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Minutes - Sailing Committee Meeting, 25th October 2017

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Minutes - Sailing Committee Meeting

Date: 25 October 2017
Time: 1930
Location: Clubhouse

Attending: Gareth Griffith (chair), Simon Bean, Uta Griesenbach, Mike Jones, Mike Storey, Alexis Villier, Dave Simpson, Dave Baldwin, Nick Marley
Apologies: Chris Smith, Colin Bristow
Absent: Paul Playle, Mike Storey, CJ Cavallari

Minutes prepared by Uta Griesenbach




Boat maintenance

Visions need dedicated person for maintenance

Label visions with big numbers to make reporting easier

UG to speak to Dylan Emmett and Eric Craig again

UG to put numbers on boats at next working party

J80 Sailing

William Tahourdin runs J80 training at Royal Southern Training and spaces are sometimes available– Mike suggested to ask club teens if they are interested

MJ to continue to check with Will T re opportunitites

Boat shelters

Would be useful to have a video on website. Colin Bristow agreed to look into this at March committee meeting

NM and DB to make video

Bird faeces

Spiders work, but are expensive. Dave B may be able to make cheaper models

DB working on this

RYA training

GG and MJ preparing to do SI courses

Nigel Thomson has taken over as principle for powerboat RYA training

Ray Lambe has taken over as child protection officer

Jonathan Leake is organising First Aid course and passing on information about DI courses (offered via A Simpson Foundation)

Currently no further action required

Organisation of upcoming Opens and Events

Management of event needs to be improved to maximise participation. Task and people responsible need to be clarified and assigned early.

Mike J generated a spreadsheet listing 2018 events and tasks

Open meeting needs some people over lunch only. Can this be arranged via duty system

MJ to tell DB how many people are needed for big opens. (see also MJ spreadsheet)

UG to add all committee members to dropbox

DB to assess if this can be arranged


Problems encountered: To many people signed up for some Saturdays, often not enough signed up on Sundays. Catering often not filled

Solution suggested by Dave B: instead of suggestion 4 duty dates, give people dates for all open duties. More choice may even out selection.

Open events: make this part of general duty allocation not fleet specific.

Treat Sunday and Saturday duties the same. Will make system easier, and will entice people to sign up early.

DB to implement

Draft Programme

Membership site down since last Wednesday. Hosting company has changed webserver, should be resolved soon

Maybe combine match racing and round the island

Split Saturday into spring and summer series

Feva open: new event for 2018

Feva training: requested by RYA March 17 28018

Phantom/Aero date TBC

Joint opens: Avoid confusion with both fleets finishing at the same time. Can be avoided by moving committee boat according to Mike J

Not everybody liked triangle/sausage course. However the course gives best variety on water and format is a commonly used. After some discussion it was decided to keep the course the same.

DB queried if school regatta should happen again. Attendance this year was not good.

MJ stated that this year’s organisation had some weaknesses.

GG: Is surrey school organisation strong enough to cover a big event? only 2 school and 3 clubs still interested.

MJ: it is a low pressure event which some kids like

GG maybe name needs changing to junior sailing event and invite other clubs

Laser open:

Streaker/Solo open: continue with joint event

Feb 17: topper open

Aero/Phantom : either 3rd or 10th of March

No further action required. Website working again.

GG to decide on split

MJ organising

MJ organising

GG to set date

No further action required

No further action required

needs further thoughts and discussion between MJ and potential participants.

Mike to contact schools. and participating clubs to see what numbers look like and assess if rotating event every 3 years may be better.

Simon checking dates

Chris/Paul: on case to find a date

GG to check if Dinghy show is on 3rd. try to avoid clash

Winter Sailing

Keep format

No further action required

Upcoming events

Junior Races/Series

Junior series in autum? Juniors prefer to join rather than have their own start

Junior regatta and fireworks (CB idea) was big success. Repeat in 2018

RYA training

Nothing new to add,

Powerboat courses: include sea scouts but no outside applicants,

Run 2 PB2 and 1 safety boat course in 2018

MJ to canvas opinion, but default is to extract from one start

DB and NT to set dates


Nick M agreed to support Chris S running trysail

Sailing School

Separate meeting in November, nothing discussed here


Circulate minutes to all membership to improve communication in addition to having minutes on website

Grass cutting: big commitment – grass cutters should get free membership.

Jim C covers many open meetings in addition to doing duties.

Quiz night worked well. More socials would be welcome

UG to circulate and send to Nick M for Website

DB to implement

DB to talk to Jim C if he wants to count open meetings towards his duties

MJ (social secretary) to think about this

Next meeting

January 2018

UG to arrange date

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