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Club Boats Update

  • Club Boats Update

    As part of our move to become a RYA Recognised Training Centre, we have bought a number of new boats. The club now has a significant number of club boats for hire:

    3 off RS 200s (Sail Nos. 1236, 1237 & 1238) - High performance, 2-person (providing not large!) boat with asymmetric spinnaker (sometimes one or more of these boats are block-booked for a series) - £20/day
    1 off RS Vision (Sail No. 1393) - Fairly high performance, 2/3-person (family) boat with symmetric spinnaker; more stable than RS 200 - £20/day
    (NB: The Club has borrowed a second Vision - this is for Training Only and is not for hire)
    3 off RS Fevas (Sail Nos. ?, 3355 & 3356) - High performance, 2-youngster or small adult boat with asymmetric spinnaker - £15/day (£10 Wednesday evenings)
    3 off Enterprises (Sail Nos. 18008, 18614 & 22267) - Fairly high performance, 2-person boat of more conventional design - £10/day
    4 off Solos (Sail Nos. 270, 1381, 2713 & 3616) - As name suggests, single-hander; fairly high performance - £5/day (Juniors £4)
    3 off Lasers - High performance single-hander - £5/day (Juniors £4)
    1 off National 12 (Sail No. 3085) - Fairly high performance, 2-person boat - £10/day
    7 off Toppers - Youngster or small adult single-hander - £4/day (Adults £5)
    4 off Oppies - Young child single-hander - £4/day

    However, they are expensive for the club to buy and time consuming to maintain; we need everyone to play their part in looking after them. Therefore, can I please ask all members to comply with the following simple rules:

    Only take out a type of boat suitable for your experience and in conditions you are competent. In particular, the RS 200s and Vision require General or Sailing Committee member approval before hiring.
    Check appropriate booking sheet for boat to ensure availability.
    Check the damage log at front of Club Boats folder.
    Fill out a Club Boat Hire Ticket, put ticket and exact payment in one of the plastic bags by the bar, and hand bag in to bar or post in box by bar before going on the water - we rely on your honesty.
    Report any missing or broken fittings (use sheet at front of Club Boats folder).
    Don't re-rig any boat, unless you really know what you are doing - please ask if there appears to be a problem.
    Rig loose fittings before going on the water - they may fall overboard.
    Enjoy your sail!
    If any damage is caused, please repair it yourself if possible. If unable to repair it yourself, report it using the sheet at front of Club Boats folder.
    If you lose any fittings, please buy a replacement.
    Put boat away as you found it - make sure it is tidy, covered and securely tied down.

    The booking sheets for the Club Boats have now been updated for this year, so please use them.
    We rely on your honesty - if you have hired a boat this year without paying yet, please fill out a Boat Hire Ticket and pay.

    Club Open with Stage 3 Restrictions    find out more