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RYA Powerboat Level 2 - Spring 2018 Courses

  • We strongly encourage all members who have not done the Powerboat course to decide when to do it (not whether to do it…)

    This is a really good course that teaches how to safely drive a powerboat – not just at IBRSC but anywhere, this is a globally recognised qualification.  Great refresher for those who have driven boats but don’t have the formal qualification and perfect for newer sailors. The RYA qualification is well recognised if you want to hire a boat on holiday, and if you ever need assistance from a safety boat it’s helpful if you understand what the power boat is doing.

    We would really like every member to know how to drive a power boat as well as how to sail, and ideally then go on to do the Safety Boat course (which is a lot of fun and teaches how to rescue boats and people). PB2 is a basic course that anyone can easily do to learn how to be safe in a power boat.

    These courses are incredibly good value – this year the same course at a other local clubs and commercial centres are charging upto £320.

    This is normally a club members only course.  However, this year we are inviting the parents of children on the club's Sunday Sailing School to join the course.  It's not only a great skill as outlined but also helps to do the most to ensure the saftey of your and all the children on the reservoir (when booking just log in with either your or your cadet's membership details).

    We have two options to help to ensure we can meet your weekend's needs:

    Option 1 - Do It In One Weekend
    Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April
    available spaces 9
    Cost £40
    Book Online Now

    Option 2 - Two Saturdays (well, we wouldn't want to get in the way of your racing)
    Saturday 19th and Saturday 26th May
    available spaces 9
    Cost £40
    Book Online Now

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    LEARN TO SAIL (adults)

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