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  • Changes to the sailing programme for the 2005 summer season.

    Due to popular demand at the AGM the sailing committee have made a few changes to the sailing programme for the forthcoming summer series. These changes affect both Sunday and Wednesday sailing. Saturday and Tuesday remain as they were last year.

    For Sundays there was a very large majority in favour of extending the dual course racing we have been doing during the winter afternoon race. In order to accommodate this the committee have decided to maintain the current first race, using a "traditional Island Barn" course, starting at 10.30 and with the same fleet groupings as last year. The length of this race will be reduced - aiming to be no more than 45 minutes for the first boat to finish. This race will constitute the a.m. series. We will then run two races under the dual course racing system, with asymmetric spinnaker boats doing windward/leeward courses and traditional boats doing the square or "q" courses. These two races, starting at 11.45, will be strictly back to back, with each lasting about 25 minutes for the first boat. The start sequence for the second race will begin as soon as all boats finish the first race. The fleet groupings will be Asymmetric handicap; Laser; traditional handicap.

    Short races give you all the fun and drama of the start and the first beat and should prevent too much spread in the fleets, thus allowing the second race to get under way quickly. For the slower amongst us, it will also give you more time closer to the fast guys, to watch what they are doing. For the switched on race officer, it should be possible to get 3 races done and dusted and off the water by 1 o'clock. In order to keep the back to back races finishing early we will also be shortening the pursuit race,which is held on the first Sunday of each month.

    The August start time experiment has been abandoned due to adverse feedback (despite it being a success based on the measure of how many people sailed).

    Changes are being forced on us for Wednesday's due to the retirement from the shore crew of Peter Jelley, June Curtis, Jan Cole and Julia Jelley. We all owe a deep debt of gratitude to these stalwarts of the club for the huge amount of time and effort they have put in to making Wednesday's so enjoyable for the rest of us over the last many years.

    The retirement of Peter is both a challenge and an opportunity. With our fabulous new committee boat , we have the opportunity to simplify the calculation of results, which is something that tests most of us when there are part laps in the race (and which Peter did on our behalf). We are introducing a rule that the race must start and finish at the same place, so there are only full laps. This can be a line from the bank if the wind is in the right place, but those who have used the committee boat know that this is a better option. In order to keep laps short, and enable the race to finished at the right time for all boats, we will be looking to introduce some sort of guideline or maybe a hard rule. One of the options would be to limit courses to no more than 5 buoys. What do you think?

    The Wednesday series will, of course, have a different start sequence this year. We have changed start sequences every year that I can remember, so why stop now?

    Keep looking out for further information, either on the website or at the clubhouse.

    See you on the water for more (shorter) races than ever before.


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