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IBRSC COMMITTEE MEETING ON Monday 9th October 2017

  • IBRSC Committee

    IBRSC COMMITTEE MEETING ON Monday 9th October 2017: 19:30hrs @ Club house

    Attendance: John Smith, David Simpson, Mike Storey (Chair), John Oldham (minutes), Alexis Villiers, Mike Jones, Tessa Groves, Tony Sproat, Colin Bristow

    Apologies: Chris Smith, Gareth Griffiths, Dave Baldwin, Nick Marley, Anthony Tahourdin

    Actions from previous meeting.

    1. Action regarding Club brochure -Nick Marley agreed to see if this could be revamped and re published, this action is moved on to next meeting and Mike S will remind Nick.
    2. Action regarding Weeds Uta will speak to Francesca to gain advice on keep the plant life down around the club environs. This action is ongoing. A new action from this is for John to speak to TW about the weeds on the waterside banks and who is responsible for keeping them down. Certainly the weeds under the ramps need removing at this time.
    3. Action regarding committee mugshot board - Committee to send Mike J a photograph in their likeness. Ongoing action
    4. Action regarding keys-Alexis will complete a club key replacement and review – action discussed and changed, Alexis will now make all key rings contain a complete set of keys.
    5. Action regarding CCTV - John to purchase another internal camera for the CCTV action ongoing
    6. Action Mike S to send out a reminder to duties team about timing and responsibility. – Action complete.
    7. Action to John Smith to source and buy a suitable TV – action complete
    8. Action to Alexis: to relaunch buoy 4 (buoy F as well now) Alexis will check this is complete and ensure that the two outer distance markers are ready for action.
    9. Action to Mike J who will engage the structural engineer before repair to roof is completed – this action was discussed and changed. It was agreed that the company advanced roofing will be engaged to put Triflex on the roof asap this negates the need for any extra weight on the roof and the structural engineers report – mike will check anyway but the action is now to Tony to engage the roof repair. Allocated funding of £17,000
    10. Action for the next committee meeting: To review and prioritise future spends this was discussed and Action discharged. It was agreed to fund the new roof and to fund replacement of carpet in clubroom with lino (new action to Mike J) it was agreed for Alexis to watch out for and purchase a new second hand engine funds up to £1700. (New action to Alexis) Note: there is an issue around unclaimed expenses. Action to Dave S (1000) Alexis (300) and Mike J (1800) to draw down their expenses. Mike was asked to renegotiate his expenses – builder’s fees due to 900). Note to all – no spending above £100 unless committee agreement. Mike J agreed to draw up plans for new Women’s changing room ( new action to Mike)
    11. Action to Uta to review insurance liability. Action discharged
    12. Action to John to see how far our current policy stretches. Action discharged
    13. Action to John. To send out an email to parent about signing up for catering and putting the club away at the end of Sunday.- Action discharged

    Committee updates

    Commodore Mike Storey
    The repair work being undertaken by TW is progressing to schedule. The bank to the east of the club has been restored and awaits use. ACTION to John O to check how TW will restore the grass. It is expected that it will be some time before boats can be moved back.

    Vice Commodore Uta Griesenbach
    No specific matters of concern

    Rear Commodore-Works David Simpson
    New ramp:

    • Grating panels, roller and mooring rings on site.
    • Winch more expensive than first thought; it has not yet been ordered. It will require a frame to be constructed.
    • Ramp will go up to the left to the existing one, so there will be no room for the TW boat washing station (if it ever happens) there.
    • Dave will ensure that Russell who is building the ramp is paid his fees due once the ramp is completed so we will know what available funds there are to purchase the new winch.
    • Working Party priorities Grass cutting: Ian Peace + 4, Boat fleet repair, lower boat park grass cutting. Move jetty, tidy up sail shed, lay marker buoy, remove rescue boat from water.
    • A discussion was head around new covers for the rescue boats. Dave B would be asked if it will be possible to build two more boat houses, cost the project and then committee to agree with treasurer (Tessa) for funding. Previous cost was £600 each.

