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Working Party - Sunday 29th October

  • working party

    We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Sunday helping with the repairs and cleaning at the club; the club only functions due to the efforts of you, the members.

    Please don’t forget that the clock go back one hour on Sunday morning.

    There are tasks on the water:

    • Repairing and re-laying two buoys
    • re-siting a pontoon
    • fixing the inshore mooring (currently the only one).

    There are tasks on the land:

    • The ever-present grass and weeds need a good talking to
    • cutting-up of derelict boats
    • general clearing up and disposal
    • club boat maintenance.

    There are tasks inside:

    • Cleaning (kitchen, windows, spider re-housing, mats in changing rooms ………………..)

    Please come prepared to go on the water or come prepared for outdoor tasks: warm clothes, thick gloves, tools/cutters/spades/forks, protective clothing and eye protection. There are some club tools, but they are not great – please bring your own.

    The forecast indicates a Northerly wind, but otherwise the weather should be reasonable.

    With a good turnout we can leave the club in a much better state than now.

    As some of you may have noticed, Thames Water are on the verge of completing their repairs to the banks, and will soon be removing their equipment and restoring the ground to its previous state (we hope with the protection against weeds in the trailer park and outside the inner gate remaining. They have finished where we had our boats berthed and have re-seeded it; however, the ground is still soft and muddy – It is not yet suitable for the return of boats. We hope that this will be possible in the spring.

    As usual, there will be free food and a drink for those helping.

    As Gareth has already stated, there will be the summer season prizegiving after lunch.

    David Simpson
    IBRSC Rear-Commodore Works