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IBRSC Rtc Accreditation

  • It's been a while since your Commodore sent out any news updates, so here goes with the 1st of a few!

    An initiative which began approximately 2 years ago and continued on from the findings of the Club questionnaire, has finally been brought to fruition during this last year


    IBRSC - RTC accreditation


    Carl Mayhew has informed me that our club has received formal notification from the RYA, that IBRSC has been accredited with Recognised Training Centre (RTC) status.

    The RYA certificate will, in due course, be prominently displayed in the clubhouse, but in summary, the club has been granted approval to run the following certified courses:-


    Dinghy Level 1 - Start Sailing
    Dinghy Level 2 - Basic Skills
    Dinghy Level 3 - Better Sailing
    Dinghy Start Racing
    Dinghy Seamanship Skills
    Dinghy Sailing With Spinnakers
    Youth Sailing Scheme - Start Sailing Stage 1
    Youth Sailing Scheme - Start Sailing Stage 2
    Youth Sailing Scheme - Start Sailing Stage 3
    Youth Sailing Scheme - Start Sailing Stage 4

    Powerboat Level 1 Course
    Powerboat Level 2 Course
    Safety Boat Course




    I am sure that you would all like to join me in congratulating, and thanking wholeheartedly the following people, who have given up so much of their time and put such an enormous effort into achieving this milestone for the club:

    - Carl Mayhew - RYA Principal
    - Malcolm Barnes
    - David Nunn
    - Julie Harrison
    - Tom Winskell

    Achieving this status has involved updating, revalidating and formalising many of the clubs operational documents & manuals and the overhaul of club dinghies being used for the training courses - namely the new RS-Visions and the 3 club Lasers which now also sport Radial rigs.

    Many of you will have noticed too, that the safety boats have also been brought up to required specifications for the Powerboat courses.


    The first RTC dinghy course is fully subscribed and well underway, running on Tuesday evenings alongside Tuesday Trysail.

    If you would like more information about any of these courses, please register your interest by contacting

    In this way, Carl and his team can then plan future courses, based on demand from both inside the club, and outside for new members.


    Many congratulations again to everybody involved in this project, and I look forward to seeing some real benefits to the club in the coming years.

    Rob Pettit


    PS: With the certificate, also came the RYA flags - one in particular being of rather generous proportions!

    If anyone knows where we might source a proper flag mast with cross-tree, then we could be looking at a 'royal hoisting' of the RTC flag soon.