the ridges but impossible on the smooth. Action – Gareth will look into matting.

    Sailing committee will finalise the program later this month ready for renewal time.

    Membership secretary – Dave Baldwin

    Summary of Report from Dave:

    Boat Owner


    Non Boat Owner




    Windsurfing Only


    Cadet Boat Owner


    Cadet Non Boat Owner


    Winter Boat Owner Single


    Winter Boat Owner Double


    Winter Crew for IBRSC Member


    Winter Cadet Boat Owner Single


    Winter Cadet Boat Owner Double


    Winter Cadet Crew for IBRSC Member


    Winter Windsurfing Only


    Wednesday Crew


    Wednesday Boat Owner








    Sailing Club



    Membership Renewals
    These will be open in February and a few things MUST be finalised by then:

    1. Fees for next year. As inflation is running at about 3% I suggest we raise the fees by this amount, rounded up to the nearest pound.- This was agreed by the committee.
    2. The programme needs to be finalised so the duty teams can be allocated correctly.
    3. Junior sailing courses need to be sorted out.
    4. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) changes agreed and implemented (more on this later).

    How a member selects their duties has been changed. The motivations for this are:

    1. Give catering more priority as the current duty system prefers to give people race assistant duties over catering.
    2. Prevent the excessive overmanning of some Saturday duties while some Sunday duties are undermanned.
    3. Give people more choice as to when they can do their duties.
    4. Allow someone to change their duty to a vacant one before having to try the swap route (still to be done).

    All the available duty slots are shown that you could do based on your skills. They are divided into colour groups and you choose one duty from each group for each family member who is going to do duties.

    The earlier you renew the more choice in duties you get as days with no suitable duties are not shown to you.

    You can choose to do a full day duty (i.e. Sunday or Open meeting) instead of a half day duty (i.e. Saturday) as both are present in one colour group. If all the half day duties are filled then you will only be offered full day duties. Before, you would have been offered a half day duty and caused the team to be overmanned.

    This is ready to go live, but I have some more testing I want to do first.

    Open Meetings

    I have implemented online booking for open meetings and asked for some feedback on:

    1. What information to collect.
    2. What the terms and conditions should be, particularly concerning refunds.

    I HAVE HAD NO FEEDBACK ON THIS AND WILL REMOVE IT IF NOT NEEDED. Action to Committee to provide Dave will feedback.

    General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
    A review document was circulated earlier and the work identified in this that has already been carried out (but not deployed yet) is:

    1. Members directory no longer shows addresses.
    2. Medical data deleted when course is finished.
    3. Medical data hidden in log files.
    4. Medical data encrypted in database.
    5. https used so medical data not visible in transit from web browser to server. All accesses now use https.
    6. Session expires after 30 mins of inactivity so you will need to log in again.
    7. Show your purchases.
    8. Show all duties done or to do.
    9. Show all courses signed up for and show registration details (as printed out) with note that if course has expired the medical details blank.
    10. Show boats including ones you previously owned, if we kept a record of this.
    11. Show a periodic reminder to members who have greater access to the database about their responsibilities under GDPR. This will hopefully cover the training aspects we need to put in place. The training text still needs to be fleshed out. This will also cover the use of mailing lists (see later).

    Items 7-10 mean that there is no data we hold on a member that they cannot see directly themselves.

    Changes still to do are:

    • Restrict the course participant details so the helpers and administrators can only see them for the courses they run.
    • Opt in mechanism for inclusion in the members directory and mailing lists.
    • Document what, why, and how the information we collect is used, stored and retained.

    Open Questions:

    1. Confirm list of medical questions. (Agreed these will stay the same as they are not on general view)
    2. New member's list - stop displaying on notice board? It was agreed that we would no longer do this and the club rules will be changed to reflect this.
    3. Duty Roster and Reminders - keep as they are or remove email addresses and phone numbers? The committee agreed this was needed in order to plan the duty.
    4. Data retention - how long to keep? May be some difficulty in removing cleanly. Agreed to remove and suggestion was to replace entry with depersonalised information.

    I think most of the important stuff has been done and the remainder should be done by May when the new regulations come into effect.


    Action to John to liaise.

    Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR)

    This is another EU directive that is going to effect how we work.

