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Social Saturdays

  • social ssaturdays


    To complement Friendly Fridays which will take place in the long summer evenings, the club will be holding a number of Social evenings during the Autumn, Winter and Spring. These will be on Saturdays and open to members, their families, children, friends and prospective members.

    To round off this winter we will be holding the first Island Barn Film night. This will be on Saturday April 14.

    A separate poster will be issued.

    Social events will be accompanied by a meal provided by all participants. Being family events, animated films will be shown in the teaching room, in which there will also be a children’s sleeping area, if needed.

    This autumn we will have:
    Quiz Night on (13 Oct)
    Bonfire Night on (3 Nov)
    Ceilidh Barn Dance Night on (24 Nov)

    Next spring, 2019, we will have:
    Talent Show (Feb 9)
    Film night number two (Mar 16)

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