    Rear Commodore-House- Tony Sproat
    As per the above previous minutes section Tony was asked to instruct the builders to start on the roof ASAP once Mike has confirmed with the structural engineer that no weight calcs would be needed.

    Hon Secretary - John Oldham
    It was agreed outside committee meeting for Gareth Moss - Surrey Outdoor Learning and Development (part of council) to use our water on Fri 20 Oct 1/2 day (morning only) to run a canoe assessment (BCU). The water they usually use is too small for this assessment. They would provide all their equipment appropriately 'clean and dry etc'.

    Hon Treasurer Tessa Groves

    Future spend

    We said in July that we can afford to spend on other projects this year
    Revamped Decisions from this meeting:
    Engine replacement for Alexis’ engine – yes
    Ramp from carpark and winch –  TW compensation
    Soft chair in club house – next year
    Outdoor tap – awaits TW potentially building boat washing facilities.
    Carpet – agreed and now changed to Lino.
    Ladies changing room – not agreed but mike J to cost and draw up
    Floor down stairs - not agreed mike J to cost
    Roof agreed
    More boat shelters tentatively agreed for 2 but awaits costing


    I will try to finish the accounts for year ended 30/09/2017 by end of November.
    I need to reconcile bank account with online payments.
    Tax return – HMRC login? Any info?
    Compensation received – Can anyone advice on the tax position re this compensation – presume treat as income.
    Consider redesign accounts for tax purposes – Need to think about this

    Hon Sailing Secretary - Gareth Griffiths
    Not a lot to report. The new slow handicap start seems to be working smoothly. Having the same start sequence for Anniversary and regular Sundays I think has helped
    My usual please for race sheets to be properly completed. (No I do not know every sailor’s name just from a sail number).
    Nick and I are managing to do the results (with Jim as a resource if we find something odd in sail wave). I have now merged in the results where people sailed multiple classes in the handicap fleets. (Not done anniversary yet because it is more complex with the dual results).
    We have a sailing committee meeting coming up later this month when we will confirm the format of the winter series and start to plan next year’s program. If anyone has ideas for new events or thinks one of the existing has run its course please let me know.

    Membership secretary – Dave Baldwin

    Members Summary

    Non Boat Owner




    Windsurfing Only


    Cadet Boat Owner


    Cadet Non Boat Owner


    Winter Boat Owner Single


    Winter Boat Owner Double


    Winter Crew for IBRSC Member


    Winter Cadet Boat Owner Single


    Winter Cadet Boat Owner Double


    Winter Cadet Crew for IBRSC Member


    Winter Windsurfing Only


    Wednesday Crew


    Wednesday Boat Owner








    Sailing Club



    RYA course refunds
    These have all been done.

    ‘Daddy Long Legs’ bird scarers
    I can now attach the wires securely to the hub so will be making a couple to try out soon.

    Boat Shelters
    The ripped cover has been replaced. The cover was originally ripped when used on an earlier prototype that capsized (same design as now but with shorter floats). It was also the oldest cover so had probably suffered more UV damage as well. All the other boat shelters inspected and a few other issues fixed. Thanks to Dave S for his help.
    The new cover is unfortunately larger than the original (even though the same tarpaulin was ordered from the same supplier) so looks baggy. Time will tell if this helps or hinders its longevity.

    The duty reminders: emails, on the web dashboard and printed renewal/joining letters now show the end times for the duties. This takes into account junior sailing, spring/summer and autumn/winter times.
    An alternative way of offering duties is being looked at to give people more choice on dates and to balance the duties between different periods of the year more evenly and to give catering higher priority.
    We still have an imbalance between number of half day (normal Saturday) duties and full day duties (Sundays and Open meetings) simply because the same number of people are divided up on fewer half days than full days and there are less duty roles to fill on half days, hence the overmanning on Saturday duties we are seeing. The only way around this is to say everyone does three duties, one of which may be a half day one. At present everyone has a half day duty.

