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RS200 Seas Open At Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club 2011

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Wembley Sailing Club must be a lively place. First you have Rob Janering, who just can’t get enough – racing, that is. Having had four back-to-backs on a Saturday afternoon, he was clamouring for more. Now we admire enthusiasm that thinks nothing of half a dozen races on the trot, but a race officer has to weigh this against other issues like the rather concerned helms-lady who had to get back to walk her dog which tended to eat furniture if not let loose by 6.30pm. Second, you have Julian Bradley who was threatening something worse than knee capping for being disqualified from what might have been his Open Meeting winning final race. And what’s more, his very attractive (is that allowable in 2011?) crew took one of the race officer’s cream and jam scones in retribution.

The other reason for this exuberant behaviour was the weather. The morning at Island Barn had been humid and windless. There been much straining at the bridle and pawing the club-house floor by this very competitive SEAS RS 200 fleet for its opening event of the season. The faintest flurry of wind across the water intensified the champing and pawing.

RS 200 coach and competitor Pete Vincent would have none of it ‘I’m not going out there ‘til the bung can be left out without filling the boat.’ This sounded a sound plan to the race officer and an early lunch was had.

During a splendid chilli con carne a south easterly breeze sprung up. Pete confirmed to the race officer that his bungless drain would no longer fill and we were off. A disobeyed I flag on race 1 meant Nick Charles and Huw Whitworth (both from Datchet) took their discard early, while Simon Cory and Sarah (of the Styles dynasty) from Downs narrowly pipped Julian Bradley and Chloe the-scone-pincher Sidens from Wembley. Andrew and Jill Peters from Queen Mary took third.

Nick Charles and Roz Allen responded perfectly to their Race 1 OCS by winning Race 2 by a big margin. Dicken Maclean and Hannah Young bettered an indifferent first race tenth with a second and the talkative (in the nicest way) Rob Janering, with Ian Gill, took third. In Race 3 Micky Boughton and Mike Wood had a tremendous tussle with Andrew and Jill Peters and picked the correct end of the finishing line to take first.

With one result discarded and one race to go Julian Bradley and Chloe Sidens (5) were tying with Andrew and Jill Peters (5). These boats narrowly led Simon Cory and Sarah Styles (6), Rob Janering and Ian Gill (7) plus Nick Charles and Roz Allen (7). The winner would surely come from this group.

A general recall on the final race led to a black flag appearing for the first time. On the restart Julian and Clhoe Sidens went for it. A full speed, fully powered up start at the committee boat end took them straight into a lead. But unfortunately – a good three feet over at the gun. It deserved better than ‘Back to the clubhouse, Julian’. Club mates Rob Janering and Ian Gill picked up the baton. They tried everything to break the cover of race leaders Simon Cory and Sarah Styles. But these two from Downs quietly eased away and deservedly took the race and the Winners Trophy, leaving Janering and Gill to take second overall. Andrew and Jill Peters sailed below their best for a fifth in the final race to take third overall., while Nick Charles and Roz Allen’s disappointing final race eighth was enough to give them fourth overall. Pete Vincent revelled in the increasing breeze and with the driest of bailers took a final race third and fifth overall.

Mention should be made of Island Barn’s James Curtis and Harry Phelps who, both still Juniors and in their first 200 regatta, beat their class captain and vice commodore.


Overall Results:

Pos Sail No Helm Crew Club R1 R2 R3 R4 Pts
1st 1018 Simon Cory Sarah Styles Downs SC 1 5 -15 1 7
2nd 1130 Rob Janering Ian Gill Wembley SC -4 3 4 2 9
3rd 962 Andrew Peters Jill Peters Queen Mary SC 3 -9 2 5 10
4th 584 Nick Charles Roz Allen Datchet Water SC (DSQ) 1 6 8 15
5th 1301 Pete Vincent S Proctor Bristol Corinthian YC 6 -15 7 3 16
6th 1161 Jane Olive Darren McNamara BCYC 7 4 5 -13 16
7th 1128 Matt Giles Emily Giles Weir Wood SC 5 7 -14 6 18
8th 1321 Micky Boughton Mike Wood ISC -15 10 1 10 21
9th 940 Dicken Maclean Hannah Young IBRSC 10 2 9 -12 21
10th 953 Juliet Charles Alice Kingsnorth   8 8 -12 7 23
11th 1263 Julian Bradley Chloe Sidens Wembley SC 2 19 3 (DSQ) 24
12th 1024 Tom Winskell Abi Winskell IBRSC -11 6 10 9 25
13th 1325 Charlotte Savage Mike Gifford IBRSC 12 -13 13 4 29
14th 1144 John Gill Judy Faulds   9 16 -19 11 36
15th 1238 James Curtis Harry Phelps IBRSC 14 11 11 -20 36
16th 1343 Tim Lewis Elliot Lewis Littleton SC -16 14 8 15 37
17th 761 Huw Whitworth Paul Whitworth Datchet Water SC (DSQ) 12 18 14 44
18th 1236 Mike Curtis Chris Golding IBRSC -17 17 17 16 50
19th 749 Carl Mayhew Xavier Quillien IBRSC 13 18 (DNC) DNC 55
20th 945 Clare James Lucy Gibson IBRSC 19 (DSQ) 21 17 57
21st 839 Roger Wilson Chung Chan Wembley SC 18 -20 20 19 57
22nd 297 Nicole Farr Kirstie Greenslade Broadstairs SC (DNF) 21 16 21 58
23rd 615 Chris Greenaugh Peter Walker Dorchester SC 20 -22 22 18 60