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Topper Open - Important Training For Sailing School Toppers

  • topper open training

    On the 9th September 2017 the final racing event of the Topper Traveller series is to be completed at Island Barn. This looks to be a hotly contested event, with Junior members of IBRSC well positioned to win the overall racing series.

    We would very much like to get all of the current Sailing School Topper Squad involved in this event. If there are any Oppie sailors thinking of making the move, you are also welcome. We appreciate that some sailors may need additional training to build up their racing skills.

    To address this, we propose to run a focused series of five training sessions on Friday evenings to further develop the sailors. This promises to be learning and fun. There is a £40 cost, which includes entry into the race on the 9th September.

    Training will be provided by a mixture of existing experienced IBRSC Topper Sailors (some of whom have just returned from competing in the Topper Worlds in France) and adults - who are generally far too big for a Topper :-).

    Please consider this to be an introduction to the Topper racing circuit - there are lots of events available locally as well as nationally - but because of the proximity of the event to the club (i.e. it is at the club) it is a great starting point.

    Your support for the event on the 9th September 2017 would also be much appreciated - please let me know if you can support.

    Dates are:
    August 18th and 25th - timings are between 6pm - dusk
    September 1st (6pm to dusk) , Sunday 3rd (all day), 8th (6pm to dusk) and the final traveller day on the 9th (all day)

    £40 per person - which includes entry into traveller. Payment is to be made at the first session. The commitment is for all sessions.

    As outlined above - the sailors Topper should be rigged and on water by 6pm, with sailor ready to go afloat following briefing

    Outline of training:
    The main objective is to improve the confidence and skills for racing.

    The training will focus on core skills required (starting, beating to windward, mark rounding, running down wind and gybing) and also cover rules of the road required to compete in the traveller. Expectation is that all who take part in the squad training will take part in the Topper Traveller on 9th September.

    To be clear, if your sailor can complete a triangular course, they have sufficient ability to take part in the event. The training will improve on those existing skills.

    Must be able to tack, gybe, control speed, recover from capsize, leave / return to pontoon and be able to have fun on a Topper. Also be able to sail a triangular course on all points of sail.

    Parents (or nominee) are expected to be onsite and also (where possible) available to provide support on water / shore.

    Want to sign up or  you have any questions , please drop me a note (click this link).


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