    Data Protection
    I have started looking at the RYA info sent around and will spend more time when I am back from holiday. So far the only concern I can see is the medical records collected for courses. These are retained at present but I can arrange for them to be deleted once a course has finished.
    I will write a policy document describing what data we retain and how it is used and circulate it to the committee for approval. Once approved it will be available on a link when signing up.
    Action to Dave with committee thanks.

    Membership with boat hire
    There has been some discussion about having a membership category that includes boat hire fees. I think this is a good idea but we need to decide if we are going to do this, what the increment over a normal non boat owner is and any other conditions (training use takes priority, open to anyone of just try sailors?, limited to one year or any duration?, etc.).
    The committee discussed this and agreed that the fee for the member will be normal membership plus £90 maximum one year. Members will be excluded from using club boats during trysail. All agreements subject to alteration with committee consensus.

    Race Board
    I have got the material to fix the race board posts on the committee boat now and will try and do it soon.

    Try Sail update - Chris Smith
    No specific updates for this meeting

    Sailing school and junior sailing update - Colin Bristow / Mike Jones
    Overall: junior sailing very healthy, with several areas requiring Improvement in 2018.

    The strongest class at the moment, due to great leadership of Ray, with excellent back up
    from Claire, Jeff, Dylan, Douglas, Nigel, Uta and a host of new parents, Baldings, Fabers,
    Campagnolis, Townsins, Craigs, and others that age allows me to temporarily overlook.

    Jonathan Leake has done a fantastic job this year running what I think is the hardest of the
    groups, the Topper beginners. Hardest, because it is a big jump from Oppies to Topper.
    He has a introduced several new directions and has had enjoyment and fun for all as a key
    driver. I applaud this. He has also led some much needed maintenance.
    I have done a number of sessions with the more experienced Topper sailors, concentrating
    on speed and racing techniques.
    We need a few sessions with a Topper specialist coach and will introduce these in 2018.
    Getting into the 2018 / 2019 Zone Squad should be a target for several Topper sailors.
    Equally, starting club racing should also be a target.

    A number of Topper sailors have shown interest in getting into the Feva fleet next year.
    This is great news.
    Expansion of the Feva fleet in 2018, plus a good Open and Open Training weekend are
    The targets.
    Congratulations to Ching Wong and Eleanor O’Leary for getting into Feva National Squad.
    Well done CJ and Gareth for helping them get there, and of course parents Wongs and

    Gareth gives fantastic coaching. What we need is more Laser 4.7 sailors coming up from
    Toppers. This is another 2018 target.

    Fun Day. Enjoyably wet, as usual.

    Commodores Day. Good racing for all the junior classes went well. Pirate ships terrifying.

    Fun Day 2. Oldies and Juniors Regatta to round off season is a great success. Will
    continue with this.

    Autumn Cruise. OK, I know I need to distance this from the club, but this was another
    spectacularly good weekend, ending with a great Force 5 – 6 downwind sleigh ride back to
    Portsmouth and Hamble from Bucklers Hard, to end the weekend. 5 yachts and 44 people,
    with 18 juniors this year. The kids were amazingly enthusiastic and good, all the parents
    were very supportive, and skippers Tony, Stuart, Jeff, Horsken and all skippered their vessels
    like professionals, and mother hen Uta, as usual, kept the whole show on the road.

    November 4th Regatta and Fireworks: being organised right now

    Christmas parties: Father Christmas has been elf-mailed and is booked in for 17
    December, after midday mince pies and punch for oldies and before bowling and curry for
    juniors and parents.

    AOB – Colin echoed Mikes report highlighting how well the Island barn juniors are doing on the open sailing circuit. He stated that the RYA inspection is soon

    Next Meeting @Clubhouse 8th Jan 2018

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