    "Routine customer service messages do not count as direct marketing – in other words, correspondence with customers to provide information they need about a current contract or past purchase (e.g. information about service interruptions, delivery arrangements, product safety, changes to terms and conditions, or tariffs). General branding, logos or straplines in these messages do not count as marketing. However, if the message includes any significant promotional material aimed at getting customers to buy extra products or services or to renew contracts that are coming to an end, that message includes marketing material and the rules apply."

    Basically we cannot send out emails to sell or promote things that our members need to pay to do unless they have opted in to this. This means socials, training, open meetings and renewals.

    At present all emails to the members go through the notices@ mailing list, except for renewal emails as these are sent directly (so if you have already renewed, you don't get reminded again).

    We will still keep notices@ for general communications (but not selling) and this cannot be opted out of. I think we should have separate mailing lists: training@, socials@ and opens@ that must be opted-in to if a member wants to receive information relating to these areas where payment or promotion of a paid event is taking place. We could potentially get by with fewer lists but this makes it clear what material is sent on each list. Someone who joins as an associate probably isn't interested in training or opens but may well be interested in socials, for example. THIS IS SOMETHING WE MUST AGREE ON - THE RIGHT OPT-INS MUST BE IN PLACE BEFORE RENEWALS START.

    The committee view was to work towards adapting to these regulations.

    We also have a number of mailing lists for boat classes, namely lasers@, solos@, rs200@ and aeros@. These are little used and members are subscribed to these lists based on what boats they own. In the future (if we keep these lists) these will need to be opt-in lists.

    The committee agreed to dispense with these lists.

    Bird Scarers
    I have made a spider type bird scarer similar to the commercial ones bought, i.e. ten 1m long wires on a hub that can rotate. It can be simply attached to the jetty via two knobs to clamp it in place. I am having second thoughts about its suitability:

    1. 1. They are quite fragile and the wires will be easily bent out of shape.
    2. 2. I suspect that people will try and walk around them instead of removing them from the jetty. This happens with the commercial ones and even though my design is easier to remove I expect people will still do the same.
    3. 3. When folded up each scarer will take 1m x 200mm of space. There are 6 on a jetty and some sort of rack will be needed to store them out of the way. The rack will take up quite a lot of space in an area where there isn't much space to be had.

    With these problems in mind I have been looking at an alternative solution.

    The idea is to string 6 or so wires along the length of the jetty spread evenly over its width. These wires will be approx. 150mm (6") above the surface of the jetty.

    At one end, the wires are fixed to a frame that clips onto the end of the jetty. At the other end the wires are wound around a self-winding drum (think retracting dog leash) in another frame.

    To deploy walk to the end of the jetty and clip the fixed frame in to some supports. Walk back to the shore letting the wires extend out and at the start of the jetty clip this frame into supports.

    To remove the scarer unclips the frame at the start of the jetty and walk to the end of the jetty. The wires automatically retract. When at the end of the jetty unclip the fixed frame and return to the shore and store.

    I am still working through the design but I think I can make these for about the same as 6 of the spider type bird scarers and they should be a lot more robust and simpler to use.

    Boat Shelters
    I have started looking into making another two as requested.

    I am considering a different design - one made from square aluminium tubing and riveted together. The reasons for considering a different design are:

    1. The lower galvanised steel tubing is starting to rust. This is not urgent to fix and will take quite a few years to become a problem.
    2. The clamps hold the frame together using grub screws. Even though these are done up really tight the frames can be twisted out of square or they can come loose (as was shown recently). The riveted construction will stop this from happening and overall it should be a much more rigid frame.
    3. We can dispense with the gate so retrieving and storing boats will be even easier.

    The costs should be the same, although it will be more work to make. The frame will be lighter so it may be more susceptible to wind, but as the floats will be the same extra ballast could be added, if needed.

    Try Sail update - Chris Smith
    No specific updates for this meeting

    Sailing school and junior sailing update - Mike Jones
    This update will be presented at the AGM nothing specific for this meeting


    Club social Mike J agreed to organise another Quiz evening and a film night.

    An RS 200 has been damaged in the storm (Eleanor) Action to John to make an insurance claim. Nick to provide the boat details.

    Next Meeting @Clubhouse 4th Feb 2018 (AGM)

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