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RS400 Open Meeting 14 April 2002

  • RS400 Open 2002 - Glad to be Gray

    Sometimes it seemed like the most important factor in doing well at Island Barn SCs RS400 Opem was to have a gray boat! Certainly it seemed as if at times the prime requisite to being ahead of the leading bunch was that particular shade from the RS palette. Competitors arrived on a lovely spring morning with just one small drawback - flat calm. Racing eventually started after the wind filled in from a number of different directions, and when cloud cover arrived in the afternoon there was a pleasant enough F2. As a result of the postponement only one race was sailed in the morning, in the lightest winds of the day. This proved no handicap to Date and Muguston, who took the race quite comfortably, with David Giles and Fiona Clark second, Greg O'Brien and Colin Staite third. Lunch was then taken.

    The first of the afternoon races was started in a td more breeze after a lengthy delay for the wind to settle. The resultant itchy trigger fingers had the predictable result - three guns, whereupon the wind promptly boxed the compass again until another start could be got off. This time the race officer could identify all th offendors, but unfortunately Date and Muguston didn't realise they were among that number and sailed the race only to be greeted by the dreaded silence at the line. Hywel Roberts and Melissa Storey had no such problem, and took the race from Giles and Clark, then O'Brien & Staite.

    The wind perked up some for the next race, and brought with it a most unexpected development - a scarlet boat first to the windward mark! Mark Taylor and just-met-that-morning crew Natalie Butcher greased the start and read the shifts just right to lead round the first mark. It wasn't to last though, and they found a major hole on one of the downwind legs. O'Brien/Staite won again, with (suprisingly, as they have a blue boat) locals Carl Mayhew and Rob Pettit second and Robson/Johnson 3rd.

    It was getting late in the day, but a 4th race was squeezed in at the end, with the majority making the start, although there were one or two early retirements as people had to review domestic committments. Giles and Clark, who had had to retire from the previous race, took the race and the event. Peter Stratton & Paul Newton were 2nd, giving them 4th overall, and Pyke and Gregory 3rd. O'Brien and Staite discarded their result in this race to take second overall.

    PosSail NoCrewR1R2R3R4Pts
    5th1098Carl Mayhew\Rob Pettit1052613.0
    Club Open with Stage 3 Restrictions    find out more