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Bart's Bash - 17th September 2017

  • Bart's Bash 2017

    Bart’s Bash is when the world goes sailing… together

    This year Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club will be remembering the life of Andrew 'Bart' Simpson by joining the global sailing race taking place at hundreds of venues around the world, with thousands of sailors in 100s of different classes of boats.  Bart’s Bash gives the sailing community a united opportunity to remember Andrew Simpson, a double Olympic medallist who tragically lost his life whilst training for the America’s Cup in 2013.  The purose of the event is:

    • Fundraising for charities promoted by the Andrew Simpson Foundation (ASF)
    • Create the Largest Sailing Race in the World
    • Celebrate the life of Andrew Simspn

    The event was founded in 2014 and verified by Guinness World Records as ‘The Largest Sailing Race in the World’.


    1. RULES
    1.1 The regatta will be governed by the Sailing Instructions and the Rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 - 2020.
    1.2 Local rules and/or bye-laws of Host Clubs may apply. These will be detailed in the Supplementary Sailing Instructions for each Host Club.
    1.3 Racing Rules may be changed by the Host Clubs and those amendments detailed in the Supplementary Sailing Instructions.
    1.4 If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence. If there is any inconsistency between this Notice of Race and the Supplementary Sailing Instructions, this Notice of Race and the Andrew Simpson Foundation (ASF) Sailing Instructions will prevail.

    2.1 Advertising will be allowed in accordance with the Class Rules of the competing classes and those of the relevant national authority (if any).
    2.2 Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by ASF.

    3.1 Bart’s Bash is a global umbrella event founded by the charity ASF that comprises many hundreds of individual sailing events at locations around the world.
    3.2 Each individual event is organised by the club which is the organising authority for all activities at their site (Host Club).
    3.3 Bart's Bash is open to any sailing craft defined by a class. ASF will allocate each sailing class with a Bart Number which will be used for handicapping purposes. Any classes that do not have a Bart Number should contact ASF for one to be generated.
    3.4 Eligible boats may enter online in advance at the online entry website through
    3.5 Where available, boats may also be able to enter at the Host Club at which they choose to race.

    4. NO FEES There are no entry fees for this event, nor any requirement or obligation to provide any funds or services to ASSF. Each participant is encouraged to make a donation to ASSF when completing the entry form (and to find sponsors for that individual) although this is not a requirement to participate.

    5.1 Subject to clause 5.3 below, the race start time and finish time must take place between 00:00 GMT on the 16 th September and 23:59 local time on 17 th September, 2017. The starting time and length of each race is a matter entirely for the relevant Host Club. This time frame is applicable to the time zone in which the races are being held.
    5.2 The Schedule of Racing will be published in the Supplementary Sailing Instructions of each Host Club.
    5.3 Venues which have no scheduled racing on either the 16th or 17th September, 2017 due to tidal or other issues may request a one week postponement of their race. This request must be made by the 10th September 2017 by email to

    6. MEASUREMENT If applicable, boats may be required to produce a valid measurement certificate at registration. Random measurement checks may be carried out during the event at the discretion of the Race Committee of the relevant Host Club.

    7. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS The Sailing Instructions will be available at Supplementary Sailing Instructions will be available from the Host Club.

    8. THE COURSE The course to be sailed will be shown in the Supplementary Sailing Instructions or described at the briefing at the Host Club.
    8.2 The course set by each Host Club must meet the following criteria:
    a) The start and finish of the race must be in the same place; ideally this will be a Gate, but separate start and finish lines from the same race committee boat are acceptable (ie, one line either side).
    c) The course has no required minimum number of rounding marks, however a clear course must be available and published by the Host Club (e.g. a course could be laid using race marks, or boats could sail around an island, or between two shore-based gates on a river etc).

    9. SCORING The Race will eventually be scored based on average boat speed handicapped using each class’ Bart Number. Results will be published at Given the variety of conditions by which the event is to be held on a worldwide basis, any handicap results may be inaccurate and no responsibility is accepted in respect thereof.

    10. RADIO COMMUNICATION Except in an emergency, a boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to mobile phones or any similar device.