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  • Start/Intermedie racing

    Start Racing is open to all Club members who have completed TrySail or RYA level 2 (level 3 is even better). It is a practice/coaching morning focusing on developing the basic skills already learned to apply them to dinghy racing. TryRace at IBRSCThe focus is on having fun while developing the skills outside the pressure of a race. Generally we use Picos or Lasers but if you have your own boat in a different class that is  fine. Each morning we focus on one particular skill gradually building up the full repertoire - for example Starting a race, Efficient tacking/gybing,  Upwind/Downwind sailing using windshifts, Rounding marks, and the Racing Rules so that you will be comfortable in the closer situations that develop on the race course.

    Intermediate Racing is aimed at frther developing the skills and is suitable for all club racers. This cvers more advanced sail controls, tactics and of course further sailing skills development.

    Both are four week courses starting at 10:00 on Saturday with morning drill/coaching/practice followed by joining in the club races in the afternoon. (with caoching during the races).

    These courses are £50 to club members, and the numbers are limited so please register on the course so we know the numbers to expect and get contact details etc.  Registration is simple and open to members via the membership website, look for Adult Start Racing:

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