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Round the Island Race Saturday, 29 July 2017

  • Just a reminder – NO ORGANISED SAILING Sunday 30 JULY because of the cycle race (many roads closed)

    Instead please come on SATURDAY 29th to the Round the island competition. A light hearted competition for the fastest lap. No difficult start with other boats, simply a lap to do as quickly as you can. You can start any time between 2 and 4 pm, in fact best to start with no other boats near you to get a clean lap. Try different boats, if one lap didn’t work, try another. If you decide to abort a lap please make it obvious to the Race Officer who will be in the clubhouse watching the starting gate. (Simply sail back to the start and pass OUTSIDE the gate to show you aborted the lap then loop round and try again.)

    Most years people bring picnics and often do laps with other family members etc. We encourage TrySail and TryRace members to try out different boats to help decide what sort of boat you might want to get. People often ask why we go round clockwise – simple it’s easier to leave marks to port (right of way rules) and it is the way most races are done.

    Round the island is a fun afternoon’s competition. The rules are simple. Make the fastest lap of the reservoir – you can do multiple laps but only your fastest counts (like Grand Prix qualifying). Qualifying opens at 2 PM and runs to 4 PM.

    You start simply by crossing the line in the correct direction. Pass outside ALL marks and back through the line. If you want to continue to another lap you may. If you do NOT want to do another lap please turn back so the Race Officer can easily see you are not going on.

    Scoring will be using Standard and Personal handicaps. If you are a Try Sail this year you are automatically in group 5 (you get a 25% allowance) If you are in TryRace and don’t have an existing club personal handicap you are in group 4 (20% allowance).

    We encourage use of club boats – Visions/Laser/Solos etc Please share if all boats are out. Often (if weather suitable) club members use this as a chance for people to try out their class

    You can do as many or as few laps as you want in as many or few types of boat (except we don’t allow the safety boats to compete). If you are on duty usually someone can spell you for a quick lap but duty does come first.

    I won’t be there this as I’ll be travelling back from the Aero worlds in Brittany but Mike Storey will be chef d’equipe for the day. Have fun – it’s usually a fun day to try out boats.


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